Heavy Is The Head: The Call Me King Reissue

by Fineprint Misread

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The reissue of "Call Me KIng: The Mixtape" with added tracks and new versions of older ones. #ENJOY this re-release and #VIBE to the music of Fineprint Misread.


released January 21, 2017

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Return 2 My BULLshit <Intro> [Over A Beat By Just Blaze}
"Return 2 My BULLshit"

They want me to fall off, but - there's no loss of traction
I keep climbin' even when my heart an' soul scream to give up
I have a niche that I carved, comfy in it like it's first class
Stubbornly inert, but still surpass
Let's get this show on the road like vaudeville
Raise ya glass, it's time to toast to raw skill
Thought I - was washed up, but I rose out that water
Like - Michael Alden in "Coronet Blue"
January nineteen fourscore an' eight, the year of my birth
The year of The Leporid, so down to earth
Creative, headstrong, direct an' passionate
Wit' traits of narcissism, still pull like mag-a-nets
My force the Yin, better known as bein' feminine
But I'm still tough as the Bristlecone an' Juniper
Darkness my strength, my element is Fire
Burn everlasting -- never expire
Say a mantra, focus my chi, be dope as can be
Returned to my BULLshit an' straight opened the sea
3,4,6 -- yeah baby, I'm in my +prime+
It's in my +blood+, that's why my flows still bang like "What's poppin' Slime?"
Track Name: #OnMyWayUp: Rise of The Savage Phoenix [Over A Beat By Edclusive and Cool & Dre}
"#OnMyWayUp (66 Bars)"

Hol' up, nigga hol' up; I'm way up, finger roll into lay-up
Insomniac wit' the grizzle, the hardworkers will stay up
My pen be goin' in -- Curry, Green an' Iguodala
Harder than the hardest, my acapellas be rockin', hoppin' over these artist
Nigga don't start this, fuck ya substance an' modesty
I mean to - show the fuck out wit' my artistry
I step on toes like I'm comin' from the middle of the row
At my 8th bar, drinkin' binge, here's the middle of the flow
No need to pardon me, you niggaz really bore me witcha Conscious nonsense
Steady takin' L's
'Cept them bitches self-served, so hol' that like a school play
I'm on my way up like solar rays on a new day
Don't wanna see me come up, safe sex, contraception
Premature birth, push the head back, he ain't ready yet
Flow, gotta steady that; it's all over the place
Bars bussin' all over ya face
Bitches all over my case -- Benson minus Stabler
In it, can't get out, disappearin' like Malaysia
Air, don't go there -- leave you in the wind
On my way up, like Chilean miners in 2010
Niggaz keep burrowin' but buryin' themselves
Once they hit the River Styx, have 'em ferryin' themselves
Got some fairy in ya'selves, ya sweeter than Lipton Tea
Don't go givin' lip to me, I bypass it to ya teeth
Knuckled up like - Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, I'm ready to clobber ya stomach
Ready to sock 'til ya vomit
Eddie is not at his summit, but once he is, y'all will envy
I'll be so far up, might - burn up on re-entry
On my way up - like girls that's new to givin' head
On the way up to get some air, dudes still give 'em cred
Know she hurtin' on them knees, bruisin' on her legs
She been swallowin' for hours, move her to the bed
Then ooze between her legs, +Daddy Long Stroke+
Just like Dap, Edge an' Grady; rap heads will hate me
That's why - I feel like slappin' a nigga today like Ludacris
Fuckz on some stupid shit, natty-heads in need of tutelage
The MVP, shootin' over 50-40-90
Like that kid from Akron, the shifty start war behind me
Niggaz - ignore the grimey, hardpressed to find jewels
See 'em fly over the heads of fools
Still drop gems on 'em like "Jewel Quest" grids
Fineprint one of the illest, but you knew that kid
Better than those I collab wit' when I do that shit
They hear me on the track an' be like "Who's that kid?"
"IMPROVEMENT SEASON" on the way, it's - in the cocoon
All this wack shit the catalyst, maroons get consumed
Converted into energy, restorin' electrolytes
I'm drinkin' Haterade, just a pint'll get me right
You ain't really that sick wit' the shit you doubters write
Homie gimme that BiC, I'ma toss it outta sight
When you plan on gettin' rich? I hope my time come tonight
So I can stunt on yo' bitch-ass, an' cum on ya wife
Oh Lord, I got a girl, I know; I ain't forgot, nigga
I just can't help it these bitches is hot to trot, nigga
Thighs like Cardi B, ass like K. Michelle
Attitude like Azealia, stank but I love the smell
She can rock a tight dress wit' Timbs an' still kill it; that's a diva
An' when she walk, niggaz have seizures
I love a bad bitch that's slayin' like Rihanna
An' freaky like Adina, ride me in the sauna
All I dream 'bout is stuntin', finessin' in this game
Giuseppe kicks on my feet, loads of ice in the chain
Whippin' a Maserati or Bugatti Veyron
Niggaz wanna save the world, type of shit is they on?
What else to say, son? Gimme cred like the pros
So I can ball 'til I'm weak in the knees like Derrick Rose
Track Name: Ice Shards (#GlaciersofIce) / Part II (Keep Bein' CAREFUL!) [Over Beats By RZA}
"Ice Shards (#GlaciersofIce)"

