Reactive Adaptation EP: The Precursor To The Eevee Tape

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR/Sick-Azz Versez)

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After 3 YEARS, this project is FINALLY READY for release. Started out as a mixtape that was actually going to be 15 tracks long, but ended up not being the length previously intended. It still bumps though. I turned it into a EP however to prepare for a mixtape which I will drop next year. #StayTuned though. Anyway though, enough of the talking. #PressPlay, #VIBE and #ENJOY.

1 Birth of a Champion: The "Reactive Adaptation EP" Intro [Over A Beat By Brian Miller & Kanye West}
2 #SoMuchYes / Another Case of Illmatic [Over Beats By 9th Wonder and Yogi US}
3 Iceberg Cold / Grams & Bars (Original Version) [Over Beats By MF Doom and Cookin' Soul}
4 #FaceFacts (The Present and The Future, Pt. 2) [Over A Beat By DJ Premier}
5 #TheHardknockJuggernaut (40 Bars of Fury) [Over A Beat By 9th Wonder}
6 #UCantKnockFineprint / Carry On [Over Beats By The Hitmen & Knobody and Nottz & Kanye West}
7 #AMillionandOneThoughtsofaGIANT: Another Fineprint Experience [Over A Beat By DJ Premier}

Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR/Sick-Azz Versez)
Hardcore Hip-Hop/Fuckin' Raw/Conscious Rap
Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings


released January 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Birth of a Champion: The "Reactive Adaptation EP" Intro [Over A Beat By Brian Miller & Kanye West}
"Birth of a Champion: The "Reactive Adaptation EP" Intro"

Did you realize
That you were a champion in their eyes?

Now I do
I'm a warrior reborn, never doubt that truth
It's been a long time comin', headed out that pool
They all must be morons tryna doubt that dude
That's - true true, I'm 'bout this, dude
Now sit back, relax an' peep how I do


Verse 1:
Was '04, when e'rything changed for me
I found perspective comin' back in range for me
An' though I ruined the chance to make a name for me
It was my friend who refused to say the same for me
See Ronald stayed on me, pushed me to keep writin'
An' that beef wit' Jody Jo pushed me to keep fightin'
No access to the stu, why do he keep writin'?
Embarrassed an' ridiculed, fuck is he writin'?
Fuck is he hypin'? We don't give a damn
Plus them rappers he fuck wit' are all better than
Him, but he's convinced he's the better man
12 years later, young'uns callin' him a veteran
An', he ain't never been signed
But that ain't never stop him, forever been fine/Fine




Verse 2:
Yep, an' I'll stay that way
Ain't a corner I'm backed in; I'll make that way
Sa-da-tay, forever rejuvenated
The goal is so near; soon dude'll make it
Look, mama always said there'll be days like this
So I look in the mirror, get a grip on my non-likeness
Talent so scarce, you see ain't none like this
Recognize the god inside, none like Print
Plenty fish in this sea, but I'm Leviathan
Bullshit you givin' to me? Takes me higher than
Quality strains of - Cannibis sativa
Watch me make those wit' animus, believers
An' the path to the top, just one way
So credit's given to the consequence/Consequence, I'm not Kanye

This is the story of a champion
Runners on their mark and they pop their guns
Stand up stand up here he comes
Tell me what it takes to be number one
Tell me what it takes to be number one
This is the story of a champion
Runners on their mark and they pop their guns
Stand up stand up here he comes
Tell me what it takes to be number one
Tell me what it takes to be number one

Track Name: #SoMuchYes / Another Case of Illmatic [Over Beats By 9th Wonder and Yogi US}

Shoutout to my biggest fan, that's lovin' all of my raps
Bumpin' all of my tracks while rubbin' all on her ass
I adore you, an' it's really good to know I never bore you
I do this shit for recognition an' to build a pension
Inbox lookin' like I side wit' Ashley Madison
Hope my girl can handle all this groupie love
That I'm gettin'; I swear it makes me feel better
If I'm in the wrong, prepare me a big scarlet letter
I don't wanna wake up to a Dear John
Despite all of my lust, I still feel she's the one
See, never seen a nigga love my momma right
She only been wit' my pops an' that nigga never done her right
Never ventured out to try an' find another man
Hopin' that this deadbeat fuck would come back
An' - I'm sorry for the shit that I say
I can't be neutral, hard to find a area that's gray
Growin' up, my damn fam thought I would become gay
All bad, a nigga still resent that
Don't know what the fuck made 'em think I'd pack fudge
That was years ago, but I still hold a grudge
Not alternative, only eccentric
Hope you all see - how talented an' gifted
Ya cuzzo an' nephew's become, I refuse to run
Just launch "F you's" off my tongue
This - for the ones I know never believed
Thinkin' I'm out of tricks, I left a couple up sleeve

