U​.​N​.​O. (Unlike No Other​)​: The Best Heard (and Unheard) of Fineprint Misread

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)

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Just a compilation of what I consider my best work. Some of these tracks go all the way back to 2014. Anyway, #PressPlay, #VIBE, #GetFamiliar and #ENJOY. More music will be coming your way in the next few weeks and months.


released July 4, 2017

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings / UrZo Entertainment



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: #AMillionandOneThoughtsofaGIANT [Over A Beat By DJ Premier}

Verse 1:
It's a million and one thoughts on my brain, a lot of speculation
Like, if I reach the top, what will guarantee my reign?
I've seen artists come an' go, some dumbin' down the flow
Just to stretch it out longer; easy come, easy go
An', I ain't goin' out like that, superstardom's
Not about how big ya' vocab is; so who regards him?
I mean, who would barr him? Shit, dude's just awesome; spit
Spools, dudes get lost in, put in coffins quick
When I dote on my skill, far from hyperbole
I'm just adorin' all my progress wit' writin' scrolls
You see my writin's GROWED, better yet my writin's GROWN
So when I type this, Holmes, I'm in that heightened zone
Print's a microphone addict, itchin' from a thought
Got me cravin' like Rent Boy in "Trainspotting"
Veins throbbin', needin' that amp hooked intravenously
This how emcees in my genus be
But nowadays, they gettin' bored dealin' wit' him
Fallin' off, to never breach the ceilin' again

Verse 2:
A lot of y'all bet not rhyme no more, 'bout Fine no more
No subliminals in ya' lines no more
I bet not hear a peep 'bout Fine no more
Not even a subtweet online no more
That's 'til I'm no more, see -- Fine's so raw
Nah, I ain't reached the summit, but I'm climbin' that, boy
Folks are, so perplexed, "What he steady climbin' for?"
I got a toxic life, so I'm climbin' for a cure
Dreams to make solid, foundations that need buildin'
I'm old school sick like colic, now feed the children
Gotcha gettin' stye in ya' optic, in need of shieldin'
I done dropped 21 projects, no need of yieldin'
Since 2013, I've been a beast over drums
Like Vinnie Paul for Pantera, spittin' panthers off my tongue
An' that there, is how damage is often done
Fallin' harder, no matter how they often come
An' yeah they bigger, but they often run
'Cause my moxie an' backbone is bossin', son
Print's a Dirty South nigga, still call him Sun
Bodyin' the beat, see he caught him one
Track Name: Number's Up [Over A Beat By Cardiak}
"Number's Up"

Verse 1:
Till the casket drop, I'm goin' in like drills; it's game time
Practice runs, throw shots 'til the caskets come
Give me 20 suicides, I don't mean that back an' forth
You think you number one, I push you back to fourth
I'm that better, another level, back wit' a vendetta
Nigga, it's now or never; on my post like a letter
Interstellar, I'm at a point too high for most to reach
Cosmic paramount, tighten niggaz up then air 'em out
They don't feel me, but I won't let that issue kill me
I let it fill me 'til it builds me up, remain illy
So silly, claim trill, but all fraud -- no Harry
Niggaz diggin' graves, now it's high time to bury
Bacdafucup, the gloc turn into Onyx, start singin' like Pentatonix
Nauseated clip... that mean it's finna vomit
This ain't gangsta talk, nigga it's just a warnin'
I'd hate to stiffin' you all up like early mornin'

I woke up, like, like "I know I'm gon' get it"
Got a plan in my head, so you know I'm all wit' it
When ya number's up, that's yo end of days
When the sun is up, time to get it, mayne

