Mastering The Craft Series, Pt. 1: #BFTK (Bars From The Kid​)​, Vol. 2

by Fineprint Misread aka Sick-Azz Versez



The second entry of my "Bars From The Kid" series of mixtapes. This mixtape is subtitled "Mastering The Craft Series, Pt. 1", signifying it's role in my music. The whole point is showcasing my improvement with creativity, rhyme schemes, breath control and so forth. I can only get better because the only way to go is up. Anyway, #PressPlay, #VIBE, #ENJOY the #BARS and #GetFamiliar.


releases January 11, 2018



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Bring Back The Witty (#RespectIIThePLK) [Over Lloyd Banks' "Increase The Gritty" Instrumental}
"Bring Back The Witty (#RespectIIThePLK)"

Y'all been sufferin' long enough, look what they spewin' at you
It's good that kid Print is back to send a new one at you
I got more verses than the Book of Matthew
Fuck bars, I'm droppin' 50 ft. solid gold Buddha statues
Dude I'll smash you; none of ya raps stick wit' me
+Nick+ wit' me another, I will snap Stick Stickly
Yeah, I know I'm too damn nit-picky
But it's 'cause these new cats gettin' out-rapped by Sam Witwicky
Hol' up, fam let's get busy, SAVAAR's gettin' lit
But they still sleepin' like my flow's a barbiturate
On God, I'm wit' the shit, oh God, don't diss the kid
I'm so hard, you get the dick, that's no pause -- you listened, kid
It's been hinted at, I'm a legend in the making
29 projects, get obsessed wit' what I'm making
A seven in the ranking, but aimin' for five or better
Got me strivin' more than ever, to survive an' weather
The storm, full-steam ahead, watch the dough mount
As the king/King pens it like Richard Bachman or Thad Beaumount
The kid's... head an' shoulders above the rest
An' like Simone Biles wit' Shaq, you barely come up to my chest
I could be another Budden, another Bank$, another Andretti
You cannot can Eddie
Cannot ban or threaten me, stop playin' an' sweatin' me
Not playin' or frettin', B; stop playin' wit' weaponry
'Cause the safety is off, you might spray at ya' thoughts
An' Print is a .38 -- turn ya' brains into sauce
You actin' like I ain't gon' kill 'em all
All these lines in my mind, but I ain't gon' spill 'em all
Seal 'em off, they can't come an' beseech me
Dyin' for a feature, frauds runnin' to greet me
The lames couldn't beat me, tried to force me to forfeit
But my wordplay's galactic an' it knocked 'em outta orbit
Got - more shit to crush 'em wit', tell 'em pick they poison
These them bars from the kid, runnin' through my organs
Be somethin' called skill, these fools tend to lack it nowadays
Nepotism only reason for their backin' nowadays
I'm - back up out that haze, rejuvenated, refocused
Let my people go, or I'll bring a plague of locusts
Upon the lecherous oafs wit' no lyrics
Bramble-headed morons, killin' ya' spirit
You - hear it on the regular, it be that bad
But I'm a tough muthafucka, Marine stepdad
So, rest in peace to Proof an' all who kept it gritty
Fineprint is done, I had to bring back the witty
Track Name: The Sick-Azz Workout (Lyrical Exercise '17) [Over Jay-Z's "Breathe Easy" Instrumental}
"The Sick-Azz Workout (Lyrical Exercise '17)"

Verse 1:
Mental anaerobics, lyrical eccentric contractions
Yeah, gotta be on-point wit' my reactions
You've, seen me work, very full range of motion
Never injured, while the comp is less healthy than Greg Oden
That reference might be dated, but, not many complainin'
'Cause, on the track I go the distance like Fartlek trainin'
Get the full use of, metabolic disbursement
Cardiovasc to the max, muscle pumpin' somethin' perfect
Jump rope to keep bones tip-top, can't be osteoporo
At 70 will still keep up wit' the kids, ahk
Fuck old age, Print has gotta move around
An', bring in new blood like sarcomeres to put it down
Hold my crown as I shadowbox around the ring
An' in the darkest of alleys, punchin' foes comin' at me
They low in intensity, rowin' up shit's creek
Fightin' each other wit' the oars, startin' flame wars
But, I ain't sweatin' it, though they sweat my technique
Doin' pull-ups an' push-ups, wit' the weighted vest
I'm - outta them streets, but present in a astral state
Witness snakes get it in the kidney, like, guanidinoacetate
Now I'm goin' over heads like hands in jumpin' jacks
This ain't just, lyrical exercise
Fuckin' facts, workin' too hard to falter
Offerin' to train y'all, should have accepted my offer