Bluff City representer, finna turn this Spring back to Winter
Them April showers gon' become ice shards
Fallin' like daggers, atcha neck like the Stone Cold Stunner
It's gonna be a more frigid Summer
For now, you gon' see ya breath this Spring
No May flowers to bloom, just jewels to bling
I'm tryna crush this scene, 2016 my year
An' if not, next year will be clear
I done jumped all hurdles, flew thru rings of fire
Motocross wit' each cycle, I'm dirtier but flier
You should call me sire
Natural causes only way I'll quit, never retire
Hip-Hop is how I live, a true starvin' artist
Barely make a dime off what I kick
But see I do this for love, an' that part ain't fulfilled
Made a pact wit' the Devil like he gon' keep it real
Too cold for the lowest circle of Hell
I steps in that bitch an' I makes it hail
Shouldn't play around wit' the dark side of spiritual
But my soul seems to go thru infernal intervals

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Part II (Keep Bein' CAREFUL!)"

Look, I'm back up in this muthafucka, aggy in this muthafucka
Think I need somethin' white out a baggy in this muthafucka
My - head been spinnin', blood boilin', nerves need to be calmed
Shiiit, I can't even chill at all
Peep my palms, all sweaty like B. Rabbit
My anxiety is - at it's fuckin' limit already
You fuckin' faggots just keep pullin' the beast up out of Eddie
Mistakenly started to think it's somethin' sweet about Eddie
I started off nice, but all work an' no feedback
Made me irate an' stressed; an' I don't need that
I could be humble as fuck, still wouldn't mean shit
So, don't come my way wit' no razmatazz
Ain't - givin' a fuck 'bout substance nowadays
'Cause nowadays, all I need is to get paid
Still seein' fuckz lurk, never sayin' a word
'Til I snap on y'all, oh --- now it's absurd
How I'm actin', like my anger isn't justified
Work my ass off for fuckz who don't enjoy the ride
They tend to say I'm bein' irrational
But I fail to see, correlation 'tween me an' that term
My thought process? That's completely on-track
I'm just sick of fuckz not givin' respect to the tracks
That I put my blood, sweat, tears, mind, body an' soul in
Fuck the whole 9, I go the whole 10
I'm writin' this off pure wrath, but I'm focused
A king an' a warrior, simply one of the dopest
But fuckz too obsessed wit' Trap bullshit an' mumblin' crap
Sendin' me tracks of - mumblin' raps
Complainin' 'bout name-droppin'; what's up wit' that?
Like, it ain't clear these muhfuckaz is wack
You should toast me, here's a 2 liter of bleach
Pour some in this wine glass as I proceed wit' my speech
Made "Lyrical Emancipation", but got issue wit' my freedom of speech
Well fuck that!-- I don't need freedom to speak
Dontrell has changed, he ain't the same
An' yeah, I said his name-- muthafuck a sub
Fuck his opinion, karma an' them unknown rappers
It's - no fuckz given 'bout some unknown bastards
I - do what I want, if you don't like, don't listen
This shit ain't for everybody, just - certain supporters
See, murder is in order, an' - murder is the order
I deliver like UPS, or postal postmen wit' - fully loaded TECs
A - bully at ya' neck, I'm - fully loaded, wreck
Anyone who aims to sully my respect
Movin' on: Genea is a stupid-ass bitch
Only wanted her ass to listen to these songs
Don't give a fuck about yo' life either
I'll shit on you, laughin' at - what you goin' through
Lyin' like you a fan, saw through it just in time
Here's some Donald Trump bars, a disgutin' rhyme
Grabbin' you right in the pussy; you've just been violated
I - know it's sick, you ain't gotta try an' hate it
You need more prompts than Killary on debate night
An' me, I need one-thousand, nine-hundred, eighty-eight mics
Way more than what "The Source" would give
My fuse been lit, an' I - know the source of it
I keep the lines coarse, but deliver 'em smooth
Plus it's, hot enough - to scorch you kids
Y'all need to move, or get ran the fuck over
I'm rollin' like - Cain Marko wit' the force of a super nova
Tell these dudes it's over, I'm more than back
An' fuck up out my inbox wit' all them borin' tracks
That's why - I'm sleepin' on y'all, snorin' to the max
I heard better lines in "The Lorax"
So let the chips fall where they might, done givin' a fuck
An' fuck who listens, never givin' this up
It's funny, 2014 they was biggin' me up
Nowadays, I guess these frauds gettin' sick of me, bruh
So, here's some shit you can remember me fa'
A reminder: You'll never be sick as me, bruh
Track Name: BOwtD (Better Off wit' the Dick) [Over A Beat By J. Cole}
"BOwtD (Better Off wit' the Dick)"

