#TGL Recordings Presents​.​.​. IMPROVEMENT SEASON

by Fineprint Misread aka SAVAAR

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This started out as an exercise in doing more modern sounding tracks, then I decided instead to use it to showcase my range, growth as a lyricist and my creativity. Not everything on here will appeal to most, but that's all good with me. I'm not even tripping. So, I hope you #ENJOY this until "LitM 4" is ready. #VIBE


released July 15, 2016

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: IMPROVEMENT SEASON Intro [Over A Beat By Boi-1da & Sevn Thomas}

Fly nigga, take shits when I crest on 'em
Takin' time to improve 'fore I drop my best on 'em
Legend in the makin', GOAT in the flesh on 'em
Wish a nigga would, I'll Nat Demerest on 'em
Niggaz sleepin' on me, it's cool, gon' rest, homie
'Til ya get a wake-up call, no time for text, homie
Let me breathe, get it off my chest, homie
Be secure like Wi-Fi, no guests, homie
2016, get these niggaz out my avenue
No-Fly Zone, this ain't a realm you wanna travel to
Gotta a lotta energy, niggaz wanna tap my brew
Walkin' glass house, don't make me fuck around an' shatter you
Tell these bitches I don't need 'em, I ain't FEMA, I won't feed 'em
I'll just beat it, then delete 'em; cancel her, I like my freedom
I got goals, I'm tryna meet, like loc'n down yo' fuckin' street
Beatin' up yo' block on 14 inches, three-wheelin'
(Like a tricycle, my nigga, I rhyme sicker
Put me on a beat, I bust it like a nine-nickel
Fine was designed an' inclined to make the blind feel 'em
Fuck is on yo' mind, fall behind, asinine an' bitter)
Whooo, I just found my mojo like I'm Austin Powers
Oooh, I should go to Tokyo an' make it shower
Oooh, if I had the bands an' the fuckin' power
You, would see me breakin' records every fuckin' hour
Hol' up...
(Know I do it best when I emulate
I am not ashamed, so this talent I will demonstrate
Niggaz claim the best when they don't even possess a trait
Reason why their little mixtapes are in dire straits
ROYALTY like Don Glover, not a dong lover
Diamond in the rough, uncovered, now the Sun's touched him
Lit up like the Borealis, think I'm David Boreanaz
But I'm not a +Angel+, I'm a demon movin' like piranhas)
Circlin' when I sense the +Blood+ like I'm Rollin' 60
#TGL be the movement, GORV rollin' wit' me
Take ya best shot quick wit' what ya holdin', hit me
I know you hate I never quit, you can never get me
Niggaz so - bland, man they tracks need napalm
Lips need lipbalm, hear they shit an' facepalm
Stay calm, got a arsenal, niggaz ain't armed
Fuck wit' Fineprint, I am there like State Farm
(Verified, fuckin' fresh to death, no probate
Hook, line an' sinker, yeah I reel 'em in wit' pro-bait
Movin' on up, I do it at a pro rate
Steady gettin' praise, now I need the dough to prorate
Track Name: Catalyst Hammer: SAVAAR's Upgrade [Over A Beat By The Alchemist}
"Catalyst Hammer: SAVAAR's Upgrade"

Shake the rust off, this too deep for who's laughin'
You gassed, I can see yo' +yellow streak+ like Jules Jannsen
.22, but not his birth, February cold, too handsome
Shells from the back, like Blastoise -- two cannons
Dreams of Giuseppe Hi-Tops an' jewels dancin'
My name get +Cheers+ like Bebe Neu - an' Danson
See me do - my anthem, think he's through wit' rappin'?
Chibi dudes, I smash them, keep my cool an' fashion
Will rule this planet, fuck where you standin'
The +Chief+ come in just like - Buck Buchanan
On defense, thou can't pass, after my quarter back/quarterback
In disarray in the scrimmage, bringin' order back
I - came to slaughter that, which is impure
Bring the water back, the king is dyin', he needs a cure
I'm - sure that when - this shit drop, it'll be lit
Like - nitrogen trichlo', set off inside a cyclo'
Ill 'til the end of my life cycle, two fingers out -- Pierre Dulong
Beware when dude's on
I go off, I'm too strong; ammonia highly concentrated
On ya', highly underrated; flow is fly enough to make it
Knowin' I'm the fuckin' greatest, shown wit' 90 rhymes I'm makin'
Road's - highly tough I'm takin', but I'ma fuckin' take it
See I'm above the hatred, I love the rush of breakin'
Goin' against the grain, flowin' wit' grit an' pain
+7 years+ like a Windowpane, +floundered+ in this game
Pouted an' switched my name, doubted that shit can change
Rerouted my wits an' rage, see every scripted page
Has been a buildin' block, leads right up to this age
My heart's a wicked cage, in which a blacksmith
Wit' a heated hammer chips away - at ice that it contains
A lot of love remains, fuelin' my drive
More torque than a Porsche Spyder, the Mutsu of my eye
Be's Hip-Hop, I go in like Marshawn
Beast Mode 'til the end of my road, SAVAAR's gone...

