by Fineprint Misread & Tha Dro

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This project which was originally released on February 25th of 2016 as "Legend in the Making: The Album", is produced by Tha Dro and is a remix of various songs that I, Fineprint Misread, put out on my different mixtapes. Not an official album, but it serves it's purpose. Anyway, #VIBE and #ENJOY.


released October 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Art Imitates Life: Dedicated 2 The Listeners (Dro Musik Remix) [Prod. by Tha Dro}
"Art Imitates Life: Dedicated 2 The Listeners"

Verse 1:
Penny for your thoughts, I drop heat in quarters
No ceilings, no limits, I delete the borders
Eat treble an' bass then get a beat disorder
Meet the hoarder who manages to keep a order
Never deplete my aura, stay on-point
True emcee from the heart, fuck who y'all appoint
Lace a joint wit' bars from my solar plexus
Look, just ask niggaz that hold me down in Texas
Live for today but in fear of tomorrow
Tryna keep my head up, man thru all the sorrow
Most my niggaz stay lit, 7 straight, like a kinara
To escape bein' irascible wit' thoughts irrational
My - passion flows in an' out wit' confidence
Ain't no surprise just like "Latunza Hit"
Livin' in the ghetto where the guns'll spit
Hands up, they run you quick if you got funds equipped

Dedicated to the listeners, peepin' Eddie White
Steady gettin' nice, shit I do this e'ry night
Mind, body an' soul in e'ry place that he write
Sculpt bars thru the mic, art imitates life

Verse 2:
My nights be the same as daybreak
From sunrise to vespertide, I'm in a state
Down to ride? I got the drive like interstates
Feng shui for the mind, nigga let's renovate
Appetite for destruction, fill my dinner plate
Kyle Rayner wit' construction, a +Will+ to innovate
Willin' to demonstrate how hungry I am
Gotta get it for myself, no one else will, fam
Big money, cars, clothes, jewelry an' hoes
The latter used to be my main two goals
Now I'm on to better thangs, matured in the brain
Realizin' that life is really not a game
Like Milton's, though it's still about gain
I don't follow suit, I go against the grain
My skill is ingrained, reason for my bulgin' veins
Never stop, so leavin' wit' a bang is my aim

Track Name: Attack Choppers (Dro Musik Remix) [Prod. by Tha Dro}
"Attack Choppers"

Fuck a Leer jet, gimme attack choppers
Fuck a rap group, nigga we gon' be mobsters
In tailored suits, nigga we gon' look proper
The world is ours, man; who gon' stop us?

26 wit'out a baby an' no nuptials
All money to me is prenuptial
Any of you chicks should be esteemed I still fuck wit' you
Especially considerin' the fact that I ain't fuckin' you
I've reached the point in my life where I'm just doggish
Oppurtunity lookin' fly, I'm feelin' froggish
So far my record is clean, let's keep it flawless
New Chief of Staff all in yo Oval Office
Basically, new dick up in yo pussy, bitch
Rub ya pussy lips, keep it gushy, bitch
I'm on some other shit, that fuck you an' yo mother shit
Gravel road, rollin' stone; better off when on my own
Ego might be overblown, but fuck it 'cause I said such
Cummin' on her breasts, call that shit chestnuts
Guess what? Deez nuts, you niggaz must've laughed
I'm the shit an' cut the mustard, now it's mustard gas
I'm money hungry, that's Young Dolph; on the path of a young boss
You runnin' ya gums off, niggaz might let them guns off
Them niggaz goons, just bein' real
+The Most Dangerous Game+, in for the kill

Track Name: Where Ya' Been? (Dro Musik Remix): The "#SOLIDIFIED" Outro [Prod. by Tha Dro}
"Where Ya' Been?"

Verse 1:
I'm in this shit so deep like wedding vows, I can't quit
But muhfuckaz is wonderin' where I've been -- well
I took a break, had to fall back an' meditate
Peep the scene, investigate, watch these fools undulate
E'rything I do is clutch, got my niggaz yellin' chuuch
Fineprint the realest, nigga preach an' make 'em hush
So shhh -- listen to the words, silence is golden
Droppin' jewels as my journey's unfoldin'
A legend in the making like piecin' together a map
Gather food for thought, you piecin' together scraps
My blood runs cold, too froze for a Blood Drive
If I swing down, you bitches can't get a ride

Sayin' "Young muthafucka, where ya been?"
I just been around, tryna keep my spot held down
Say "Young muthafucka, where ya goin'?"
Straight into my zone, 'cause nigga only I can hold my own

Verse 2:
I - tell like it is like Don Trump
No time for political correctness, I keep talkin' wreckless
Eat these Social Justice Warriors for breakfast
Told that bitch to hit the kitchen, now it's battle of the sexes
They - call me sexist, misogynist, chauvinist
Meanwhile all this shit is comin' from some feminist
Some ugly bitch wit' snaggle-teeth, fat as fuck; my allergies
Stem from these hoes an' the white knights that battle me
Sorry if you're butthurt, I'm sayin' how I feel
I am not ashamed to call you all fags, dykes an' lames
Stay up in ya lane, you're fuckin' wit' a emcee
Wonder where I been? Preparin' to leave you crispy
See Fineprint can kill 30 birds wit' one pebble
But at this point, I'm skippin' stones, leave the pond disheveled
You throwin' rocks at a hornet's nest, stop stressin'
Pressin' wit' that question, I release aggression