Girl, if you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
See, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick
If you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
Girl, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick

Verse 1:
Got dammit, I'm at it again
Dealin' wit' these hoes that want half of my ends
Bitch you know that I'm strapped for them ends
You ain't carin'; my last 2 bucks you will spend
If you - knew better, you'd do better
But ya only out for the score, so what you do is never
Fakin' like you in love, what you really in is lust
An' I ain't even trippin' 'cause I just wanna fuck
I - asked yo' ass to keep it real
Like I do the rest of them broads, but you neglectin' that part
Talkin' real shit boo, let it rest on your heart
Money ain't everything, don't let it tear us apart
Back an' forth wit' the drama, always stressin' the past
'Cause for the future, got many questions to ask
But stay true, an' when I get it, I'll be blessin' that ass
'Cause baby, you atten' (a ten) like you present for class


Verse 2:
I keep my heart guarded, locked an' in a vault
I tend to be the target of infidelity assaults
Guess it's my fault that I'm gullible, fallin' for every trick of the trade
Trustin' in a big butt an' smile
An' every chick that wave, paradin' her way into my inbox
Claimin' she can make it better
An' be different than the last chick
But all she does is dumb shit an' come up average
It's a well-known fact, ain't got my shit together
But check it, bitch -- look, at least I'm tryin'
I ain't like these other niggaz, facetious an' perpetratin'
But for some reason, y'all feel sucka-niggaz is worth datin'
You call me a bum, like I ain't aware
Scope - my pockets close, nada damn thing there
But I do have a dick, that ooze out sumpin' thick
Keep a Trojan on that shit so you won't ooze out a kid

Track Name: #TheQuestion <Interlude> [Over A Beat By Organized Noize}
"#TheQuestion <Interlude>"

Let's take 'em back, this is everything I live for
Would die for, 'fore I let anybody come betwixt
That's a definite, make reference
An' whoever ain't around, they irrelevant
I've been strugglin' to write an' get myself right
Had to find my center just to help myself write
Inside myself I fight, this codependency, a aggravation
Thorn in my side, beggin' others for some validation
If they ain't - liftin' my spirits, I'm not motivated
To put out a project like, eh... I don't know who'd play it
These people seem fugazi, pro'lly think I'm crazy
But I'm just watchin' my back, can't let these fools play me
I'm weary of my lady, supposedly a support system
But the support ain't really adequate
Honestly, that's 95% of squares in my circle
Every day they change shape like a kaleidoscope
Recently tied a rope, around my throat
Waitin' on my paranoia to kick away the chair
Leave me kickin' in the air, about 30 feet off the ground
How did I get so high? Must've bounced off the sound
So it seems, it ain't my time yet to die
Still some juice left in me; nigga, Fine is yet alive
Wit' middle fingers in the air to any opposition
The bars linger in the air, just stop an' listen
It's a throne somewhere for me, gotta squat an' christen
Shit on it, the ceremony will commence -- no Pac rendition
If it ain't for you, you ain't gotta listen
Ain't nobody holdin' a semi-auto, to ya' noggin'
Only seek honesty, so can you honestly say
That the nigga Fineprint ain't came a long way

