VIBE (To Another EP by Fineprint Misread)

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)

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The companion piece to "ENJOY: An EP by Fineprint Misread (Co-Prod. by Tha Dro)". 10 tracks of original music all produced by myself. As I always say, #PressPlay and #VIBE. Also, #ENJOY... haha...

"VIBE (To Another EP by Fineprint Misread)" track listing:

1 #OML (On My Life) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
2 E'rything I Love: The Anthem of a Changed Man [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
3 Still Playin' Games feat. Rick Flowz [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
4 Catch U On (The Flip) <Interlude> [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
5 It's Nothin' (This I Swear) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
6 What It Takes: A 360 Introspective Retrospective [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
7 Nutz Ain't Big feat. #TGL (REZIVOR and Knowledge 10-5) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
8 Stay Focused (Number's Up, Pt. 2) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
9 It's A Bug's Life [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
10 Neva Playin' Games feat. Lyrical Proficient C [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}



released July 17, 2017

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings / KxNG-PRxNT Productions



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: #OML (On My Life) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"#OML (On My Life)"

Verse 1:
Niggaz bein' humble, shit still ain't make 'em none
All they do is fumble, get the pass an' can't fuckin' run
Runnin' off they yap, but to a king, they some fuckin' pawns
Gotta let 'em know that, I gotta let 'em know that
Shiiiit, this ain't nada to a e-e-e-e-e-expert
Listenin' to a muthafuckin' master a-a-a-a-a-at work
Ain't shit sweet, but y'all lookin' like that de-es-sert
Fuck - how I do mine, need to focus on ya' ne-et-worth
Bitchez love to say, that I'm wastin' my time
29 an' still ain't signed, but my patience is fine
Slow an' steady win that race, bruh I patiently grind
Picture perfect, fuckin' worth it, came to take what is mine
Still waters run deep, it's a beast beneath the eloquence
More than worth my weight on beats, like eighteen elephants
Tippin' the scale, Heaven help us before I rip into Hell
Listen up -- sixteens, rippin' 'em well

Oh my God, looka here, here's another one
Pro'lly thinkin' right now "Where this brotha from?"
Here it come, here it come, yes -- another one
On my life, I swear: you gon' feel it, son
Jettin' like a thief in the night, yo
Momma didn't know she raised a psycho
Here me spazzin' on tracks, cold as ice flow
Yeah I put that right there on my life, bro

Verse 2:
Now it's back to business
Bein' proactive, not procrastinate; come off relentless
Resilient, circumstance created a gladiator
Born a loser, but bred to win
In this concrete jungle, only home I've known
But I am, ready to go abroad to other zones
Carvin' my niche out, an' - scratchin' this itch out
Appetite be success, hope God left a dish out
Shiiiit, you been missin' that ol' Fineprint
Well I miss him too; he was on-point, spittin' true
No matter if it was a Conscious rap or Hardcore
Put it down like a G, talkin' bars galore
Took some time off, an' left you par for the course
You - don't have to look far for the source
No seed yet, but later, a product of yours
Truly, will be a prince I leave behind like Zsa Zsa Gabor

Track Name: E'rything I Love (Anthem of a Changed Man) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"E'rything I Love (Anthem Of A Changed Man)"

Cross my heart an' hope to die, on e'rything I love
Nothin' will ever come between me an' what I does
You can get that notarized by the Man above
Who I became ain't a thang like who I was
See I'm tellin' you now, on e'rything I love
You could never come between me an' what I does
Go an' get that notarized by the Man above
I am nothin' at all like who I was, dawg...

