Wayfarer in Wanderlust II (The B​-​Sides)

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)

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This is basically the "B-Side" for "Wayfarer in Wanderlust II: Return of The Wayfarer EP". Featuring 3 BRAND NEW songs and two others that didn't make it onto the previous EP. Anyway, #PressPlay, #VIBE and #ENJOY.

1 Head Above Water feat. Early Morning Madness and REZIVOR [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
2 Magic Bein' Made (Triple Crown Status) feat. Graphic Grim [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
3 Perspective (Wayfarer's Testament) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
4 Duke of Earl '16: A Song for Punkii II [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
5 Laidback Pt. III (#TGLife4Ever) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}

Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)
Traveling Reality Hip-Hop/Soulful Hip-Hop
Fearless Heights / KxNG-PRxNT Productions

Releases: 02/14/2017


released February 14, 2017

Fearless Heights / KxNG-PRxNT Productions



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Perspective (Wayfarer's Testament) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Perspective (Wayfarer's Testament)"

Verse 1:
Eight heads in a duffle, wit' diamonds stuffed in like Styrofoam
I'm rated highly on a major scale, no xylophone
The pyro's home, off the Red Eye, no Sauron
To heat up the aqua, 'caine an' sodium bicarbo
I'm 'bout to get on my Le Cordon
That's - culinary wit' the Schedule II
Drop the ice cubes in, right hand whippin' as it cools
But, this freebase is - only lyrical
Still, it's an instantaneous high
Niggaz wit' dunce hats, I see thru their membranous lies
Wit' a ankh on my third eye, I woke up like this
An', saw my life in a reflection that's eternal
The heroes we tend to worship, always fly too high
Very Icarus wit' their egos
'Cause the wax never dries, an' what's on wax never dies
But those that were never clever try
If it's down to you an' I, then it's you that will blink first
You're always unnerved, I walk clearly through the lines blurred
Y'all softer than kittens, tip-toein' on mink furs
Stumblin' then slidin', into a basket full of cotton

So, in case you had forgotten, I had to put it in perspective...

Yeah, I had to put it in perspective
Testify, gotta put it in perspective
The devil is a lie, put it in perspective
Rectify, then put it in perspective
Track Name: Duke of Earl '16: A Song for Punkii II [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Duke of Earl '16: A Song for Punkii II"

Yes, I - oh, I'm gonna love you
Oh-oh, nothing can stop me, now
Cause I'm, the Duke of Earl
So, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1:
Contrary to yo' popular belief, I'm very positive, ya' see
That - not a nann nigga can stop me on these beats
An' see you, you are my girl, but I treat you like a queen
Ain't nobody gonna hurt you, not at all -- yadadamean?
I'ma walk you thru my kingdom, show - show you to ya' quarters
'Cause 'round here, you the Duchess, my court ready for ya' orders
Yeah girl, I'm the Duke, the Duke of Earl, laced wit' talent
An' this Duke is gonna ball, like who? Grayson Allen
I'ma have you livin' +Glamorous+ like Fergie, put you on a +Pedestal+
Don't get +Clumsy+ 'cause you fallin' in love
I'm long-term, not the interim, better yet - perpetual
I find that word is better since you takin' on my gov
Drop a diamond on ya', you the one that I done chose
Eternally got my heart; signed, sealed an' betrothed
Now e'rybody knows: you my stars, moon, sun, earth
Yeah, I +Talk That Talk+, get the pic like Ellen Unwerth

Yes, I - oh, I'm gonna love you
Oh-oh, nothing can stop me, now
Cause I'm, the Duke of Earl
So, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
Soothin' paradise we share, candles spice the air
Wit' the scent of strawberry an' jasmine; enticement's clear
Bubblebath ran, therapeutic oils on deck
Rose petals all around, step in - you know what's next
Relax ya' mind, just soak; I'm here to take the stress off
From here on out, it's nothin' but pleasure, when I set-off
The Duke'll make it real, trust an' believe; you earned it
Many still vyin' for ya' spot, slowly learnin'
That position is filled, no void available ever
'Cause they wasn't out here chasin' for love, just chasin' cheddar
You know them jealous ones still scheme, stay on ya letters
'Cause - they are down to do whatever to see us severed
They know you're at ya' best when you do it minimal
Second to none, to rate you less than first is criminal
My Ebony goddess, slowly changin' me from cynical
Forever keep my heart beatin' hyper thru my physical


Verse 3:
You're all I need to get by, I'll be there for you always
So never fret about the time put in, it all pays
This +All Day+, like Yeezy wit' his swish; easy wit' this, miss
Long as you never leave me, when you speak, you'll get ya' wish
Again, you my Duchess of Earl
I've been in love wit' you, girl; a - most precious pearl
Better yet, diamond in the rough, always shinin' when it's tough
Shined you up, wiped the dust, let the world get blinded, you just blush
Pay no mind to other guys 'cause they suss
They - want that kitty-kat, it's plush, no frills attached, no plus
No long-term commitment, just 30-Day trials
Thirty flirty fake smiles, that dirty snake style
Beggin' for mercy, you just curtsy when they breakdown
Fuck crocodile tears from the thirsty apes 'round
Ain't worth the patience, these dudes soft as crepes now
Sweeter than Jean Girard, it's time to Shake 'n Bake now
They could never ever match up to the Duke
I - got that +True Grit+, they matchin' up? It's a fluke
An' - on some true shit, we matchin' up, a perfect suit
So let's do this, don't pass it up, I'll work wit' you
Track Name: Laidback Pt. III (#TGLife4Ever) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Laidback Pt. III (#TGLife4Ever)"

Look, ayyyye, everything is alright
This junt laidback, faded out an' so tight
An' - yeeeeah, everything is okay
Pour somethin', smoke somethin', #TGL all day

Verse 1:
Now - gimme steam, got it cookin' to a boil
I ain't cookin' wit' no soda, I'm just cookin' wit' some oil
They - cookin' up a plan, I'm just cookin' up the foil
Can't outslick a fox, you get caught up in the toil
An', this shit still played in the session
Smoke one for a nigga, exhale bountiful blessings
Now - that's chuuch, preachin' in the vestibule
But we in the choir singin' over all these helpless fools
I - drop my jewels so they help the rest of you
A idle mind's the Devil's playground, mine is God's school
I ain't - the holiest, but I - try my best
I don't - pray everyday, but He - keeps me blessed
Stay stressed, but I know it's only a test
Awaitin' bliss tho' wishful thinkin' is ignorance
But ignorance is love, an' I need that like Mescudi
'Til that day, guess I just keep rollin' wit' my buddy


Verse 2:
Had to - cut down my circle, niggaz turned it to a pentagram
So I made a sacrifice: No more dead weight
Too many snakes around, biggest grins all in your face
Hidin' - that forked tongue, gotta put 'em in they place
They don't ever wish you well, but they will wish you fall
So the - best thing is to - rise above all
Watch who - you call friend, they energy reads enemy
Soon as they step in, ana - fills the vicinity
Hard to stay prayed up while walkin' thru Hell
Lucifer tortures my brain 'til I feel like a shell
Of my former self; tryna find me, lost in the world
Tossed in - a whirlwind of pressure an' circumstance
We all patiently wait in hopes of that perfect chance
For success to rear it's head, takin' risks worth the chance
Foxtrottin' wit' the Devil in the pale moonlight
Seems like a worthless dance, got me in a workin' trance
Convinced I'm surrounded by worthless fans
Workin' wit' his perfect plan, bringin' much hurt to man
On this earth as a man, feel like a fatherless child
Desperately seekin' guidance, God father me now