Improvement Season...
Track Name: Bars Droppin', Get It Poppin' (IMPROVEMENT SEASON Anthem) [Over A Beat By 808 Mafia}
"Bars Droppin', Get It Poppin'"

Verse 1:
The GIANTS be the league, yeah I'm bossin', nigga
You should call me Rufus Teague the way I'm saucin', nigga
See, the way I bring the +Heat+, call me Bosh, nigga
An' if you ain't up to speed, here's some NOS, nigga
Oh - sayin' you gon' knock me off, that's false, nigga
Woah - you poppin' blah blah, take a loss, nigga
Yo - in the runnin' to be socked in yo' jaw, nigga
So - better keep ya cool, you ain't raw, nigga
Skrrrt! - pump ya fuckin' breaks, get a grip, nigga
I been bein' good, don't make me slip, nigga
Get to bangin' like a Blood or a Crip, nigga
Wild West, 6-shooter from the hip, nigga
An' the shit that I'm talkin', I will back it up
Ain't gotta be a thug to get you blasted up
But I'd rather knuckle up, Paq an' Floyd, nigga
'Cause all ya hatin' really got me annoyed, nigga
I just wanna do better, get my grind on
Beast Mode forever, so clever when I'm in my zone
My fans tethered to my flow, mobile hotspot
Got the drive, Print on the move, peep the bars drop
Like I'm out the range of service, see my fuckin' purpose
Is to live it to the limit 'cause I do deserve it
No matter what the beat, that shit is gettin' murdered
Any time of day, I slay like Bey; nothin' further
See my bars speak volumes, while yours just murmur
I could show you how to flow, but you's a slow learner
So just flail in my flames, this a slow burn
I would give you some props, but it ain't yo' turn

"IMPROVEMENT SEASON", let's get it poppin', nigga
July 15 is when it's droppin', nigga
Finesse in the flow, no stoppin', nigga
Keep ya ear close like you fuckin' eavesdroppin', nigga

Verse 2:
See you gotta beg my pardon, I'm so wavy
Like a 2-piece an' a biscuit, shit is gravy
Red Light District, that's the flow -- fuck you, pay me
The bars goin' hard like a Zoe, so crazy
Nerdy, fuckin' gnarly, ghetto an' amazin'
Tardy for the party, but I came thru wit' a Asian
Tell my girl I'm sorry, it's publicity in Asia
Just one night for her memoirs, no geisha
An' I'm just speakin' the future, gotta make it exist
I'm gettin' better, see my foes, I'm makin' 'em tense
I want a Caddy wit' some vogues, wine-colored tints
Canary princess cuts blingin' on both wrists
It's all comin' together, startin' to make sense
What I'm givin' is free, but it accrues cents
An' them cents multiply into that big bank
Shoutout to Trell, we go back like the "No Limit" tank


Fuck if you're appeased, boy please, don't want no problems, nigga
Once I'm gettin' cheese, ya bitch'll be on her knees, ready to option, nigga
That's a promise, nigga; do you copy, nigga?
I'm 'bout the hit the big time, just watch me, nigga...

