Legend in the Making, Vol. 1 (Summer Mixtape Series)

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)

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TBA... #SitTight


released June 29, 2017

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



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Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: If Word Gets Around (About Fineprint) [Over A Beat By Shock G}
"If Word Gets Around (About Fineprint)"

I've been warned that I need to be silent wit' e'ry move I make
But I can't wait, excited 'bout what I'm comin' wit'
E'ry time I pen somethin' new, feel like the fuckin' shit
People waitin' patiently for me to drop a fuckin' hit
I'm in grind mode, but ain't grindin' like I'm 'posed to
Should be out doin' shows, hit the stage postal
'Fore I make it worldwide, gotta make it local
But this doubt deep inside done kept me on the sofa
Writin' my life, recordin' a gist of it
Dealin' wit' stress, drownin' in the midst of it
Dropped a lot of work, fools love to discredit
'Cause I use instrumentals, that type of shit's pathetic
So what you heard that muthafuckin' beat before?
You never heard it wit' my muthafuckin' rhymes on it
So, when I come around to sprinkle out my lines on it
You'll be aghast that you bypassed my heat before
Or maybe you ignore me 'cause I'm nothin' new in this genre
But spend ya' time screamin' how you miss the Old School
That's hypocritic to me, I'm sick of critics, ya see
This shit is gettin' to me, you should've listened to me
But I can't force it if I'm not yo' type of emcee
You want somebody strictly Conscious, now I see
That just one of my modes, I'm known to be all-around
But that shit's good to know if word gets around
About that artist known as Fineprint
A higher pedigree wit' 95% of rhymes that I invent
Increasin' dopamine, soon as the bars
Hit ears an' make contact, peep the swoonin' broads
Straight from the launchpad, tracks boom in cars
Turn me up an' wake the neighbors, or make 'em run like White flight
One of y'all gotta see how Eddie White's tight
Confidence like Mayweather every fight night
See I got pride an' it's fragile
But I'm workin' on buildin' up resilience
Still, I never back away from any battle
No need to shy away from showin' lyrical brilliance
I've been knocked down so many pegs
That I started playin' muthafuckin' Mastermind
So far what I can say about this craft of mine
Is that I'm steadily improvin', time after time

Ha... yeah, I'm steadily improvin', time after time...
Track Name: New Tape (#Smoke1ForFineprint) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By C-Sick}
"New Tape (#Smoke1ForFineprint) <Interlude>"

Sip on some liquor, read a little Lovecraft
Think of ways to wreck this game an' leave it in a bloodbath
Watchin' for haters, they always cross ya' boy path
Sooner than later, realize they can't avoid wrath
Did the math, here's the conclusion I came to
Loyalty's an illusion, confusin', painful
Highly toxic, deep inhale an' you're strangled
Mangled in the brain, mistakin' devils for angels
I - pour my heart into the hearth of victory
Wit' tongs in hand, I grip an' place it on the anvil
Bang the hammer like Vulcan, chisel out a will of iron
I will not lose to a bucket of crabs, stop tryin'
To hold me back an' hold me down, I'm pugnacious
Up against the wall, attack an' slug faces
Punch until I break a nosebone an' clavicle
Leave you all so gone wit' a attitude
All I'm focused on is that Provolone an' Akkawi
To cop foreign cars, cigars, a crib in Maui
That Ädelost an' that Roquefort, not a hobby
Money ain't e'rything, but close enough, papi
Cream cheese on mind like Aiken Drum
A one-way ticket, where's the plane takin' from?
Out the ghetto, that hood, that grimey place
Fuckin' cesspool, such a fuckin' slimey place
So, smoke one 'cause I'm +rad+ like a "Fallout" Nuka-Cola
I just wanna ball-out 'til it's over
Wrestle wit' my girl, then fall out on the sofa
The simple things in life, all I need; call it closure
GIANTS over e'rything, that's a definite
Once boo's straight, get the crew straight wreckin' shit
New tape after new tape, like a debut tape
Mama-say mama-sah, woosah, all they do is hate