Verse 1:
Got skill burnin' in my body
Drive went from Chevy to Maserati
Flows an' hooks steady comin', mind open like a hotel lobby
If you write it, they will come, just make sure you body
E'rything, don't leave a single drum alive
When I'm finished, only the bars I spit will survive
I want e'rything due to me
For e'ry spiteful thing they do to me, or did to me
I gotta do it, like I never done it, overdo it
Execute, e'ry single naysayer through the music
Just wanna move up to diamonds from the cubics
Move up to a mansion, recline in a jacuzzi
I - just wanna live life, not mediocrity
Smack the lungs out whoever believin' this just a hobby, B
Told y'all it's nothin'-- fake friends won't stop him
Write a 16 if you got a problem


Verse 2:
Now, let me repeat: I'm a champion
Any corner that I'm backed up in
Just immediately, presents a door of opportunity
By now you'd think the Devil had learned not to screw wit' me
But Satan is stubborn, an' - so am I
Wit' all the wrong I've done, we don't see eye to eye
Sometimes I feel him temptin' me, I never comply
Even though it's pro'lly somethin' that I truly desire
But see, I can't let my soul fall to the flames
Curse these wicked thoughts that are all in my brain
All I am sayin', is I'm ready to live righteous
I gotta drop all the grudges an' the vices
Yeah, 'cause they're tearin' at my sanity
My sanctity, I can't be who I aim to be
I praise God for the day Janae came in life
The light amongst all my strife


I am nothin' at all, like I once was
This game done turned me to a savage
Took over my life, created madness
Now all I wanna do is live more than average
I am nothin' at all, like I used to be
You might not like it, but you gotta get used to me
See what you hearin' now, is a changed man
An' he's abidin' by God's plan

Track Name: Catch U On (The Flip) <Interlude> [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"Catch U On (The Flip) <Interlude>"

Verse 1:
Just a muthafuckin' badass
Blood runs cold in my mold like sangfroid
Duel of the iron mics, nigga en garde
Washed up niggaz just lingerin' on my sandbars
Keep illin' 'til you get that fiend feelin'
Screws loose in the head, means I'm dream buildin'
In my mind is a loft, esteem kept aloft
Goin' in on 'em so hard, they wish I'd knock it off
The nigga that rocks from here to Peru
Spittin' pure Peruvian jewels; I'm overdue
For my props, yachts, drops, guap
Goin' batshit crazy, it's guano that I hock
COCK! - the lyrical .9, buck shots on the BLOCK!
High school I had a co-sign from my nigga GLOCK!
If you don't wanna burn from the GLOCK! like Mef said: Beware
The buck stops here...

Muhfuckaz is crazy, aw... so we catch 'em on the flip, aw
Tell them niggaz don't trip, aw... muhfuckaz is crazy

Verse 2:
Uhn... right back in the Winner's Circle
You fuckin' wit' a champion
There's - no corners to back me in
If so, I come out swingin', knock you the fuck out even
The day I lose my fire? Man, there'll never be a day I lose my fire
Run the gamut the entire
Span of my life, hopefully my life spans
Like the wings of a seraph; don't care if
My teeth fall out, my tongue goes numb
My knees get weak, feet blister; still run
Tryna make 100, 'cause 99 an' a half won't do
I just gotta make it thru
Momz sang that gospel to me, it's so awesome to me
Even when the world is hostile to me
So, when the heat is on, I don't trip
Gone tell the Devil I'ma catch you on the flip...
Track Name: It's Nothin' (This I Swear) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"It's Nothin' (This I Swear)"

Verse 1:
Been wastin' a lot of time lately, stuck in a trance
Starin' off into space as life slips through my hands
Watchin' these young'uns go out an' get it as I stay stationary
Wit' a heavy load of regret, that's weight I hate to carry
Procrastinatin', tarryin', that shit done made me bitter
Buildin' up inside, almost turned into a quitter
But nah, can never quit, there's too much to accomplish
So when the chips are down, I'm still rollin' wit' the punches
Been travelin' this road, at this point, no turnin' back
Hopin' that my blood, sweat an' tears turn into a stack
Wishin' that the roaches crawlin' the walls could turn to plaques
That might be TMI to yo' ears, but it's just facts
Strugglin', out here it ain't no secret that we broke
We livin' in squalor wit' Code Enforcement at our throat
This real fuckin' shit that I wrote -- it ain't no joke
Fuckin' rat up in my room now as I fuckin' flow
I - live up in the hood my nigga, but got suburban dreams
Two-story house on a hill so I can scream
That I'm "Rich, BITCH!"; soon all will be mine
Setbacks hurt like hell, but it's nothin' -- I'll still shine
{03.15.2017 11:50PM, edited at 1:07AM}