Verse 2:
Get ya' weight up, I got technique plates
Work wit' me an' you'll never again get ate up
I can cultivate ya' style, make you harder than the rest
Rawer than a powerlift, leave the vets impressed
An', I ain't just talkin', I've made diamonds out of coal
Applied pressure on those wit', whom I once flowed
They went all out, like Brian Schwab an' Tony Conyers
Now they sendin' e'ry beat, way up yonder
Pens like .44 wit' the iron, I ain't talkin' kettle-bells
Benchin' niggaz like tricep curls
They still my +juniors+ though, but no ICF weight class
I can hold my own against great mass
Dudes should have known, forever small things
To a GIANT, truly nada in the grand scheme
We on different paths, but they study my moves
Like kinesiology, tryna fuck up my groove
An' they losin' the fight, like the war on childhood obesity
It's a real uphill battle
An' I came prepared for the hike, this a breeze to me
Man, I'm out here doin' Walking Lunges
I - packed some lunches, they goin' off hunches
Unable to keep up, so I - kicked my feet up
Hooked the hammock up high, spectatin' all the havoc
Then did a oversplit an' shitted on these bogus twits
Track Name: Gunplay Wordplay (#RespectIINickel9) [Over Royce Da 5'9"'s "Gun Harmonizing" Instrumental}
"Gunplay Wordplay (#RespectIINickel9)"

The hand that I write these bars wit', also has the trigger finger
A hair trigger, itchin' like a case of Seborrheic Dermatitis
Ready to unload on those who slander
Reprimand 'em wit' a fully loaded clip
That's 16, an' this the 5th bullet
The 6th bullet, comin' right behind it
Chompin' at ya' ear like Evander's, 'fore I can finish the rhyme scheme
That I started, it's goin' R-R-R-R-R-RAT!
That gun sound's retarded
Hollowtip rounds that be rockin' them Special Ed helmets
While you niggaz out here goin' dumb wit' the dummy rounds
So inert, when you burst, I hear tummy sounds
An' I don't mean that Thompson sub-machine
Assumptions of what I mean, get you crushed up in between
The bars that come out in succession, I succeed in firin'
Another after another wit' no signs of expirin'
Give these fools a L, like a 50-round drum
Deliver dudes to Hell, they like "Really? How come?"
You know you weren't a angel, all that dirt that you did
Had enough to bury you under, less work for the kid
I'm pretty docile, in my e'ryday life
Humble wit' a closed mouth, unless I'm on that mic
One of the illest to do it, always prove it
Stick my dick into these tracks, bussin' nuts of blazin' music
An' it's never too hype, my homies blazin' to it
Keep it lit like Khalifa an' Andretti
You not ready for Eddie to go off like police abusin' power
Black lives that didn't matter to that propellant an' gunpowder
Hands up, don't shoot
You niggaz gettin' loud, but ya' guns on mute
An' when I talk about guns, I'm talkin' 'bout rhymes
An' y'alls ain't got a streak of shit on none of mine
Yeah, follow me as I spit this fanatical fiasco
Of firearm similes an' metaphors in my ammo
Respect to Nickel 9, I hope I did this justice
Heard the drums an' melody, then rhymes started rushin'
To the forefront of my brain, so I'm fully focused
No hocus, I'm that dope; none of my peers can come close
It's - somethin' magnificent, that happens wit' my written shit
May borrow some lines, but never on no bitten shit
I am not a shark, that is forbidden shit
But niggaz might be comin' after me like I'm the Black Ian Ziering
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This is "Gunplay Wordplay", Print is through