Haha, yeah... mama-say mama-sah, woosah, all they do is hate

Smoke one for me...
Track Name: Far As I See [Over A Beat By The Beat Bully & Jof Money}
"Far As I See"

See failure's no option, but I feel I'm on my last leg
Obstacles at every turn, ain't no movin' past that
Been over this a thousand times, sayin' I'm the greatest
But never seem to believe it, no matter how many times I say it
Or how many times you say it, my confidence been depleted
So I'm wallowin' in self-loathin', aggy an' defeated
Always takin' shit to heart, gettin' ripped apart
Sick of all these muhfuckaz not payin' mind to my art
'Cause I work hard like Kanye, Chance, Rocky an' Ferg
Kendrick, Cole an' Wale, that shine is what I deserve
An' I find it's so absurd, that I ain't even been heard yet
What's up wit' that? I'm at the point, to go out an' start servin' vets
Just that, little nigga, from Memphis Tenn, here to win
Goin' in, like a NAVY Seal, make you feel what's here within
May be, too real, for ears this year, that there is clear
In my grill like new veneers, y'all trippin', cop souvenirs
Prizz on it, an' too severe, heat it up, super sear
Super Saiyan wit' blue hair, take a L when that dude is near/Near
Yeah, still immature, still rap an' complain
But I'm growin' through it all, still rappin' out my pain
I'm still a kid at heart, but I got an old soul
The best is yet to come, my story's far from my told
My soul's far from sold, but I have been debatin'
Drinkin' myself to sleep 'til I'm lucid dreamin' wit' Satan
I'm so underrated, an' I rate myself high
Fuck what these others say, I should be Top 5
Especially, in this current climate
Wit' all these offbeat niggaz slurrin' lies an' shit
Get you hyped up for a letdown, I ain't suprised a bit
Niggaz should be at Mickey D's, askin' do you want some fries wit' this
I talk that shit, you get a rise out it
Comin' from the heart wit' every dart, it's not just pride, my nig
See I grew up in that single parent home
Where the lights in that bitch were off more than they were on
Lived wit' my aunt an' uncle, as well as my grands
All this created hunger deep inside ya' mans
That's why I beast when I'm on it, but I'm more than just bars
You - only get 10 percent of SAVAAR
Though my heart longs for diamonds, cribs an' cars
A part of me aims to spread the wealth, near an' far
When I'm on, they tell me preach, get up out ya' seats
This chuuch, you speak tongues when I bless the beat
Far as I see, I'm great like Shady, Pac, Biggie an' Hova
Maybe not really, but closer, gotta feel me fa'sho, bruh
I feel my reign ain't over, the shit ain't even started
An' I ain't in this bitch just to be discarded
But I gotta stop bein' so damn brokenhearted
Pull myself together, stop bein' a broken artist
Come wit' multifaceted, multis that I rap an' shit
Then switch the flow to somethin' simple, so they grab the shit
Always been told, I don't look like a rapper
Or didn't think I'd ever rap, crap's givin' me cancer
Still I keep the bars lathered wit' a unique aphrodisiac
Snappin' clean like that, I'm too neat, rappin' mean on tracks
Reel 'em in, then raise hell for heaven
You should see good an' well, the makings of this legend

Print is out...
Track Name: Fineprint Stay On It (3 AM Remix) [Over A Beat By Timbaland]
"Fineprint Stay On It"