Verse 2:
Number's up, it's 'bout time for a overthrow
Flood the market wit' some killers; criminal overflow
School of hardknocks, I know what I'm supposed to know
Like how they move big birds -- chocobo
Death date, your fate's what my pen seal like Pocono
Go hard like morning wood when you wakin' up Pinocchio
Doper flow, top 15, aimin' for 10
Like a warhead homin' in on the Volunteer State
I'm all Silverback on my grizzly
Hybrid hustler, fuckaz don't wanna tempt me
solidified emcee, skill's a source of envy
Six-pack of whoop-ass, you don't wanna empty
Whooo... I swear I'm on a roll, A's an' B's
From A to B, ain't shit you can say to me
Bossin' up, pay the fee; I'm warnin' you, save ya team
You niggaz should quit runnin' on fumes an' save ya steam


Verse 3:
Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from beef
Testarossa retaliation, blood red spillin' in the street
That's my dream, so I gotta stack my cream to make it real
But I'm slackin' on my grind, how I'm 'posed to make a mil'
If I'm hustlin' backwards, moonwalkin' thru the hood
Life's a bitch, you talkin' like it's Meagan Goode
I feel I should throw it all away an' try to pass the bar
Or sell my soul to this game to gain money an' broads
Always been attracted to the fast life, I try to hide it
Fiend for mainstream rep, so my heart's divided
Between stayin' true an' sellin' out
But if you ain't sellin' shit, how can one gain clout?
These are questions that I ask on a daily
Got that Red Light rhetoric: Fuck you, pay me
Doin' without ain't good for my health
But I know if I want change, I must start wit' self

Track Name: Hold Yo' Hand [Over A Beat By 9th Wonder}
"Hold Yo' Hand"

Verse 1:
Walk wit' me, come an' talk wit' me, baby
Eyes been on you for awhile, shit is drivin' me crazy
I like the way you work it, heavily diggin' ya steez
Ya physique an' all that weave got me weak in the knees
You're - at your best when you do it minimal
Never let another tell you bein' at ya bare essentials is criminal
Seein' you walk thru is critical
Heart racin' hyperspeed, beatin' thru my physical
Spendin' all my time still ain't enough time
But find ways to keep you smilin' thru the rough times
One - flawless diamond, worth more than dimes
I'll walk thru Hell's gates just to make ya mine

Most niggaz wanna sex, others wanna buy brands
But me, I just wanna hold yo' hand
Take you on vacay, lay up in the sand
Watchin' the sunset, hold up -- I ain't done yet
Most want ya sex, others wanna buy brands
But me, I just wanna hold yo' hand
An' put a ring on it, yeah, you deserve the rock
An' my last name to match, hope you proud to rock

Verse 2:
Put the - make-up down, get out the mirror
Notice - beautiful skin, start seein' clearer
You're a ebony queen, givin' men heavenly dreams
Send chills up an' down, got us kneelin' to the ground
I know - sometimes you get insecure
Yo whole outlook seems like it's in manure
Searchin' for a king 'cause the prince ain't pure
But the pauper all along had the cure
Whether natural or permed out, ya star'll never burn out
I'm here to uplift; insecurities they squirm out
Just - gimme time, you'll see how it turns out
Different walks of life which we have to learn 'bout
Thinkin' you got the perks of - bein' ugly
But what you have is the gift of beauty, trust me


Verse 3:
Keep on passin' me by, feel like notice me senpai
Little jokey joke to make you smile, see the gleam in ya eye
Vow to keep it real, steadfast, semper fi
You fuckin' wit' the truest, them other niggaz lie
See, make you feel better's what I hope to do
Take these words to heart, let 'em soak in you
These other chicks - wish they had yo' pulchritude
But you, one of a kind, they in the multitude
Beauty all thru, shinin' out ya spectrum
Undistorted by the prism, you're an artistic ism
Don't let ya mind be a prison, open ya heart
Men will love you for your elegance an' all that's relevant
No fallacies heretofore remain in control
Just - give up the demons an' free your soul

Track Name: No Option [Over A Beat By Kanye West & The MeKanics}
"No Option"

I am not afraid, fears are forgotten
Gotta get this paper, baby, rap's my only option, girl
Once I get paid, fix all our problems
Grind like I never did, there's no other option, yeah