Track Name: Leave Me Be, Pt. II.V [Over A Beat By JudoBeatz} / #JustSomeBars <Skit>
"Leave Me Be, Pt. II.V / #JustSomeBarsLOL"

Kindergarten to 12th grade, was spit at an' picked on
An' that was - fuel for me to come back an' shit on
Any bully, rival an' fake friend I ever came across
Been a loser all my life: No more takin' a loss
I know, they look at Fineprint like he ain't a boss
Muhfuckaz here the rhymes, actin' like it ain't the sauce
But I'm - saucin' on 'em, king in my own mind
Crazy, 'cause I never quit believin' in my own grind
What's a goal if you lack heart to bring it to fruition?
Why fight if dreams just get deferred on your mission?
We all - have a vision, it's what we do that counts
Life is - guns an' roses, bittersweet in adequate amounts
This my third time tellin' y'all to leave me be
Should I - cock the pistol just to see you flee?
Told you in 2013, this ain't the realest shit I ever wrote
I am - forever real, wit' facts you - forever quote
Roll the reel to the documentary, peep the commentary
There's a lot of artists out here that come to tarry
An' I - don't waste time, 'cause I'm about my business
If we gon' make it in this game, gotta get serious
No time for apologies, can do without forgiveness
All those who doubted the kid, get to bear witness
To the - success of me an' those who stayed true
Not the fairweather fans who tucked tail an' flew
When - shit got hard an' hit the fan sumpin' wild
Turned on the kid 'cause he switched his style
Not there - when I was feelin' faithless an' downtrodden
It's okay, your disrespect will see to it you're not forgotten
That's my word...

I took an OATH to never MINCE my words
So - fuck censorship an' all who object to what they heard
Middle digit flippin' birds, dude, I +swear by the dog+: dead serious/Sirius
You, Rhadamanthus an' the FCC can drink Jell-O bleach shots wit' tampons in 'em from some chick's period
Yeah, sorry for bein' extra, but the flow's +gadzooks+
An' I'm 'bout to fill a nail gun wit' +God's hooks+; it's off the books
So Jesus Christ, Judas Priest an' all those other swears, gimme a "Hell yeah"
'Fore we hit Heaven, or I'll Stunner yo' ass off the stairs
I - spit 16's just to blow off steam, put some sugar in the Maxwell's House
Or - keep sippin' yo' Expresso, I prefer somethin' more mellow
So, 'til my name's at the top like a patron of Starbucks
I'm just - gonna keep steppin' these bars up
I ain't hard up, but I got a hard-on for success; you hard-pressed
To find a flaw in my design, but all mine are God blessed
It's not - blaspheme to say the Lord blessed me wit' these rhymes
Any talent or gift is always delivered by the Almighty
See I shine, so you can call me sun or solar ray
Either way, I'm givin' you a +Thriller+ like Ola Ray
These are just some bars, random lines pieced together but fit rightly
It's like, they were made for each other, quite nicely
Lyricism will forever delight me, reactive adaptation
Reactive 'cause it's responding to the stimulus of many lyricists
Adaptation 'cause it's changin' to fit the style an' skill of this period
Put it all together an' you see why I'm growin' non-stop
Steadily improvin', it's the season for it; I'm gettin' hotter
July 15th is here if you're hearin' this, straight-forward an' proper
There's no competition around except me, myself an' I
An' see me, myself an' I refuse to be left behind
So - I'm goin' in, leavin' mutilated emcees in my wake
The beast within is wide awake, anybody ready to raise the stakes?

Track Name: Double Edicius (#Bck2Bck) [Over A Beat By Noah "40" Shebib}
"Double Suicide (#Bck2Bck)"

