Wayfarer in Wanderlust II: Return of The Wayfarer EP

by Fineprint Misread aka SAVAAR

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The follow up EP to "Wayfarer in Wanderlust".


released November 15, 2016

Fearless Heights



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: The Wayfarer's Dreams (Respect II Rakim) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"The Wayfarer's Dreams (Respect II Rakim)"

Verse 1:
I had a dream, way before I became a teen
Wanted to rock the microphone an' get that cream
Shady had me all motivated, though I hated the scene
Niggaz - was talkin' mafioso an' triple-beams
An' that wasn't my life, I was a artist, a poet
But e'ry bar they was flowin', I made a mission to quote it
My first flow, when I wrote it, was trash as fuck; yeah, I know it
But gettin' knocked on my ass, was incentive for growin'
So I - just kept it goin', grinded to get my flow better
My youth was rough an' tough like leather, word to Raekwon
But I kept it together, even wit' anxiety buildin'
I aimed higher than hills an'
Valleys, 'cause ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from my goal
Thank God I got Ron to keep me on my toes
Even if a flow was ill, he told me I can go harder
That's why every track now gets clobbered

Verse 2:
From the depths of the sea back to my Memphis block
It's Fineprint kickin' that golden Hip-Hop
Dreamin' of a Ferrari or Jaguar an' switchin' four lanes
Top down, screamin' out "Money ain't a thang!"
See this my ode to Rakim an' Hip-Hop in general
An' - a fuck you to haters who test my genitals
Alone they can't handle me, battlin' in intervals
Heh... man, that shit is just pitiful
Long-term, not the interim, that shit is most def/Mos Def
Creme de la creme wit' my echelon, stay on yo' shelf
Still nobody's backin' me, like I'm sittin' in that curule
Fuck that voodoo that you do, I spew jewels
An' you dudes, still know my motif, I do this
My forte is still to rip a new hole inside the ozone
Be a nuisance to all these wack two-syllable new kids
I raised the bar an' passed it like - jurisprudence
My two cents...
Track Name: #Motives (Restless in Hong Kong) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"#Motives (Restless In Hong Kong), Pt. 1"

Verse 1:
No new friends... only business partners
'Cause gettin' personal should never enter the equation
Once feelings get involved, bridges begin to burn
Due to open mouths that used to be taciturn
Mutiny against the head nigga
Insubordinates rebellin' over bread, nigga
Spare me the old adage: "If I eat, we all eat."
'Cause next they get greedy, always yellin' "Feed me!"
Listen up for a chronicle of The Wayfarer
Who got acquainted wit' a shady dude
Since I can't sleep, here in Hong Kong, let me weave it
Thread it all together, add sidenotes as needed
Bust it down in the second verse, if possible
But - "To Be Continued" may be more logical
So for now, get comfy, tuck yourself in
'Cause next up is when the journey begins

Verse 2:
Steadfast, stoic, dedicated an' full of vigor
Qualities of Wayfarer, not ya average nigga
Sometimes mercenary, sometimes hero for hire
Double-agent fightin' crime wherever villains spark fire
Hot on the trail of the Jade Liger Clan
Been chasin' 'em from Chinatown an' across the sands
Of - the Sahara, seems I'd - catch 'em never
Thru many eras they've been the source of mass terror
A gang full of ninja assassins, thieves an' enforcers
Affiliated wit' drug pushers, pimps an' whores, bruh
They even have meetings wit' ISIS
To discuss fearmongerin' an' opium prices
I infiltrated, got hip to they movements
But tact for my undercover work needed improvement
One quickly found me out; the gig was up
I was double-crossed, didn't smell the set-up
Gave a signal, ten guys hopped out the back of the truck
Sprayin' wildly, I could only dash an' duck
My side was struck, couldn't dodge every slug flyin'
Silly me, caught in a firefight wit' no iron
So I played dead 'til I figured they were done
Heard the truck crank up, they sped off in the Sun
Relieved, but wit' a grudge growin' deep-seated
Formulatin' my revenge for the next time they see me
To be continued...
Track Name: Another One [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Another One"

Yes indeed, you will never find another one
Niggaz lookin' 'round like "Is this muhfucka done?"
You ready world? I'm comin' wit' another one
Diamonds an' pearls, I'm bound to drop another one

Verse 1:
Cheers to the best of 'em, I'm rappin' for the less of 'em
Solar plex gut check, suplex, I ain't wrestle 'em
GIANT like a nephilim, elbow ya pride
Wit' skin thick - like elephant hide; hell on my side
My people hatin' me - spittin' at me, labelin'
But shit they hated Jesus, ain't no words to say to them
So I walk wit' a cold heart, love don't live here
Set in my ways, there ain't no bugs in this kid's ear
Lately I been feelin' like Hip-Hop ain't it
Thought I was - fallin' off, lackluster wit' bars writ
Then it dawned on me, I've been growin' an' gettin' lit
Gatherin' momentum, now I'm feelin' like big shit
Search trenches in the gold mine, you could never find
Another muhfucka like Fine, so recline
An' put one in the air, let ya eyes get mellow
As you vibe to the sounds of a nigga so special
Let's go...