Verse 2:
Look, it is nothin', I just keep on doin' me
All that pressure you applyin' only shapin' up my G
So, keep up that hatin', 'cause one day you gon' see
A legend walk among y'all, that king you can't be
E'rybody countin' a nigga out before he even start
The support for me is so half-ass, won't do they part
To spread the word about ya' boy, pro'lly bad mouth ya' boy
Crabs in a bucket, y'all can sho'll do without ya' boy
If you ain't helpin', you hinderin', you ain't praisin', you hatin'
You ain't here by my side, then you tryin' my patience
I say I trust what you sayin', far as I can propel you
Can't even fling you wit' one hand, ain't shit else to tell you
All I got in this world, are my word an' my balls
An' I always keep my word, that's a urgency, dawg
See, I ain't the greatest, I am perfectly flawed
But makin' sick-ass tunes, don't get a third of applause
When I spout out the gullet, 'cause I'm pissed off at y'all
Y'all be actin' like I committed murder
Ain't - doin' this for nothin', there's a purpose over all
But I guess my goals are nothin' in the eyes of all of y'all
Track Name: What It Takes: A 360 Introspective Retrospective [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"What It Takes: A 360 Introspective Retrospective"

Verse 1:
Just another young nigga wit' some Hip-Hop dreams
His brain got mad ideas an' plans for cream
'Cause cash rules e'rything around, but it seems
That he can't get out this bucket of crabs, wanna scream
At times, 'cause shit gets hard, can't take the pressure
The competition is stiff, he feelin' lesser
Like he ain't cuttin' the mustard, that's a depressor
Feedback ain't up to par, such a stressor
How many emcees you know up out of Memphis?
I mean niggaz wit' bars, that's really spittin'
Can't even give me a answer, we still local
One of us gotta get out there, be really vocal
I wanna get on so bad an' go commercial
But shit is so dumbed down, ain't really hopeful
An' if you one of them I speak of, don't mean to hurt you
But I'm just tellin' the truth of what we go through
So hard to get on nowadays
Lack the total package, better get the fuck out the way
'Cause - they comin' through, rappin', singin' an' producin'
Man, bein' noticed is a got damn nuisance

Verse 2:
Say you in it for money, they say you sellin' out
But a artist gotta eat, an' they ass ain't helpin' out
This shit'll make you snap, all they bitch an' yell about
Is missin' Boom Bap, like it ain't nothin' better out
See I know the spotlight ain't e'rybody thing
Sellin' tickets like Drake ain't e'rybody dream
Mistaken wit' the last team, minds weren't on profit
Too busy tryna save the world wit' empty pockets
How you gon' help the homeless when you can't afford a crib?
An' how you gon' feed the starvin' when you can't afford a meal?
Ain't sayin' you gotta change who you are to get a deal
But you really gotta switch up yo' approach to make it real
Heh, that's shit I always tell myself
29 years old, feelin' like I rap in stealth
'Cause ain't nobody seein' me to get that recognition
Wishin' that my teenage self had some precognition
Lookin' in the mirror, not happy wit' what I see
This year became clearer, the focus all on me
Wasted too much time tryna partner wit' others
You know, the folks who pretend to like you 'cause they hope you get discovered

