Fearless Heights & #TGL Recordings Presents​.​.​. #UNTAMPERED EP

by Fineprint Misread aka SAVAAR

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Something else to hold you over.

"Fearless Heights & #TGL Recordings Presents... #UNTAMPERED EP" track listing:

1 #UNTAMPERED: A Legend's Anthem <Intro> [Over A Beat By The Audible Doctor}
2 #BackNthaHabit (or A Vow To Never Collapse) [Over A Beat By Eminem}
3 Teradeath '15: Rage of The I'Khanoklast [Over A Beat By Timbaland}
4 The Calm Has Passed: My Fight Against Suicidal Thoughts <Outro> [Over A Beat By Beatowski}


released November 8, 2016

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings




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Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: #UNTAMPERED: A Legend's Anthem <Intro> [Over A Beat By The Audible Doctor}
"#UNTAMPERED: A Legend's Anthem <Intro>"

From day one I've been a beast, no cease -- I'll never quit
It's the emcee in me, killin' all he ever writ
From the boroughs of the East to the hoods of the West
I won't rest - 'til people name me one of the best
Off my chest, get this fire like Chamber, never expire
Keep preachin' to the choir; I deliver, they admire
Never - tire or change, in the range of slander
I still will remain in this game untampered

Verse 1:
Used to rap about rappin', but my flows are more personal now
Lately I've been hit wit' some personal fouls
Diggin' deep takes a toll - searchin' for how
To give you somethin' aesthetic instead of just murderin' clowns
I find - beauty in the ugly an' gruesome, it's lovely to do some
Off the wall shit, but under our Sun -- nothin' is new, son
So I prefer to be a nui-sance, hotter than Tucson
A thorn in the side of many a man
Niggaz start off actin' like they'll give you a hand
Then flip, switch sides over political stance
Makin' up excuses, narrow-minded, stuck in their ways
Won't branch out - like it ain't rough at that age
Was sayin', I wouldn't hold a grudge for days
An' tried to reach out since I respected yo' ass
Texted an' inboxed -- no response at all
Thought we could bury the hatchet; you got a conscience, dawg?
This shit is really a diss, I've really been pissed
Thought we had a rapport since makin' music is our core
Our - fuckin' heart, you know my love for the art
Both of our careers could have got a jump-start
I had - love for you, you were like a big brother
You seemed to understand my passion like no other
But I guess some things just ain't meant to be
You gon' wish that you never made a enemy of me


Verse 2:
So it's back to square one, still my circle is small
No gettin' bigger, it's serrated like a circular saw
Not penetrated, guarded - wit' hi-tech security
An' a ocean deep moat to stave off impurity
Tryna be positive for Janae -- she's a go-getter
See I'm a slacker, but I'm 'bout to go wit' her
My lady - does her best to make sure I'm straight
Been a loser all my life, but that's 'bout to change
Got goals within range, hit 'em like Sonic at mach speed
Lotta snakes in the grass, vyin' to stop me
Plenty foes wit' a hard-on, dyin' to pop me
Haters waitin' in the wing, denyin' my art, G
Throwin' knives right in my heart, cardial dartboard
An' I keep pushin' like Sisyphus, somethin' hardcore
But once I reach the top -- no fallin' back
You call it wack while a labelhead call me back


Verse 3:
Fuck - settlin' quarrels, no jokes, no Hardy an' Laurel
War - like Hatfields an' McCoys, never cordial
No - bygones stand; hatchets dug up an' sharpened
Ready to toss, like tomahawks at ya' sargeant
Grind for success, keys to initiate it
But it's hard to stay on task, lotta hate
Dwells inside, my soul's insidious
I die, they'll yell "To the Tiber!" like I'm Tiberius
They hate - my demeanor, there is - none meaner
Despite how +Raw+ I am, they diss me like John Cena
'Cause - they hate when I win, they want me to spend
All my life, in this razorblade filled whirlwind
Gettin' ripped to shreds over an' over, flesh hangin'
Blood drippin' in the eye of the storm, spirit torn
Worn out, at wit's end, style cramped an' dampered
But - despite it all, I remain untampered
Track Name: #BackNthaHabit (or A Vow To Never Collapse) [Over A Beat By Eminem}
"#BackNthaHabit (or A Vow To Never Collapse)"