See every time I rhyme, it's so much yes
My life's been givin' so much stress
Only 27, but feelin' like 85
R.I.P. to my sis who died in '85
Every time I rhyme, it's so much yes
My life's been givin' so much stress
Holdin' on to hope, acceptin' nothin' less
Goin' for the gusto 'til I'm laid to rest


"Another Case of Illmatic"

This is real right now, Fineprint bangin' on ya eardrums
A nigga wit' a Kweli-type flow, better listen
To the fearsome, dopest, Ninja... Gaiden on the mic
The best stories never told
Remain mythical; that individual
Who's been creative since he was sittin' on his grandpops knee
A beast on the drums like a ogre logo on some Pro-Marks
So open up curtains, let the show start
On ya mark, get ready, set, go
I fucks witcha minds all the time
Psychological nympho, they thought I fell off
Got washed-up, 'til I popped up
Talked much shit 'til I dropped my mixtape, rocked their knots up
Said I wasn't all I'm cracked up to be
In reality, they gotta alotta laps to catch up to me
While I'm tryin' to get these racks up, B
Spit flows that's clutch, a nigga so gnarly
Ride the wave 'til ya wipe out, I'll rock it wit' my pipe out
Better pipe down, I'm in my zone
Be that nigga droppin' bars that crush bones
Crones, jabronis, lames that be hatin'
Hype me up, but behind doors pray I won't make it
So I say a prayer for you, couple Hail Mary's
Ask God to touch ya hearts, you know not what you do
It's the best I can do, be the bigger man
G.I.A.N.T. that I am, walk over piss-ants in this wicked land
Look, you're putty in my hand
I can mold you for a couple grand
Dumb muthafuckaz think my flows all big words an' braggadocio
An' talkin' like they know so
Or can do better, but on beat they're a swagger no-show
I still got the glow like Bruce Leroy
Sho nuff you know I'm the baddest, status in tact
My tactic's to go ballistic on y'all asses
I pour wine glasses of asskick
Elegant beatdowns, Tuxedo Mask steez
Retaliate like a gentleman
An' push it forward for you simpletons
Get it poppin' like Ritalin addicts
Game, set, match like Buried Alive; get in the casket
See, all I really need
Is a broad wit' a bomb-bomb physique that's brick house like ki's
One who knows I'm that nigga
Punany like Mallory, her sex game is Natural Born Killer, Killer, Killer, Killer
Track Name: Iceberg Cold / Grams & Bars (Original Version) [Over Beats By MF Doom and Cookin' Soul}
"Iceberg Cold"

It's like 4 an' to the 5 an' to the 6 an' to the 7
I 8 (ate) all these other prodigies to become the 9th wonder of the rap game
Reppin' Ten-A-Key
Ten toes down, loaded like a MAC 11
Top dollar, Southern nigga, status blue-collar
But thinkin' like he white-collar; my key is low like an Impala
Feral like a pitt wit' no collar
Nah, I ain't ballin', but bitch come holla
The first rule of Fineprint Misread
Is never discuss Fineprint Misread
Or I get on my shit like assassins, inf'red then you're dead
Westwood, don't go downin' my homestead
Bitch I ain't talkin' 'bout no murder, unless it's verbal
High off my confidence, tryna avoid them herbals
I don't really mess wit' it, but fuck it, baby roll
I don't twist shit, rather stuff a bowl
Flick the lighter, inhale then proceed
To lick a nigga down, from my head to the crown
Of my dick; drop it like a bank heist
I mean what I mean, swallow it down like Slice
You better wise up like Janet Weiss
That sappy shit ain't never been in my genes, so don't splice
Or try to get me twisted wit' these punk muthafuckaz
I mean what I mean, don't make me pimp hard
Push ya head 'gainst the wall 'til I hear that crackin' sound
Heh... I'm just playin', ma; that's not how I get down
I ain't never been arrested for nada domestic
So please don't set trip
An' try to bust my balls, I ain't no punk bitch
I keep it iceberg cold, chances slim like that pimp