Guess who's bizzack, brand new trizzack
Armed to the teeth down to my nutsizzack
Bars on deck like a riverboat, here ya' go
Puttin' this on ya' tab an' in that hole up north ya' ear-a-lobe
It's Prizz over e'rything, a whiz over e'rything
Fuckaz can't touch it like I jizzed over e'rything
You don't wanna test, I pop quiz over e'rything
M-Town boy, I'm on my grizz like that very team
Hip-Hop's still, the Mutsu of my eye
Got me seein' green, so I bring my jutsu out, guy
Need the - proper technique, to hit 'em where it hurt
They been diggin' the holes, I just kick 'em in the dirt
Hit 'em wit' a verse that's nothin' but the facts
Sick, but not perverse, terse, no cut slack
Thought out as if immersed, inverse of how they rap
Throw down, make 'em disperse an' curse their childish crap
Cash rules e'rything, cream like Mascarpone
Fine don't play like Broadway, won't ever win a Tony
But no doubt, Antoinette Perry would say I'm excellent
+Some Like It Hot+, I forever spit that Marilyn
In like Errol Flynn, a whirlwind of wordplay
Focused like David Blaine, painstakingly word slay
E'rything you heard him say, just a fuckin' warning
Bitch I got bars, fuck a Russell Horning

This is Fineprint, I stay on it
E'rything I do is hot, fuckaz don't want it
Up early on my Hip-Hop grizzly while they yawnin'
Ayyye, ayyye, what it is, mayne?
See it's about 5 in the mornin'
I'm on it, gettin' it in, shittin' on all opponents
That don't want me to win 'cause I - got them components
Ayyye, ayyye, what it is, mayne?
Track Name: That's How It Is (#WordsFromFineprint, Pt. 1) <Interlude>
"That's How It Is (#WordsFromFineprint, Pt. 1) <Interlude>"

They never wanna be there for the lows, only for the highs
Never carin' 'bout the interests of ya' heart, only want a prize
After all this time, I shouldn't be surprised
I'm 29, it's time I open up my eyes
Sometimes, I feel I'm better off alone on an island
'Cause nobody's there to help when the stress keeps pilin'
Dumb fuckz just wanna give a damn third degree
Like they really livin' perfect, so absurd to me
Really don't give a fuck for what you think
About my life at this point, just wanna collapse wit' a drink
I'm at the brink, had enough, this is all that I can take
Ready to break 'cause the love in my life is fuckin' fake
They can't relate, grew up privileged, need to mind they bid-a-ness
Or run the risk of bein' pissed when I vent in a sen-a-tence
Givin' 100, they givin' 2 or 3
Wit' a friend like that, who needs a enemy?
Shady said, don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful
But all I see is ugliness, man, it's so pitiful
Lookin' deep inside, for somethin' to redeem
But my soul's so twisted, futile is how it seems

Muhfuckaz don't care, that's just how it is
Comin' 'round here wit' that love that's straight counterfeit
Actin' like they down to ride, ain't even 'bout the shit
Ain't nobody here sincere, kid that's how it is
Track Name: The Proposal (#PrintsDreamsnNightmares) / Dyin' Breed [Over Beats By Jof Money & Dr. Dre}
"The Proposal (#PrintsDreamsnNightmares)"

Lookin' at the game, like I pro'lly shouldn't be here
There is no competition, so inside me shouldn't be fear
Lookin' in that mirror, like there pro'lly shouldn't be tears
You lookin' to feel good, then I'm the guy you shouldn't be near
'Cause all I got inside is demons an' despair
You can smell the brimstone when my semen's in the air
Dreamt of model bitches, bustin' semen in they hair
But now ya' boy's committed, all my dreamin' go nowhere
I'm apologizin' to my girl in advance
'Cause I'd - fuck Candice Patton if she gave me the chance
E'rytime we watch "The Flash", I wanna get in them pants
Hol' up, I'm goin' too far, heh...
But you gotta admit, you respect the honesty
You know you wouldn't be around if there was no honest me
But you will be my wife, I can say that honestly
Bein' together makes up time I wasted wit' Honesty
I know I dwell on the past, there's a lot which I regret
So many mistakes made, folks I wish I never met
But I live wit' those regrets, they push me to do better
I can - accept 'em all as long as we never sever
'Cause us - not goin' strong is my worst nightmare
Don't ever wanna wake up to that life right there
Gotta keep you by my side, need that ass right here
I finally realized you the wife type, dear
On the real: you made me a better Fineprint
I didn't evolve 'til we got deeper involved
I lust a lot, but only YOU, make my world revolve
If you ever walk away, that's when my world dissolve
I suck at romance, but hopefully this suffice
At least, until the day I lace ya' hand wit' ice
I know, it ain't all about the destination
But about the journey to get there wit' no hesitation
Pro'lly sick of waitin', but trust -- your day will come
So you can know fa'sho that I'm more than sprung
Oh yeah, I'm so in love, I announce that merrily
So I'ma end this shit by askin' will you marry me