Well uh, I guess that you could say that I'm blessed
I mean, it's sorta like talent just ooze out my flesh
That's why you find me writin' bars just to move out my stress
I'm down to go toe to toe just to prove that I'm best
'Cause see it's nothin' for me to just breeze thru a test
God'll never give me a load where I can't convalesce
So when the pressure's on, I go strong, you see me at best
Take the - heat at my worse, then sleep thru the rest
This my moment, you should live it whenever I spit a song
Yeah, I'm from Memphis, but I ain't hittin' the Quan
More so, I hit like 2 big rigs collidin' wit' a freight train
High octane, decimate - all within range
Insane, brass knuckles hittin' a bomb
Splittin' these pentaquarks an' particles of Higgs Boson
I - give you light, flow is littered wit' photons
It's Fineprint, back in the habit; you can't go wrong
Track Name: Teradeath '15: Rage of The I'Khanoklast [Over A Beat By Timbaland}
"Teradeath '15: Rage of The I'Khanoklast"

See I - slaughter faggots, my scriptures are tailor-made
Wit' enough fuckin' force to impale 'em wit' a grenade
Then I - pull the pin, watch they flesh get flayed
The pencil's a celestial blade which you can't evade
As I survey badlands, remain unswayed
Built myself a palisade to remain unscathed
I'Khanoklast - theocratic like the First Crusade
Teratocarcinomatous an' I spew AIDS
Fuck a megadeath, this teradeath -- one trillion casualties
You reached your terminus for disturbin' us
In the eyes you burnin' us wit' yo' image, so ridiculous
Terrorize a perfectionist, I'm more meticulous
The terriculous, underground like subway trains
Despite that, I'm still above they brains
So until commercial niggaz start to kick it lyrical
I will forever say their bullshit is pitiful
Sicker - than that trash; witty an' unabashed
You should - light a match surrounded by pitchers full of gas
Get the dick out ya ass, faggot -- I'm a BEAST
Hardcore like M.O.P., you softer than satin sheets
Feminine like pussy lips, you rookie kids'll get ya pussies ripped
'Cause I eviscerate when I ventilate
Infernal molecules that eat thru ya abdominal
Never at the end of my tether, remain phenomenal
Comin' tragically in threes like a tetralogy
To bury hipster retards in they college degrees
You dare to - challenge one dedicated an' thoroughpaced
Unaware of the rage you'll eventually face?
I am that monstrosity, you are the atrocity
Get ya sturnum shattered to shit at high velocity
Thru my dichotomy, they learn you'll ball up like Sonic do
Ate you on this track, here's where I vomit you
Track Name: The Calm Has Passed (or My Fight Against Suicidal Thoughts) [Over A Beat By Beatowski}
"The Calm Has Passed (or My Fight Against Suicidal Thoughts)"

Verse 1:
Fuck ya life, lubed up for double-penetration
It's just me an' my ego, no homo situation
The catalyst for ya style, I'm runnin' innovation
But like malpractice, runnin' out of patience/patients
Above ya head, hock loogies from the ledge
My birth was a Caesarean 'cause I'm cuttin' edge
You would swear I'm a +Genius+ when I'm cuttin' heads
Amputate 'em like gangrene just set in
Those who sleep on me, give 'em mildewed bedding
Wear my heart on my sleeve, now it's time for blood-letting
Don't wanna see - Momz hold her head an' cry
But I've been plottin' suicide as days pass me by
My girl said our relationship is a mess
Feelin' - much stress, issues still unaddressed
So I - must get dressed, I shall see death soon
Slit my wrist an' die in a pool in the restroom

If I could start from scratch, would just palm a gat
Cause my mind's so morbid, death is all I have
Goin' down the path, self-destruction, I'm set to snap
Time's tickin' an' the calm has passed

Verse 2:
A lot to live it up to, mirrors to clear up too
Seein' life half-full, I better give up brew
Plenty demons surround me, my aura is murky
Havin' night terrors of foes comin' to murk me
I believe some bitch done cursed me
Keep my distance 'cause I feel niggaz wanna hurt me
Why am I so paranoid? Scared of the outside
Wanna do a show, fear's hurtin' my pride
Waitin' - for my anxiety to subside
But if I wait too long, I'll be stuck inside
Caged in - by my insecurity
Afraid if I sire a seed, the lil' one will mirror me
An' these issues won't be thrust on no one
Heart's gone cold - startin' to trust no one
Clutch no one, just hold close my hopes an' dreams
But when you're me, it's real weak how hope can seem