"Grams & Bars (Original Version)"

Champagne for my real friends, I got no time for ya pussy, bitch
All I think about is money
Real pain for my sham friends, dollar after dollar on my brain
I know what the fuck you wantin' from me
Pray to God all the time, I know somethin' comin' for me
I just gotta get my soul right
But I never said I was tryna go to Heaven, ask the preacher 'bout me
Cryin' out for help, come see about me
I ain't never had my dough right, didn't have the heart to be a D-boy
Pole vaulted over triple beams
Even wit' the smoke screen, veiled threats
Bet it's cold-blooded fangs that I see, boy
Backstabbers come wit' the territory, no detour
Niggaz kill ya mood like Eeyore
In the mouth of madness is a heart of darkness
But it still beats pure

Wanna live the life of a celebrity
A made figga way bigger makin' figures that you'll never see
Open up shop, got the recipe
Bars turn ya 1,000 grams to a teaspoon of sesame
Track Name: #TheHardknockJuggernaut (40 Bars of Fury) [Over A Beat By 9th Wonder}
"#TheHardknockJuggernaut (40 Bars of Fury)"

I fell in love wit' the art of rhyme, at the age of nine
"My Name Is" was the catalyst for this passion
E'rything is predestined, so it ain't a question
How it became my fate, the painful route I'd take
8 years of back an' forth, finally made my mind up
On some Pac shit, while dealing wit' a school life that's toxic
Had to watch it 'cause my love life had even more toxicity
Had to learn to even out the misery
Wit' the joy, which was a hell of a process
My iron will became steel, no Bessemer process
Through secular projects, gave honor to God
Head of my life; Almighty crushin' my odds
The sum of my rhymes, wasn't 'bout fuckin' no broads
It was mostly 'bout my anguish, no love from my pops
Rapped it - 'cause I can't sang it, kick dust on the opp
I was a monster in the womb, that didn't bust out the twat
Caesarean birth, melanated king on a Aryan earth
Tearin' through jerks, bring 'em a world of terror an' hurt
Garner fame while sharin' my work
An' air my laundry, 'fore y'all try airin' it worse
Came up in the days, when rappers didn't carry a purse
Unless, the gender was the one full of estrogen
Nowadays, they claim they non-binary
Only thing non-binary wit' me is my base of Tenn/10
E'ryday I wake up, this shit's in my face again
So I'm throwin' shots, preceded by a pace of ten
Playin' my role, in this, Spaghetti Western
An' you be - post-trans Bruce Jenner, not Yul Brynner
Appetite for destruction, consume a full dinner
Scrapin' the plate like Shawn Corey Carter
Spaghetti's in digestion, now I consume a full liver
Make the tape go beyond gory Horror
I - rap a lot, talk less
That's how it should be, muhfucka, God bless
An' that might - seem blasphemous, on the scene, cancerous
A haptic rush, shattered dreams; painful passion like that Nazarene
Commence the happening/The Happening, join the gathering
As I split/Split, like McAvoy in that Shyamalan flick
But still +Unbreakable+ like David Dunn
Not Kimmy Schimdt, y'all all fruits, like Titus Andromedon
Track Name: #UCantKnockFineprint / Carry On [Over Beats By The Hitmen & Knobody and Nottz & Kanye West}

Look, I'm makin' longterm goals, scribblin' these flows
Make sure my afterimage's permanent for my foes
Embedded in their heart, dreaded in their thoughts
I will be that nightmare which never can be forgot
Far from the Hip-Hop of today, which is a mockery
Niggaz mumblin' these rhymes full of gaudery
Killin' off my appetite, clear the cockery
From the table 'til these labels return to what it oughta be
It's customary, I do this often
An' make you feel the soul return to Hip-Hop while in the coffin
Wit' fired up endorphins, fired up an' morphin'
Bound to have ghostwriters heavily mournin'
I brainstorm torrential, that's heavily pourin'
They malform your mental, steadily borin'
An' diggin', plantin' seeds, killin' dopamine
Never wrote out of love, only wrote for green
Dickheads wit' no ideas, dim bulbs covered by foreskin
I'm passin' on what I learned; run the force/Force in
'Fore I flip like Anakin, hardship I'm channelin'
Standin' strong forever, no Starship or Mannequin
Plenty fish, I'm the Kraken to these capelin
Godbody like Zeus wit' thunder cracklin'
Go the distance like Heracles, no Capuchin
Could ever stop my show, bruh -- I'm not panickin'
My nerves are steel, my nerves are ice
Frozen Fiji water in my veins; man this nerd is nice
See I can top anything that these herbs'll write
So you can't knock Fineprint, yeah you heard it right

Heh... can't knock Fineprint, you heard it right...


