Here's Another One: A Single By Fineprint Misread

by Fineprint Misread (aka SAVAAR)

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#ENJOY and #VIBE to another single from yours truly, Fineprint Misread aka SAVAAR...


released March 30, 2017

Brought to you by Fearless Heights Enterprise, #TGL Recordings and KxNG-PRxNT Productions...



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Here's Another One (On My Life) [Prod. by Fineprint Misread aka KxNG-PRxNT}
"Here's Another One (On My Life)"

Verse 1:
Niggaz bein' humble, shit still ain't make 'em none
All they do is fumble, get the pass an' can't fuckin' run
Runnin' off they yap, but to a king, they some fuckin' pawns
Gotta let 'em know that, I gotta let 'em know that
Shiiiit, this ain't nada to a e-e-e-e-e-expert
Listenin' to a muthafuckin' master a-a-a-a-a-at work
Ain't shit sweet, but y'all lookin' like that de-es-sert
Fuck - how I do mine, need to focus on ya' ne-et-worth
Bitchez love to say, that I'm wastin' my time
29 an' still ain't signed, but my patience is fine
Slow an' steady win that race, bruh I patiently grind
Picture perfect, fuckin' worth it, came to take what is mine
Still waters run deep, it's a beast beneath the eloquence
More than worth my weight on beats, like eighteen elephants
Tippin' the scale, Heaven help us before I rip into Hell
Listen up -- sixteens, rippin' 'em well

Oh my God, looka here, here's another one
Pro'lly thinkin' right now "Where this brotha from?"
Here it come, here it come, yes -- another one
On my life, I swear: you gon' feel it, son
Jettin' like a thief in the night, yo
Momma didn't know she raised a psycho
Here me spazzin' on tracks, cold as ice flow
Yeah I put that right there on my life, bro

Verse 2:
Now it's back to business
Bein' proactive, not procrastinate; come off relentless
Resilient, circumstance created a gladiator
Born a loser, but bred to win
In this concrete jungle, only home I've known
But I am, ready to go abroad to other zones
Carvin' my niche out, an' - scratchin' this itch out
Appetite be success, hope God left a dish out
Shiiiit, you been missin' that ol' Fineprint
Well I miss him too; he was on-point, spittin' true
No matter if it was a Conscious rap or Hardcore
Put it down like a G, talkin' bars galore
Took some time off, an' left you par for the course
You - don't have to look far for the source
No seed yet, but later, a product of yours
Truly, will be a prince I leave behind like Zsa Zsa Gabor