Verse 1:
Line up my haters to shit on
It's Fineprint, I'm just tryna get on
Fuck all them bitches y'all hit on
I got me the baddest, my chick's cold
She's badder than average, my chick's gold
Gonna get a diamond once I get on
Gonna keep her shinin' wit' a sick glow
'Cause the guy you hear rhymin' got a sick flow
Yo, so clap for a nigga wit' his rappin' ass
Or you can toast for a nigga, even boast for a nigga
No matter what you do, just make sure it's done wit' love
An' send prayers to The Man above
It's been 12 years, lotta tears an' grief
12 years, ears to beats
Puttin' Pentel to Mead, that's pencil to sheet
Only used pens to strike-out an' delete
Got too much talent for a mediocre life; too much skill, never mediocre write
Niggaz think Fine all mediocre; 'til he come an' they meet the ogre, right?
15 minutes of fame, I need to soak up the light, tell my momma Benjamin will soak up her tears
Soak up the pain an' stress; keep ya' lips sealed on what you can't address


Verse 2:
King-sized, but I ain't for sleepin'
Sleep on me? Inconvenient greetin'
A wake-up call, to wake up y'all
It's my time to shine, you better wake up, dawg (Better wake up)
No more setbacks, can't take a loss
So any opposition out, gotta take 'em off
I take off/Takeoff, no Offset or Quavo
Flyin' high, off set, not AWOL
See my girl told me she tired (I feel you, baby!), livin' paycheck to paycheck
An' I overstand that, so understand that, I'll do anything for these rubberband stacks
Prayin' for a deal, where that hunnid grand at? Or that hunnid mil' at? Can you dummies feel that?
I been livin' in squalor, need a fistful of dollars, not a dismal tomorrow
Fuck punchlines, I speak the real; time's of the essence, need to build
Stack it all up, shit's bleak fa'real; roll up on 'em like lunch time, eat they meal
I'm down on my luck an' I need to chill, uhn, get that weight off my shoulders
On my last buck, if I receive this deal? Muhfucka, game over

Track Name: A Starry-Eyed Affair (Remix of Ellie Goulding's "Starry Eyed")
"A Starry-Eyed Affair (Remix of "Starry Eyed" by Ellie Goulding)"

Verse 1:
Play me some pimpin', make 'em have a orgasm
Wet dreams that's lucid, burst like a spasm
She got a ass that I can't fathom
The way she drop it then start poppin', got a nigga gaspin'
Shawty, you got me ready to getcha out them tight jeans
'Cause when you threw that ass back (It's like you hit me with lightning)

Oh, everybody's starry eyed
And everybody goes
Oh, everybody's starry eyed
And my body goes
Whoa oh oh ah ah
Whoa oh oh ah ah
Whoa oh oh

Verse 2:
Chemistry so heavenly, sparks are flyin', heavily
It's meant to be, can't let it be; guess this is how Heaven be
Euphoria, sing Gloria in excelsis Deo
Day-o, me say day-o; up, up an' away we go
Flyin' high, eye to eye; contact is frightening
'Cause once we locked lips (It's like you hit me with lightning)


Next thing, we're touching (Just lose yourself)
Next thing, we're touching (Let it go)
Next thing, we're touching (Give into it)
Next thing, we're touching (Now here we go)

Verse 3:
Relax, relate, release, baby just like Whitley
Be free, it's yo' thang, do what you wanna do
Get it lit like carousels, let it go, excite me
Ain't gotta say much, you know how to entice me
Gon' hit me (With lightning)

Track Name: Better Off wit' the Dick (Remix of "Work Out" by J. Cole)
"Better Off wit' the Dick"

Girl, if you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
See, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick
If you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
Girl, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick

Verse 1:
Got dammit, I'm at it again
Dealin' wit' these hoes that want half of my ends
Bitch you know that I'm strapped for them ends
You ain't carin'; my last 2 bucks you will spend
If you - knew better, you'd do better
But ya only out for the score, so what you do is never
Fakin' like you in love, what you really in is lust
An' I ain't even trippin' 'cause I just wanna fuck
I - asked yo' ass to keep it real
Like I do the rest of them broads, but you neglectin' that part
Talkin' real shit boo, let it rest on your heart
Money ain't everything, don't let it tear us apart
Back an' forth wit' the drama, always stressin' the past
'Cause for the future, got many questions to ask
But stay true, an' when I get it, I'll be blessin' that ass
'Cause baby, you atten' (a ten) like you present for class


Verse 2:
I keep my heart guarded, locked an' in a vault
I tend to be the target of infidelity assaults
Guess it's my fault that I'm gullible, fallin' for every trick of the trade
Trustin' in a big butt an' smile
An' every chick that wave, paradin' her way into my inbox
Claimin' she can make it better
An' be different than the last chick
But all she does is dumb shit an' come up average
It's a well-known fact, ain't got my shit together
But check it, bitch -- look, at least I'm tryin'
I ain't like these other niggaz, facetious an' perpetratin'
But for some reason, y'all feel sucka-niggaz is worth datin'
You call me a bum, like I ain't aware
Scope - my pockets close, nada damn thing there
But I do have a dick, that ooze out sumpin' thick
Keep a Trojan on that shit so you won't ooze out a kid

Track Name: Smoke One For Me [Over A Beat By J.R. Rotem}
"Smoke One For Me"

(Nigga I'm back on that shit) You gotta show love to the kid
Who gon' tell me I can't shine in this bitch?
(So you better not trip) Or I'ma be splittin' ya wig
I'll take you on, man, small or big
(Suck a nigga fuckin' dick) Ik you like to hate on the kid
Legend in the making up in this bitch
(Don't fuck wit' my clique) Or I'll have to bring you hell
It's Fineprint reppin' #TGL
Awww shit...

Verse 1:
On the microphone I'm always in my zone
Turn on a beat an' my mind just roams
Been 26 years, damn time has flown
I'll be proud once I get it on my own
They call me grown, but I ain't walkin' in no bigger shoes
They love watchin' a nigga lose
Small city, so I gotta make some bigger moves
To be the boss in this ho cashin' in on bigger dues
Many may try, but they'll never understand this
'Cause livin' the lifestyle of the rich and infamous is what my plan is
The music biz stressful, an' I ain't even got my feet wet
But I possess a lil science of a vet
Learnin' from the greats how to operate
'Bound to make a mark, even if it's years late
If you can relate, then yo-- gon' light one up
Nigga burn a nice one up, 'cause...

You should be rollin', turnin' up the volume while you're rollin'
Smokin' one for me 'cause a nigga ain't tokin'
Whether lux sedan or '64 wit' the 3-wheel motion
You should be smokin'
An' rollin', turnin' up the volume while you're rollin'
Smokin' one for me 'cause a nigga ain't tokin'
Whether lux sedan or '64 wit' the 3-wheel motion
You should be smokin'

Verse 2:
I wake up wit' money on my mind
Schemin' for a fast way to get it; you know one, then I'm wit' it
I'm 'bout it 'cause I'm sick of bein' broke
Ski mask way mindstate, man, this is no joke
Told Momz how I think about robbin' niggaz
Nigga... that shit broke her muhfuckin' heart
I was 19 then, I just wanted to shine
That 9 to 5 work grind wasn't made for my design
Fam be callin' me lazy, they never understood
I have my own process of how I wanna get it
Navigatin', tryin' not to get lost like Amelia
Or niggaz that's gone on sinsemilla
Natural high, special grade; you burnin' Reggie Miller
In ya Vega's an' Swishers; nigga blaze killer
Any nigga say I ain't iller, knife one up
Then go light one up, 'cause

Track Name: Monorail: The People Vs. Lyle Lanley
"Monorail: The People Vs Lyle Lanley"