Verse 1:
I'll break you niggaz off somethin' proper out the gate
Two fingers in the air for them niggaz who can't relate
Two fingers in the air for them fools that's second place
Them dudes in despair, my tunes exquisite taste
I'm - rude for my food, voracious an' eat the plate
Set a mood wit' my tunes, bodacious on each tape
I - do what I do 'cause the move's to be great
So - goons get consumed, ladies swoon 'cause I'm a ace
Let's - turn it up a notch, upper echelon, crush whoever comes
For my spot, I up the level, son, bust a megaton
Dust'll settle on ya grave where I plant my pedestal
Stamp my federal - dead on ya coffin, slanted but legible
Tracks just practice, major in one-upmanship
Flavor - to come an' get
Fuck wit' this, +In The Hills, The Cities+, make a note of that
A nigga catchin' bigger bodies than +Popolac+
I got my swag back daddy, that's word to Hova Carter
Print's ya Holy Father, know me for total slaughter
My vocal's on an' poppin', Chris Breezy wit' the steez
I never lose momentum when facin' my enemies
Pro'lly get tired of me braggin' an' boastin' when flowin'
You can call it showboatin', it's whatever floats yours
Just love aggressive rhymin', but can switch to any style
A lil' somethin' I'll demonstrate right now
Picture me rollin' in a Maybach wit' the partition
Yves St. Lauren frames blockin' haters from my vision
Me an' my lady in the back, I'm gettin' dome, pullin' on her Remy
Kinda slizzed off Grey Goose an' Henny
Trukfit on my person, Supras on my feet
Tatted like a G, you would swear I'm from the streets
See -- can't a young nigga get money anymore?
I mean, make some hit records, movin' Diamond out the stores
Since a kid, a young nigga just wanted to go plat
I mean, ain't that the mission? Get ya bank account fat?
Heh, I guess I'm in the wrong genre
Feelin' like Steph Curry, got a +Warrior's+ hunger
Feelin' like Steph Curry, I should be ya MVP
Feelin' like Steph Curry, put up nothin' but 3's
Ooooh wee... who's he? Long sleeve, we can roll up
Brolic wit' the flow, see the line gettin' swolle up
Hol' up, I'm talkin' bars an' you talkin' Xanax
Catalog already large, this just a annex
Rap superhero, but sweetheart -- no spandex
A missile just for you, but I'ma hit ya man next
I drop mixtapes fuckin' back to back
Go Beast Mode an' attack the track
Back to back, like that nigga Janus
Go thru the portal head first an' kiss my anus
My reflection tellin' me to touch my shoulder, dust myself
Toss a octopus dick, now you can go fuck ya'self
How am I gon' trust ya if ya don't trust ya'self?
It's too many notches, you gon' need another belt
Back up in my zone, shakin' off the stigma
Piece of advice: Go get that Llama like Yzma
Put it to ya brain, let it rat-a-tat-tat
Now ya' homie should pick it up, suicide back to back
Track Name: LombardiGettinGuap - "Kemosahbee" by LombardiGettinGuap [Over A Beat By FKi}

I got lean, I got Sprite, I got Xanax, I got white
Got Caucasians, Guyanese, Chinese on my side
I got Rovers an' Bugattis, Lambos to Maseratis
Got Givenchy an' Versace, 'Dusa head all on my body
Need Whitney? I need Becky,; drop it off, sloppy toppy
I need noggin', gimme noggin'; suck me 'til I'm feelin' groggy
Screamin' woah kemosahbee! Shave that coke -- Neo-Nazi
(Screamin' woah kemosahbee! Shave that coke -- Neo-Nazi)
Sellin' O's, Boyardee; give them hoes a quarter ki
Have her run it cross the border, meet papi in El S.G.
I got Perks an' LSD, I got clerks, move work for me
I got shirts an' scarves that's Hermes; I'm dope, that's what yo' girl say
I'm deep up in her world, mayne; lickin' on that pearl an'
Designer jeans that's Balmain, acid-washed the style an'
Su-Wooin' an' wilin', 'bout to buy a island
You niggaz buyin' yachts, I buy the comp, let money pile, man
I'm shittin' on you, saucin', more product than Slauson
No fuckz to what it's costin', cop it 'cause it's awesome
My bottom bitch out here bossin', keepin' my hoes in check, got dough to collect
6-4 on the set, shit, we rollin' in that; pour up Moet, then roll in to sex
Whole squad atcha neck, shit, we known to finesse; niggaz should've known not to go wit' them

We known as the best, got chrome on deck; hair trigger on the tech, lotta holes in ya chest
Servin' these niggaz shells, ain't talkin' no Escargot
I'm whippin', see that car go, look up like where yo' broad go
On 1800 TQ, sippin' that shit, where she leave you?
At the table alone, faded an' gone; don't hate it 'cause we made it, holmes
Save it, shit, she naked, jones; I'm rakin' in that cake she want
An' I just want that pussuan; scoop up +Ice Cream+ like Wu-Kwon
That's Wu-Tang an' Raekwon, an' like Juicy J an' Kreayshawn
We trippy, mayne, she drippy, mayne; drippin' all on my woodgrain
It's a hood thang, just let it bang; you ain't gettin' her back, she love the best
Singin' that - I fuck the best, left my shirt ripped like Russell West