Verse 2:
Tote a heavy load, deceit trickles down my spine
So much so, I think I need a nickel .9
I am still in wanderlust, feelin' wond-a-rous
Push come to shove, it's #TGL, come fuck wit' us
Niggaz who down me? Throw 'em under bus
Run they name thru the muddy fields that I traverse
It's - verses from The Wayfarer, far away from home
Gravel road, rollin' stone, comfy near a microphone
Know to leave my type alone
Don't have it all upstairs, but got - nuts like pears
I - stand like a man, but react like a animal
I've been in this for years; blood, sweat an' tears
Goals on top of fears, money on top of bitches
Riches on top of love, wealth on top of blood
Family ain't really family, relation's a minor part
My real fam are those that support my art

Track Name: Eyes Wide Open (Wayfarer's Reminder) <Interlude> [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Eyes Wide Open (Wayfarer's Reminder) <Interlude>"

I got my eyes wide open an' it's just as I imagined it
Here I sit, headphones on, focused on this rappin' shit
It's been a lil minute since I truly felt adequate
I had to grab my fear by the horns an' fuckin' tackle it
Grapple it, Irish Whip into a Spinebuster; fuckin' damage it
Show it that I'm more than ave-a-rage
Took a long look at who's in the mirror an' chose to battle him
Went in on some savage shit, just enough to rattle him
He needed a reminder of why he is who he is
Why he do what he does, why people give him that love
Why he chose to grace that mic, flow those words
When hoes throw those curves, he just throw those birds
Fanbase ain't the biggest, flow might not be the illest
But he do this for the love an' love when people feel it
So on some Yeezy shit, this is the soundtrack
This the type of music artists make when they 'round that
Track Name: Rap Wit' No Hooks (Respect II Curren$y) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Rap Wit' No Hooks (Respect II Curren$y)"

Grapplin' hooks scalin' the buildin'
See I usually - rap wit' no hooks; you know the deal, nigga
I want my money stackin', tappin' the ceilin'
I'ma do it rappin' wit' no hooks; fuck how you feel, nigga

Verse 1:
My girl carryin' her own weight financially, she don't need me
She just in love wit' this rap nigga
An' nah, I ain't weeded, but I fuckz wit' them smokers
Tell 'em light up an' say a prayer, put it in the air
Fuck if po-nine is there, they can't stop e'ry nigga on the block
Even if they rang out a thousand shots
'Cause the - life we live is fuckin' devil-may-care
An' occasionally, the devil may cry angel tears
Even his - wicked heart knows the price of a innocent life
When racist cops squeeze quick, hammers bang, slugs ignite
Skyrockets in flight, afternoon wit' no delight
Just the blood of one taken too young
In hindsight, this shit usually troubles my brain
Wonderin' to blame the hood or the parents; fuck am I sayin'?
It's gettin' hot an' niggaz gettin' fuckin' insane
Best advice? Better duck when they aim


Verse 2:
I drop jewels, benevolent sovereign
The populace over which I reign, steadily totterin'
An' teeterin' 'tween livin' righteous an' indulgin' in sin
Supposedly a win, fate imposes upon men
Will an' dominance; just a testament
Of all who live thru hell for somethin' heaven-sent
Firmer - than girders in the framework of skyscrapers
Ten toes down, facin' - ragin' flames
Still holdin' to faith like infants to the hands of fathers
The rest of the world is unbothered
No - time for substance of things hoped for
Thinkin' God will never open gates an' let hope pour
Never - hark the herald, would rather shoot the messenger
Becomin' harbingers of death wit' guns unregistered
It's irregular to eschew the hood an' it's typecastin'
Those left behind, the type laughin'
Like you a fool 'cause you aren't a statistic
Seein' this all thru a lens that's holistic
An' those gifted get bagged on for takin' their talents
An' - leavin' the ghetto, but that's a challenge
See one must find in self - counterbalance
To equal negativity, become aligned wit' planets
Focus on your facets an' palates, what presently pays
Get ya chakras right-- they're weak in seven ways