C'mon... an' that's the question...
Track Name: No Shreds [Over A Beat By Kanye West} / Titled Untitled, Pt. 1 {Acapella}
"No Shreds"

The voices in my brain say kill the game an' leave no shreds
Get at rappers like a cartel, leave no heads
Sick of niggaz sleepin', so I snatch the sheets, pillows an' beds
Sew this muhfucka up, leave no threads
Of course I'm the best, way ahead of the class
Like I'm - eatin' the teacher's pussy under the desk
An' she's - lookin' good like my Spanish teacher in 9th grade
Sexy as fuck, type of body I will catch a fade
Over... if her man's found out
Tell him it was worth it for he knock my ass out
Wake up grinnin', blood leakin' outta my mouth
Not givin' a fuck, point of this anecdote no doubt
Student of the old school, lyricism is in my veins
Give every verse - my humor, anger an' pain
Most times I'm full of rage, but I'm learnin' to manage
My fury - a lot better thru rappin'
So I appear - cool, calm an' collected on this track
Like my favorite rapper which is Curren$y in fact
An' uh... he's the inspiration for me hittin' this beat
So I'm goin' in, bringin' the heat
Tryna hit the right notes wit'out seein' the sheet
Stayin' abreast/a breast in this flood wit'out seein' the teat
Heh... yeah, they'll never catch the wordplay
So I flip the bird, dude it's absurd what them nerds say
Respect to Max B, I'm tryna make waves
Do it the way those before me did it, the road's paved
Whips from success, 16 bars a slave
Close curtains on these morons then dab on they grave
I am - one of those rappers that you have to play
Once you hear the mixtape, it's shit you have to save
You gotta rave, pump your fists, the roof has got to raise
Out that awkward phase, left them fools in a daze
You know me...

Call me king...


"Titled Untitled, Pt. 1"