Only one way around this shit; ain't no jumpin' tracks
So circumnavigate 'til you learn where the money at
We gotta make it out this hellhole to foil them
That got us in this swelterin' cesspool they tryna boil us in
Here I go again whether I win or lose
I against I, flesh of my flesh that shows many a bruise
Two of a kind, but like Mos said, one won't survive
It's how the food chain works; wanna stay alive?
You were washed in the blood like Elisabeth Bathory
Not the blood of the lamb, but its the blood of the slain
Years can pass, sins of the father still remain
All that loud talk you do won't ever save a thang
You wanna change the world, it can't happen wit' a stanza
You gotta get up, get out an' do somethin', my nigga
You can follow suit like George Constanza
But you'll still make noise, squeaky mouse
Ain't no mufflin' of the rumblin' in the tummy, man
Look, they'd rather see us all comfy an' cozy
In a cell losin' our minds, they love when we oppose our own kind
People kill people, bullets are benign
Y'all on some ignorant fuckshit
Circulatin' rumors while peace bein' abducted
Am I wrong when I say the world's goin' to Hell?
I mean, just glance at ourselves
By the way-- Justin Beiber ain't got no soul
Aaron Neville is Rock 'N Roll
You may dig him on the microphone
But he ain't come up wit' that style on his own
Y'all be more tuned in to who Selena Gomez is wit'
Than focused on the company of your own kids
I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer
But who gives a fuck if Jay an' Beyonce stay together?
Everything's scripted an' y'all know it
But you still eat it up, like the screen don't show it
Leadin' each other over the cliff
Listenin' to these Lyle Lanley-ass niggaz run off at the lip
Robbin' us, then ready to run off to Tahiti
But we gon' catch that ass on GP
Bang like CPT, full effect wit' the heat
Run up on 'em like North Haverbrook for his scheme
Track Name: Excedrin State (It's In My Head) feat. Pineapple Caesar [Over A Beat By 9th Wonder}
"Excedrin State (It's In My Head) feat. Pineapple Caesar"

It's in my head... it's in my head
It's in my head, it's happenin', it's in my head
It's in my head, it's goin' down, it's in my head
It's in my head (Write some bars, nigga!)

Verse 1:
Hey Vern, I got a million bucks on my brain
Excedrin for the pain, situations never change
Just like me... knowhatImean?
Look in my heart an' see the blood flows from a Juniper tree
I'm unwaverin', spirit tested
But foldin' ain't my strongsuit, an' all mine are double-breasted
Fitted wit' custom cufflinks
Thoughts of a optimistic P.O.W., it's fuck what y'all think
Pussy niggaz on cycles, I exercise my right as a king
Throne is a E20 elliptical
Axial-Flow, you a radial centrifugal
Triple times the action, we see who's more lyrical


Verse 2 [Pineapple C.]:
Hold on for dear life, y'all are just deer in headlights
Smashed in the grill of my Dragula, tonight I'm havin' venison
Alarmin' denizens of Venice as I'm wavin' a Mossberg, hair-trigger menace
Pullin' Trixie by her hair, sippin' Guinness
Out of my element
Couple needles in my arm, livin' like that Dos Equis gent
Let me vent, I ain't had pineapple in awhile
But I'm itchin' like I had some foul vertical smile
Me, Bobby an' Ricky chillin' wit' Fineprint
On a mission to stack chips, smokin' on ChiKi
Lit like TIKI wicks, mix the gin wit' Tahitian Treat
Boulevard bullies snatchin' chains on yo street

Track Name: Catalyst Hammer [Over A Beat By The Alchemist}
"Catalyst Hammer"