"Dyin' Breed"

I could never remain average, so I work harder than ever
What's the use of emceein' if you don't aim to get better
Puttin' beats on choppin' blocks, you know the aim's to get severed
Yeah, I'm sick wit' wordplay, but I still aim to get cheddar
I try to remain Christian, but rappers be soundin' ignant
Music be so malignant, ashamed these fools my pigment
Praise 'em for bein' different, givin' out them trophies
For participation or simply 'cause they ya' homies
Shit, what part of the game is that
Allowin' 'em to not put any effort into rap
An' I ain't tryna come off as an angry emcee
But these wack niggaz, be really gettin' to me
You got somebody like me, packin' skill an' charisma
Wit an' intelligence, filled to the brim, a
Couple bars from me, send chills up ya spine, now
Better listen up an' get this whole load of Fine now
Be braggin' on myself like I'm the only lyricist
So rappers that don't know me pro'lly pissed while hearin' this
But if I don't love it, how the rest gon' feel it
Gotta get they attention, about face pivot
I'm doin' this for all those who will dig it
So if I namedrop, I know somebody gon' be gigglin'
Excited 'cause I dissed somebody they don't like
An' I did that shit for them 'cause they don't write
Fuck these other rappers an' the shit they don't write
'Cause SAVAAR be writin' shit that - they won't write
Wit' 9 out of 10 topics they won't like
Steady comin' wit' the punch, but they won't spike
See, I was inspired by rappers like Shady an' GZA
An' - KRS on up to Smoke Dza
But I keep Lloyd Banks an' Spitta in heavy rotate
Listen to them because they always motivate
That type of music's what I need in my life
One of many forces, drivin' me on this mic
In hindsight, deserve more props for shit that I bleed
Heh... bitch I'm part of a dyin' breed
Track Name: #ThoughtsofaGIANT: The Revamp <Outro> [Over A Beat By DJ Don Cannon}
"#ThoughtsofaGIANT: The Revamp"

My mojo's back, just need feedback an' praise
Reminiscin' when I'd get feedback for days
Shit's different now, I really need feedback to raise
My spirits, otherwise I relapse an' raze
Get crazed, snappin' 'cause I'm paranoid, feelin' this
Disgust, distrust, an apparent void; not appealin' wit'
My bars lately, thought I was killin' this
God's taken the gift that was never on my Christmas list
An' I really need it back, been down on my knees
In prayer... but only ever so often
I - feel I've softened since I fell deeper in love
Now my girl is my world, her attention's my drug
See lines I used to write, I don't write 'em no mo'
All them dreams of model broads, barely excitin'
There's a lover deep inside, I don't fight him no mo'
I just let him drive off, engine - no longer idlin'
One day I will be somebody's idol, man
An' the word "legend" won't just be a self-titlement
Confusin' me wit' conceit an' self-entitlement
I'm just aware of my worth here on this earth
See, I could've died a month after my birth
So, there's a lot for me to feel blessed about
But I walk around prideful, chest stuck on out
Feelin' like Johnny Cage mixed wit' Ken Masters
Add Vegeta in that mix, now I'm one relentless sick bastard
Quickly sent to pasture
E'ry beat I shit on, instant hit, classic
Tag the aficionados of audio bombastic
Pyroclastic an' braggadocious
I outlasted the braggarts' lackluster opus
Down-patted wit' swagger, tracks come in focused
The sound's savage, a mag-a-num atcha throat, bitch
See right now I'm draggin' 'em to hypnosis
They gon' be beholden to me an' only me
Got me feelin' I got - the key that's the only key
Will it open doors? That's what I hope to see