I just wanna eat, got the appetite of 8 lumberjacks at a Waffle House
Wish I could go an' make a couple stacks, narrow options down
I hate the struggle, it's wack, an' what comes wit' that, I can't toggle out
Mind is obsessed wit' makin' numbers fat, leave the slumber back in grandfather's house
Morons thought I had beef, but I just left the offal out
Yet an' still if they want war, I'll gladly go that awful route
Never back down from a fight, I'm a warrior, a Spartan when it's on
John Spartan leadin' the charge, Madison Square Garden when in my zone
So you can come an' spectate, watch witches burn without a stake
'Cause e'rytime that I script, I'm makin' the world turn in outer space
I learn when out the space of the majority, explorin' the real aspects of fake
I'm in my prime e'ry year, a +Wiz+ like Jibril Caliphate
I'm nice as the crown they bestowed on me, feel like Lawler, but no robe on me
A kilo like the earlobe on me, carryin' Atlas weight without the globe on me
Stressed an' losin' optimism, blessed - but stricken wit' noxious vision
Settlin' for less, truly got the symptoms, in a state of unrest an' boxed like prison
My only escape is these rhymes, the keys to the shackles? Ten feet of pentameter
However, I'm still locked in my mind, baffled in this mental theater
I was born a loser, but I've been bred to win, Secretariat wit' the pen
It's Triple Crowns e'rytime I compose bars, heavy lariat 'til the end
'Cause life is a rodeo, an' prosperity's a wild bronco I've yet to maintain a hold of
E'rytime I come out, I'm bucked off into some cold mud
I Kanye shoulder shrug, display a ferocious mug an' play the clown like Bobby Hill
Sinkin' in the quicksand of this industry where folks don't care if you got the skill
Sometimes I wonder why I try, why I push forward an' why I still look up
Even though pessimism's sneakin' up on me wit' a uncomfortable shoulder rub
Which turns to aggressively caressin' the temples of my cranium
Forcin' Fineprint to write, but e'ry instrumental is drainin' him
I self-destruct, reconstruct then disassemble into fours like a labium
Now all my insecurities are external like the vulva; go 'head an' label 'em
Let the sunshine in like a atrium, I need it to warm the blood in my atria
Turn up the volume like a cardiac auricle, then put the buds to ya' auricular
I show love to some particular, but it's not always requited
An' that lack of love has become my downfall, I try hard to fight it
The atmosphere is so awkwardly quiet, sometimes I riot, but only in thought
Right now, I'm in confessional in my cerebral, peace an' quiet where the lonely get lost
Speakin' to the Father, but he don't say much back short of "Continue"
That reply applies to e'rything, so I'm still stuck in this venue
In a heated state of confusion, that's a very fervid fugue
Dissociative, no social gatherings for this nerd, removed
An' I'm a nerd that's rude, far from the herd, that's cool
Yeah, I heard them fools, but none of their words are jewels
See I used to be at bat, but now I just deal wit' trash like Denzel in "Fences"
Used to release tracks so ill, now I'm sidetracked by cash, got frail defenses
Mind obsessed wit' obtainin' mills, there's backlash from dam-sels an' gent'men
Prayin' that I get this deal, so I can smash wit' mad sells, get thickskin
Right now, they showin' 0% interest like the first 60 days wit' Chase
Time is of the essence, so they ain't worth 60 days to chase
Asked 'em to +Call Me King+, they'd much rather me get flayed an' staked
Crucified upside down like Simon Peter, left in the sun's rays an' baked
I admit it, I'm guilty of bein' selfish, I do my walk of shame e'ryday
An' some days I break, all the way down, tears run a maze on my face
Do my talk of blame e'ryday, e'rybody but me is always responsible
For the way my life went, too bad I couldn't have been a Huxtable
I've swallowed my pride so many times, got Escherichia in my abdominal
An' a perpetual case of Streptococcal flarin' up my throat an' tonsils
Torn up things I've wrote many a time, they weren't dope or phenomenal
Just another earmark of failure to hide off in my chronicles
I stay tethered to my domicile, if I ain't workin' on rhymes, I'm watchin' anime
Or on the game, lettin' a First-person shooter take me away
Track Name: #UNTAMPERED: The Anthem of a Legend [Over A Beat By The Audible Doctor}

From day one I've been a beast, no cease -- I'll never quit
It's the emcee in me, killin' all he ever writ
From the boroughs of the East to the hoods of the West
I won't rest - 'til people name me one of the best
Off my chest, get this fire like Chamber, never expire
Keep preachin' to the choir; I deliver, they admire
Never - tire or change, in the range of slander
I still will remain in this game untampered

Verse 1:
Used to rap about rappin', but my flows are more personal now
Lately I've been hit wit' some personal fouls
Diggin' deep takes a toll - searchin' for how
To give you somethin' aesthetic instead of just murderin' clowns
I find - beauty in the ugly an' gruesome, it's lovely to do some
Off the wall shit, but under our Sun -- nothin' is new, son
So I prefer to be a nui-sance, hotter than Tucson
A thorn in the side of many a man
Niggaz start off actin' like they'll give you a hand
Then flip, switch sides over political stance
Makin' up excuses, narrow-minded, stuck in their ways
Won't branch out - like it ain't rough at that age
Was sayin', I wouldn't hold a grudge for days
An' tried to reach out since I respected yo' ass
Texted an' inboxed -- no response at all
Thought we could bury the hatchet; you got a conscience, dawg?
This shit is really a diss, I've really been pissed
Thought we had a rapport since makin' music is our core
Our - fuckin' heart, you know my love for the art
Both of our careers could have got a jump-start
I had - love for you, you were like a big brother
You seemed to understand my passion like no other
But I guess some things just ain't meant to be
You gon' wish that you never made a enemy of me


Verse 2:
So it's back to square one, still my circle is small
No gettin' bigger, it's serrated like a circular saw
Not penetrated, guarded - wit' hi-tech security
An' a ocean deep moat to stave off impurity
Tryna be positive for Janae -- she's a go-getter
See I'm a slacker, but I'm 'bout to go wit' her
My lady - does her best to make sure I'm straight
Been a loser all my life, but that's 'bout to change
Got goals within range, hit 'em like Sonic at mach speed
Lotta snakes in the grass, vyin' to stop me
Plenty foes wit' a hard-on, dyin' to pop me
Haters waitin' in the wing, denyin' my art, G
Throwin' knives right in my heart, cardial dartboard
An' I keep pushin' like Sisyphus, somethin' hardcore
But once I reach the top -- no fallin' back
You call it wack while a labelhead call me back