Verse 3:
The grass is bein' mowed, peep the John Deere rollin'
Slicin' up the snakes, all fakes keep strollin'
Third eye open, puttin' Visine in, out here knowin'
How hard it really is, still trekkin' wit' feet swollen
Beats loadin', wit' speech implodin' in my head
Feels like if I don't get these bars out, I'm good as dead
So on edge, but manage to keep myself tranquil
Even though I'm at my boilin' point of bein' baneful
Yeah... it be that way sometimes
Like - how I go all out in some rhymes
But verses like this require lines that's more grounded
But the simplicity still, leaves a ret smart dumbfounded
Statements unfounded, asinine opinions
Acknowledged in a echo chamber of they ignant minions
Outside of them? No fucks given, so irrelevant
A got damn disgrace to all intelligent
This, the result of pressure, an' what it makes
One-thousand percent effort, survival is what's at stake
Dealin' wit' hunger-pangs, a fuckin' shame, for fucks sake
What else I gotta say to prove I got what it takes?
Track Name: Stay Focused (Number's Up, Pt. 2) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"Stay Focused (Number's Up, Pt. 2)"

Verse 1:
Y'all ain't gotta like me, I ain't meant for e'ryone
I guarantee on my granny's grave, will shit on e'ryone
Who got the notion to count me out, thinkin' they buried son
Out ya' rabbit-ass mind if you thinkin' Eddie done
Never over for me, stay clever, open to see
Eyes locked-on, forever, to several close enemies
Sever ropes that hinder me, play it low in the cut
Layin' cloaked like a G, 'cause stayin' focused is key
Niggaz be quick to judge, but hesitant to lend a hand
Present wit' a cracked hourglass, I never lend 'em sand
For time is money, an' they guap ain't on my level
Besides, these niggaz all marks/Marx like Zeppo
I mean, they next to the nothin'; an' I'm close to somethin' better
Never let 'em hold me down, that's word to Biggie's Coogi sweater
They'll never see me sweat, an' if I fret in front of 'em
Best believe I'm bluffin', preppin' so I can stunt on 'em

No stops 'til my number's up, gon' get ya' slumber up
Pretty soon, you won't be able to sleep on me
See my chalice runneth over wit' talents into a hundred cups
Come an' seek my fountain if you thirst, my G
Rarely sleep, an' when I do, I catch Z's wit' both eyes wide
'Fore a fool slow me down, I'll catch a homicide
Yeah... only here to stack this guap
Stayin' focused 'til the casket drop

Verse 2:
Ever since I first started, put in that work, night an' day
Curfews - are retarded, blessed since birth, struggles nerfed
Burst through hardships, y'all even ain't worth ya' salt
I walk through turf rife wit' landmines, like "I can shine."
Ain't no nigga gonna reprimand mine
I took a vow like wedding band time; let the man rhyme
Kid stand in line, you ain't even a blemish
On my physical, I'll let my little brothers get at you
An' they can't even rap so, go figure
That's how much I give a fuck about ya' disses, lil' nigga
Uhn, niggaz so quick to depend on other niggaz to guide 'em
An' I never been one for sub-par direction
Above par, a confection of angst an' confidence
But never sweet, I've been prepared since the womb
No matter who I'm up against, I'll either come out
On top, or go down swingin' then head back to the dugout
See we can slug it out, or go bar for bar
Later days, courtesy of SAVAAR
Much given heart, ooh an' ah at my battle scars
Your last hurrah, there's no blah wit' my battle bars
Pro'lly not made for mainstream, but damned if I don't try
Lotta pain this game brings, so damned if I don't cry
Shams, I don't lie; diamond in the rough
Rarer than a four-leaf clover, solitaire shinin' in the Bluff

Track Name: It's A Bug's Life [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"It's A Bug's Life"

Verse 1:
These lil' kids growin' up fast like insects; kinda revoltin'
Give 'em a Glock, put 'em on the block -- they start moltin'
In 3 to 5 months he'll be ya typical pest
Nocturnal an' in ya' house while that ass at rest
House arrest won't stop 'em, 'cause by then they have larva
But like the spawn of Black Widows, they see no father
'Cause he done migrated to a - upstate bid
Where bigger predators squeeze e'rything out him like aphids
All they got is gettin' high so that their depression ebbs
Keep a dab of somethin' sticky like a Orb-weaver web
Get hooked up wit' them parasites, might have to get deloused
'Cause once they latch on, they be all up in the house
An' takin' e'rything that you got up in yo' crib
Some do it broad day, while you on yo' 9 to Fif'
I mean 9 to 5, stay in line, watch for they antics
Become the predator, preyin' like the mantis