An' I'm gone...
Track Name: Untitled Outro (64 Bars) {Acapella}
"Untitled Outro (64 Bars)"

I guess it's best nowadays that everything is left a secret
'Cause the more you reveal, the less they wanna peep shit
I got a lot of people claimin' they in my corner, but fittin' me for that dunce hat
An' others who say they interested but pro'lly never once heard me rap
I shouldn't have to tag muhfuckaz just to get 'em to listen
But you know how it is, gotta make 'em pay attention
It's funny that when I share some shit dissin' Obama or backin' the police
That fuckz come out the woodwork to say they piece
But once I share them links, eyes are obviously closed
Lyin' like they didn't see it, but the truth is what I know
Then this sappy loverboy keeps subbin' me in his posts
I shouldn't even acknowledge 'em, but you know how kids are on the coast
Hippies, hipsters an' beachboys, the bane of my existence
An' wannabe Conscious rappers wit' unrhythmic spittin'
I've come across so many who can't flow, but wanna criticize my tracks
Because I switch it up ever so often when I rap
Hatin' on the Auto-Tune an' the materialistic flows
Upset that I say how I feel despite who wants to oppose
Then my girl wants to complain, an' shit I love her to death
But what she says makes me feel like I can't be myself
When I'm Fineprint or SAVAAR, 'cause the second a bitch is mentioned in my lines
Her feelings are hurt, though the lyrics are designed
To express my dreams an' past goals, shit, they ain't nothin' but rhymes
However, I know she don't even see it that way
Maybe one day she'll be able to separate the fact from the fiction
Wit' all the books she reads, I thought she could discern the truth of my admissions
An' I know she's hearin' this an' feeling quite disrespected
For that I apologize, but I have to express my stress
Movin' along, sometimes I can't tell if Ron really has my back
When I see the shit he posts an' don't know how to react
Because when I post somethin', I have to inbox or text to alert him it's up
An' in my paranoid mind, that shit sucks
Because, I know he works a lot, but it's quite funny
That he can share memes an' other things while supposedly makin' money
An' I shouldn't complain, but I have so much fuckin' pent-up rage
I deserve the muthafuckin' respect an' attention, especially wit' how my bars have been raised
Even at this age, I still don't have a strong enough sense of self
To stay motivated an' keep pushin' despite e'ryone else
Not backin' me how they used to, sometimes I lay down an' shed tears
An' I feel that's pathetic to even express to my peers
For one of my biggest fears is failure, but how can a nigga make it
When the ones who should be helpin' keep tryin' my patience
It's enough to make me say fuck this rap shit an' fuck a muhfuckin' deal
'Cause y'all worship an' idolize those who don't even keep it real
By now I've had my fuckin' fill of the bullshit an' bein' ignored
Why I gotta sound like these wack niggaz out to muhfuckin' score
Your ears for those plays I strive to make e'ryday
Why I gotta be on iTunes or Spotify to make a way
Why I gotta even try to get attention from folks who don't even wanna hear?
An' most of all, why the fuck am I even here?!
But yo... shoutout to the ones who still listen an' download
Keep ya umbrellas an' raincoats on, this ain't yo' downpour
This shit is for e'ry fuck who told me not to stop but they stopped checkin' in
Guess I'm takin' too long to make them moneymakin' record spins
What the fuck happened to my lil bro Pete? He was diehard over my bars
An' where the fuck have Epitaph, Marlin an' Escobar been thus far
Wait, forget that last one, I know why Esco doesn't listen
So, I'm gonna just move it along
I shouldn't have to make some Pop-type songs just for you to sing along
But I up an' fuckin' did it just to prove the doubt in my mind wrong
An' shit, I'm gettin' misty-eyed writin' this shit
I should tear it apart, because y'all don't respect my art
An' what comes from my heart, so why I even continue?
I guess it's true, they'll never love or miss you 'til someone ends you
So I'm gone...