Verse 3:
Fuck - settlin' quarrels, no jokes, no Hardy an' Laurel
War - like Hatfields an' McCoys, never cordial
No - bygones stand; hatchets dug up an' sharpened
Ready to toss, like tomahawks at ya' sargeant
Grind for success, keys to initiate it
But it's hard to stay on task, lotta hate
Dwells inside, my soul's insidious
I die, they'll yell "To the Tiber!" like I'm Tiberius
They hate - my demeanor, there is - none meaner
Despite how +Raw+ I am, they diss me like John Cena
'Cause - they hate when I win, they want me to spend
All my life, in this razorblade filled whirlwind
Gettin' ripped to shreds over an' over, flesh hangin'
Blood drippin' in the eye of the storm, spirit torn
Worn out, at wit's end, style cramped an' dampered
Track Name: Catalyst Hammer II: This One's For The M [Over A Beat By AraabMuzik}
"Catalyst Hammer II: This One's For The M"

Though I'm runnin' like Wally West, these black clouds still catch me
An' trap me, now I'm back on the sauce like +Hap Ashby+
Peepin' serpentine eyes an' various laughing
Varyin' madness, fools +jumpin' ship+, so - +batten down the hatches+
'Cause this nothin' less than war
+Anthropophagus+ flow, nothin' less than gore
I eat rapper after rapper, don't wanna test the vore
But you, can set a date for the scuffle, settle score
History in progress; they'll hear the champion's lore
Of how I took you down, like the Erymanthian boar
Hear the champion roar, crowd roar back, call an' response
A call to arms to draw your swords, draw your guns
Gon' withdraw your funds
I - take cash in big cloth money bags
It's in pocket, finna get lit like dummy bags
A pharaoh fly in death, Medusa head on mummy rags
Print spits what's definitive to him
Would've given you light, but y'all more sensitive than film
An' see Hip-Hop? It is genitive to him
Yeah man, so close, it's relative
An' he tends to flip when his mind's in the negative
So when he explodes, let the fella live
Forever give 'em a run, can't knock the brother out of place
Or get crumbled to dust, like +The Colour Out of Space+
Haters like zits, they be comin' out their face
Always sayin' that shit, but won't come up out their space
Tell 'em fuck up out my way, +crushin' feelin's+ like Gangsta Gibbs
Niggaz came to dilly dally, while I came to live
I'm Southside of Memphis 'til I die
That 38109, it's Westwood on my mind
No matter where I reside, I'm a product of the Bluff
Got the town's soul in my rhymes, product that is rough
My heart is that Nueve Cero Uno
E'rything ain't gravy here, but you know, dudes make it gravy-pseudo
'Cause we sincerely in a bad way
In the belly of the beast full of beasts, yearly bad days
My real name ain't akin to my rap shit
But it's realness in the ill shit that I'm rappin'
Chose a nom de plume 'cause my government
Is carryin' baggage, from the past, bunch of sucker shit
Foolish people, long time since I fucked wit' 'em
Would've buried the hatchet, but I need it to chuck at 'em
Don't tote heat, but might need it to buck at 'em
I'm tryin' hard to refrain from bein' stuck wit' 'em
Avoid two-lane roads where I'd be lumped wit' 'em
Don't get me stuck in no ways, might end up stompin' 'em
Won't be no squares in my circle, see drama come wit' 'em
An' I ain't ready to die, momma left uncomfortable
Can't understand what I've come to do, not even part the way
I can only be Fineprint, not Timberlake or Hardaway
Look, I'm 5'6" an' got two-left feet
Nigga ain't no way I'm hoopin' or dancin'
So I stick to my strengths, beat the odds an' get even wit' them
I know that this the season to win
These niggaz all temp service, seasonal men
An' I want this shit forever, cue that Aubrey single again
Heavy is the head wit' the crown on it
Stress went to town on it, but I'm still blessed
Hopefully what's next is a place where my head rest an' I can put down on it
Watch my enemies frown on it
Luck? I'm down on it, but I walk in the way that God shows
Even wit' writin' this dark prose
I'ma make it, I'm tellin' ya': God knows
Now nigga that's chuuch like Mt. Vernon on Parkrose
Track Name: Microphone Slaughterer (Sav's Progression) [Over A Beat By The Alchemist}
"Microphone Slaughterer (Sav's Progression)"