It's a bug's life, these yellow jackets an' these wasps on they thug life
These killer bees an' these hornets earned much stripes
The Brown Recluse in the cut, but got a tough bite
We livin' rough, right?
It's a bug's life, you see them ants stick together but they hold they own
Yeah that Black Widow is a bitch, but she hold down home
Them cucarachas hard to kill, don't even try cabrón
Just peep the gemstones (It's a bug's life)

Verse 2:
Them mosquitos will suck you dry wit' no apology
That's why I gotta stay up on my hood entomology
Practicin' that Sigmund Freud depth psychology
Use it on the Parasitic wasp that left it's progeny
'Cause they gon' eat you out of house an' home
Growin' up a powerhouse an' settin' out to roam
Comin' out wit' chrome, itchin' to pull the trigger
An' put a hole in that ass like a damn chigger
Blue-collar's a rat race, no-collar's a ant farm
Politicians are aardvarks, bringin' the ants harm
But backed into a corner, they morph - into Asian giant hornets
Releasin' pheromones, peep the warnin'
They ain't fuckin' 'round no more, you 'bout to really get it
For makin' all that noise like a bunch of crickets
We all just workers, don't fuck wit' how we get paid
Or we'll be comin' thru nigga, bringin' the (RAID!)


Catch me lampin' in the crib, all Musca domestica
So you know I'm on my fly shit, hop off the testicas... haha... whaddup, Rez? Told you I'd do it.

Track Name: Neva Playin' Games feat. Lyrical Proficient C [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"Neva Playin' Games feat. Lyrical Proficient C"

[Fineprint M.] Verse 1:
Still got that dope shit, that fly shit, no batteries required
Feng shui cerebrals, state of mind rewired
Methods of Rhyme, wreckin' wit' lines, back from retired
Givin' niggaz the good, not preachin' back to the choir
Yes, we amaze wit' them styles so beyond
It's - Profish an' Fine comin' back from beyond
We ain't - packin' no .9's, but keep smackin' ya gums
We marchin' like the March of Dimes, an' we're backed by the drums
Slow dough's better than no dough, I stack by the crumb
Long as loose change jingle, optimist for the outcome
It's my time, so I'ma make my move
These niglets couldn't fill my shoes or my couch groove
Ah yes, I'm comfy wit' my niche
Figured out what works for me, now I'm just comfy in this bitch
Thought I was losin' my touch, hey -- I'm just growin' up
So, take my hand-me-downs, I'm cuttin' edge -- needn't sand me down

We be on it like beasts, never playin' games
E'ry track's a fuckin' feast, fuck playin' games
Say you want it, then come wit' it; we ain't playin' games
M.o.R 'bout they bidness, shit on all them lames

[Lyrical Proficient C] Verse 2:
You niggas is timid, I barbecue piglets
And thrive underground, third evolution of Diglett, Proficient
More than a name, it's a muthafuckin' lifestyle
My life's wild, fuck these bitches, no Lifestyles
There was a time I would've cried for you niggas
Okay I'm lyin', I'd rather die than ride wit' you niggas
Supreme bein', fire-breathin', take the lives of you niggas
Take it back to '92 and L.A. Riot you niggas
Don't get it twisted or dismiss it, LPC is the shiznit
Fineprint leave ya' mind wrecked, M.o.R 'bout it's business
In it's essence, bringin' you back to life, Evanescence or The Christ
Resurrection, paid the price, givin' blessings
What I write, is a weapon, you niggas better believe it
Light Yagami when I scribe, words leave you paraphalegic
If you ain't 'bout that action, hop up on the bandwagon
'Cause these rappers is fucked like in prison wit' pants saggin', nigga