Track Name: Fire = Determination [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT} **Bonus Track**
"Fire = Determination"

Verse 1:
Nah, I ain't slowin' my stride or steppin' down
I got too much willpower inside to mess around
Niggaz think they 'bout to stand in my way, like I can't step around
Step over or step on 'em; GIANTS never f' around
An' that's just bein' sincere, comin' from my pericardium
Meanin' deep within the heart; can never bother 'im
Forever part of 'im, got concrete resolve wit' my music goals
So I keep comin' wit' the truest flows
These fuck niggaz steady comin' wit' that lip service
Facetious compliments will only get ya lip serviced
You'll get ya clique murdered, ain't talkin' homicide
I'm talkin' bar after bar, literally bomb ya' PRIDE
Like IED's goin' off - at a LGBT parade
Only in braille will you see me afraid
So it will never happen, you goin' blind first
Steady wishin' for that chance to see Fine's hearse
Fools still lyin' in they verse
So I kick facts, let 'em hit deep inside an' hurt
Don't - need my Momz cryin' behind a hearse
So I pray if slugs come, may they fly in reverse
Too much to live for, even wit' - suicidal thoughts
Conversations wit' myself, constant suicidal talk
I tried it once, I ain't tryna go back
That's why I'm resigned to these rhymes an' Prozac
You can get the bozack, I'm on my Parrish an' Erick shit
Bless the track like a cleric; may enemies perish quick
I hope that my seed inherits this
Commitment an' nerve,undisturbed, comin' prepared for this
Road, that will lie before him or her
An' let 'em know, people will lie before him or her
Right in the face, so when they steppin' in ya grill
Remember to keep that fire burnin', whettin' up ya skill

(Fire) That's what I'm keepin' up inside
An' it's heatin' up, awakenin' what's sleepin' up inside
(Fire) Yeah, I will never let it die
Steppin' wit' it like weaponry, propellin' me to fly
(Fire) The Dabinett of my eye
Give these haters a threshin' wit' the fervency it provides
Yeah, determination turns the tide
Lit the wick deep within, I can never be denied

Verse 2:
Steady focused on the Pink Pearl of my optical
I think the world of this Hip-Hop shit
Still aimin' towards goals of a T-top whip
'78 Camaro, so my bars movin' thru dropship
Wine, women an' lyrics, Fine been givin' his spirit
Rhymin' to who will hear it, designed it so you'd endear it
I'm findin' I'm teeter-totterin', 'tween Ferrari dreams
An' stayin' far from the scene, but still targetin' cream...
Maintainin' ain't as hard as it seems
'Cause wit' that, I'm the male Simone Biles on balance beams
I ain't gotta be around to know who's chattering
My mind stays fixated on the usual suspects
An' I usually sus that, the ones closest to me
Be the ones secretly prayin' for my downfall
Don't wanna see me wit' the crown at all
Pro'lly somewhere snickerin', thinkin' that I'm bound to fall

Track Name: Gift For The World (Snippet) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT} **Bonus Track**
"Gift For The World (Snippet)"

Verse 1:
Comin' straight up out the swamp, these niggaz alligator lunch
Runnin' they fuckin' mouths, I need a alligator pump
That's one wit' a long snout, bet that'll make 'em jump
Runnin' long mouths, 'til you catch 'em, get the jump
Now the cat is out the bag an' gettin' stomped
Dammit, I am mad an' gettin' pumped, goin' rabid on these chumps
I been rappin' thru a slump, giant rabbit when I dump
Shittin' all on 'em, it's written all on 'em
Feelin' froggy, never leap, but if they ribbit, I will off 'em
Get ya' bodybag ticket; caught slippin'? That's a coffin
Often, nobody's in ya corner; they love it when you pout an' frown
Like they need you - goin' without an' down
I'm throwin' two's like I'm countin' down
Prepared to - move in silence; nigga, won't even mouth a sound
See people start lyin' from the crib
They ain't firm like numbers, that's a jewel for you, kid

Got a gift for the world, it's my dick without a condom on
I'm a fuck it 'til it bleed
All I came for is riches, dare a nigga to say I'm wrong
Fuck how you feel about greed
You can live mediocre, complacent wit' no treasure
But that's not how I'm built, I'll wine an' dine forever
If ties must be severed, then nigga, so be it
By any means, kid, that's no secret...