Verse 1:
Too many shots thrown, but no headshots
I thought you niggaz was rougher than feet in Bedrock?
I keep the microphone close, in a headlock
An' when I flow, I make bad broads spread they legs, Ock
Too many think I'm just boastin', but I'm a force to be reckoned
Since 2013, shown y'all nothin' but progression
Every - recordin' session is a funeral procession
Keep it raw, keep it filthy, pores oozin' out aggression
Too many chimps stressin', fearin' the Silverback
Too many second-guessin' if Sav will kill a track
Ain't a question, Fineprint? Too hardcore
Don't give a fuck, middle fingers be flippin' like parkour
E'rything I do is butter, steez talkin' like Parkay
Multi-personality, do it three the hard way
They acts are staged more than Broadway
So give my regards when the reaper comes y'all way
The tough talk, is just talk, they never walk
Mouths become vulvas, that orifice? Gets fucked off

I stay offin' you niggaz on that microphone
Bring out the coffin for niggaz on that microphone
My bars slaughter you niggaz on that microphone
You know I fathered you niggaz on that microphone
Don't even bother me on that microphone
Expect no apology on that microphone

Verse 2:
Reverse psychology on that microphone
Hip-Hop dichotomy on that microphone
Separate the weak from the strong on that microphone
The Black Sly Stallone on that microphone
I'm goin' Rambo, wit' unlimited ammo
Been a beast since Killa Cam called out Jigga for wearin' sandals
Grimey like the bando, rap an' get my Migos on
Be a young rich nigga, put my amigos on
Gotta do this track justice, satisfy Royce, Crooked
Budden an' Ortiz; who can ignore these
Bars, respect for raw rhyme
Shoutout to L, bro it's our time
M.o.R, give you more wit'out the "E"
You don't need the extra shit, so let the hype be
You gotta fight me or my bro for that microphone
'Cause we never lettin' go of that microphone...
Track Name: #BONUSTRACK: Trump Talk, Print Talk (Remix of Future's "Stick Talk")
Hook A(x1):
Separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk

Verse 1:
Feel my story anywhere near over, sadly mistaken
I get down, then get back up again; you know what's in the makin'
A got damn LEGEND, that same damn feelin'
I get it e'ry time I go in, Print be killin'
Plannin' for the future while focusin' on the present
Still learnin' from the past, kiss my ass if you present
That's a lil' Kanye-izm; Happy New Year to my enemies
Don't know what to do wit' themselves -- Smalls, ya' killin' me
I'm on here talkin' Trump talk, hung/Hong like Duck sauce
Swagger, do a Trump walk -- man, you heard the fuckin' boss
Never lovin' hoes, let a trick get wrong
I, grab her by the pussy, hang her up by her thong

Hook B(x1):
You, separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk
Measure me by all that I accomplish 'cause I do deserve it
Focused on the present, seek the past for higher learnin'
Separate the winners from the losers, world keeps turnin'
Boy, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk

Verse 2:
But now it's time to talk that Print talk, that Print talk
Ya' know, all I do is shit talk, that shit talk
That "talkin' so much shit, can't stop it wit' a mint" talk
"Be talkin' so much shit, I'm bound to get hit" talk
Talkin' so much shit 'cause I feel I'm a KING
Heavy is the head wit' the crown, kiss the ring
Goin' nowhere fast, yet to hit the scene
But that Print talk?-- It be fresh as Listerine

Hook B(x1)

I make my work more pleasurable, sever the stress out
I feel I'm too incredible, I'm ever left out?
I go in shittin' on whoever, give no F 'bout
The losers whinin' 'bout my win -- kick 'em the F out

Hook C(x1):
Separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk
Measure me by all that I accomplish 'cause I do deserve it
Makin' Hip-Hop great again, such a selfless service
I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Wit' Print talk mixed in, now back the fuck off