Shake the rust off, this too deep for who's laughin'
You gassed, I can see yo' +yellow streak+ like Jules Jannsen
.22, but not his birth, February cold, too handsome
Shells from the back, like Blastoise -- two cannons
Dreams of Giuseppe Hi-Tops an' jewels dancin'
My name get +Cheers+ like Bebe Neu - an' Danson
See me do - my anthem, think he's through wit' rappin'?
Chibi dudes, I smash them, keep my cool an' fashion
Will rule this planet, fuck where you standin'
The +Chief+ come in just like - Buck Buchanan
On defense, thou can't pass, after my quarter back/quarterback
In disarray in the scrimmage, bringin' order back
I - came to slaughter that, which is impure
Bring the water back, the king is dyin', he needs a cure
I'm - sure that when - this shit drop, it'll be lit
Like - nitrogen trichlo', set off inside a cyclo'
Ill 'til the end of my life cycle, two fingers out -- Pierre Dulong
Beware when dude's on
I go off, I'm too strong; ammonia highly concentrated
On ya', highly underrated; flow is fly enough to make it
Knowin' I'm the fuckin' greatest, shown wit' 90 rhymes I'm makin'
Road's - highly tough I'm takin', but I'ma fuckin' take it
See I'm above the hatred, I love the rush of breakin'
Goin' against the grain, flowin' wit' grit an' pain
+7 years+ like a Windowpane, +floundered+ in this game
Pouted an' switched my name, doubted that shit can change
Rerouted my wits an' rage, see every scripted page
Has been a buildin' block, leads right up to this age
My heart's a wicked cage, in which a blacksmith
Wit' a heated hammer chips away - at ice that it contains
A lot of love remains, fuelin' my drive
More torque than a Porsche Spyder, the Mutsu of my eye
Be's Hip-Hop, I go in like Marshawn
Beast Mode 'til the end of my road, SAVAAR's gone...
Track Name: #YouOutYaFuckinMind [Over A Beat By Kanye West}

This my domain, man I do as I please
You out ya fuckin' mind if you steppin' to me
'Cause if you step to me, then that's beef wit' my team
An' we don't want the beef, we just came for the cheese
If this ain't the realest shit you niggaz done heard
You out ya fuckin' mind, believin' lies absurd
You should all simmer down, just break up ya herb
Roll it up, light it up an' sing-a-long to my words

Verse 1:
I'm back on my shit, gold bars -- insane alchemy
It's always cold hearts that bring flame out of me
I persevere in order to claim clout, undoubtedly
So I can spit in the face of peabrains who doubted me
I spout it to taunt lames that ain't bout it, B
You spit sicker than me? I doubt it, G
When it comes to real talk, they ain't countin' me
Fuck it, I'm out to get brain like the Lorraine balcony
Now we see you're counterfeit; retaliate? I counter quick
Haymaker without a fist, all out without a risk
Keep it brisk an' let it bang like a orgy in a mosh pit
Stop, bitch, cut out that twat shit
Insatiable like Golan, greedy an' want more
Just picture me rollin in Royces or on tour
I'm colder than Poland, know who you fuckin' wit'
Think my head swollen? Bitch that's my fuckin' dick


Verse 2:
I get real raw, plus my style is hardcore
Smell it like leak, drugged-up mystique out my pores
Y'all pussy, I hear you roar; paper Goliaths
Look menacin' but wouldn't pop a cherry in landica
Flow got more kick than Hidden Dragon, buckwild
.357 click like stilettos on marble tile
I harm the child thinkin' he can fuck wit' my flow
Who put it in yo head suicide's the way to go?
Think y'all emceein', bullshit y'all believin'
Still got milk on ya breath, ya ears is wet
Placenta all on ya back; how else should I put it?
You fall off the turnip truck chasin' the bandwagon?
I hear ya mans braggin', all that yack is fuel in my balloon
Hot air-powered; caught in crosshairs, now ya stares go downward
Afraid to look, snake eyes to the loser
Vaffanculo to ya ruler, that fool is a tool, bruh
I'm worth the wait/weight, holdin' my own
Backstrokin' in Lake Tahoe wit' two velour tracksuits on
My bars'll break ya digital scale or triple beam
I bring you literal Hell thru lyrical means
Rip a nigga apart under +The Burning Moon+
For lost souls that provoke, I'm yearnin' to consume
An' you don't know nann who'll deny my shit's hard
I'm out 'til I return wit' a bad bitch like Ishtar