"Carry On"

If you're a fan of Fineprint, then this what you've been waitin' for
Gon' head an' worship, meet me later on Satan's floor
Took forever to drop, certainly worth the wait an' more
Gettin' jewels from a GOAT, certainly worth my weight, for sure
Mic in my palm, sights on the 'zon
That's horizon for all you tykes lookin' dumb
Index an' thumb L-shaped, wit' my tongue
Blowin' raspberries at you fools, cough a lung
An' pass a kidney stone 'cause he dope wit' the shit he on
Reppin' that Nueve Cero Uno, not one to throw pity on
Natural game like Deck, plus he's witty an' on
His shit, time to make the city known
An' spread the word 'bout Print, like a virus
The Finest One, won't can dis/Candice like the chick who plays Iris
On "The Flash", or I'll bring the gust in/Gustin
'Cause all these other niggaz that rap bring it disgustin'
Why all these other niggaz that rap be main discussion?
'Cause all these other niggaz that rap the main disruption
This ain't my introduction, did that 5 years ago
Was +carefree+ wit' third degree burns in high stereo
Keep gettin' better, improve wit' time
Fermentin' bars in my wine cellar, of whoopass
Still room for improvement, in the mood to rhyme
All night, on this beat, spit the coolest lines
Nah, I ain't the best, but, I'm above the avvy
A semi-phenom, meaner, than Mark Cally
Oops, I mean Calaway, my mind went - that a way
This beat is sayin' don't hurt me no more, like Haddaway
Aces an' eights, do it the Luke Gallow way
A Dead man's hand when the cards are played, I have to say
Shots to the back of the head like James Hickok
Should've got the fuck out of Dodge, got ya shit rocked
Nah, this ain't no Emo Rap -- this Hip-Hop
Pink cookies an' severed ears crushed up in a ziplock
Writin' what you won't, tight, in my zone
If this ain't what you like, carry on...
Track Name: #AMillionandOneThoughtsofaGIANT: Another Fineprint Experience [Over A Beat By DJ Premier}
"#AMillionandOneThoughtsofaGIANT: Another Fineprint Experience"

Verse 1:
It's a million and one thoughts on my brain, a lot of speculation
Like, if I reach the top, what will guarantee my reign?
I've seen artists come an' go, some dumbin' down the flow
Just to stretch it out longer; easy come, easy go
An', I ain't goin' out like that, superstardom's
Not about how big ya' vocab is; so who regards him?
I mean, who would barr him? Shit, dude's just awesome; spit
Spools, dudes get lost in, put in coffins quick
When I dote on my skill, far from hyperbole
I'm just adorin' all my progress wit' writin' scrolls
You see my writin's GROWED, better yet my writin's GROWN
So when I type this, Holmes, I'm in that heightened zone
Print's a microphone addict, itchin' from a thought
Got me cravin' like Rent Boy in "Trainspotting"
Veins throbbin', needin' that amp hooked intravenously
This how emcees in my genus be
But nowadays, they gettin' bored dealin' wit' him
Fallin' off, to never breach the ceilin' again

Verse 2:
A lot of y'all bet not rhyme no more, 'bout Fine no more
No subliminals in ya' lines no more
I bet not hear a peep 'bout Fine no more
Not even a subtweet online no more
That's 'til I'm no more, see -- Fine's so raw
Nah, I ain't reached the summit, but I'm climbin' that, boy
Folks are, so perplexed, "What he steady climbin' for?"
I got a toxic life, so I'm climbin' for a cure
Dreams to make solid, foundations that need buildin'
I'm old school sick like colic, now feed the children
Gotcha gettin' stye in ya' optic, in need of shieldin'
I done dropped 21 projects, no need of yieldin'
Since 2013, I've been a beast over drums
Like Vinnie Paul for Pantera, spittin' panthers off my tongue
An' that there, is how damage is often done
Fallin' harder, no matter how they often come
An' yeah they bigger, but they often run
'Cause my moxie an' backbone is bossin', son
Print's a Dirty South nigga, still call him Sun
Bodyin' the beat, see he caught him one