Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Call Me King [Mark II] [Over A Beat By Johnny Juliano & Cardo}
"Call Me King [Mark II]"

Verse 1:
Call me king, but don't call me later
Call me great, but don't call for paper
Acknowledge me 'cause my bars are greater
You'll never call my bluff, so call ya maker
Legend in the making, shit I been made
Got me talkin' shit like I been paid
I don't need ya help, shit, I been straight
I'ma get it all one of these - days
Folk nowadays contradict like dichotomy
Pay them no mind, they just in the menagerie
Mind's on my pockets an' waterfront property
No time for niggaz - throwin' blank shots at me
Beggin' for handouts like money just digitate
How many sips of that dirty sprite did ya take?
No, I ain't wealthy, when I do get it straight
Won't see a penny of mine or a dinner plate
Couple things I gotta reiterate
Solidify facts, folks be on my case
Niggaz lie to ya face, actin' like they ya dog
But they creepin' thru the smog wit' knives ready to draw
Snake shit, more drama than "Port Charles"
Miscellaneous files, hard to sort it all
Kent Brockman-type niggaz be foul, report it all
But I never lose sight of my goal; this is for y'all
An' yeah, it's takin' awhile, still applaud
'Cause I'm never on my last leg, keep it raw
When brought to the brink, kick it into overdrive
My drive to compete is the hope that overrides
Swallowin' my pride, never fold, double-down
Stickin' to my goals, never fuck around
Folks try to tear me down, but I rise from the ash
Call me king, just never call for the cash

All y'all better stay up out of my ear wit' that fake shit
All y'all better get the fuck on out of here wit' that hate shit
I know y'all in the background, just prayin' I don't make it
That's why I stay on my P's an' Q's, 'cause a nigga meant for greatness
Uhn, it's me an' my niggaz for life, it's me an' my bitch for life
Uhn, it's only one life to live, so a nigga gotta get it right
Uhn, it's me an' my niggaz for life, it's me an' my bitch for life
Uhn, it's only one life to live, so I rock that crown for tonight
(Call me king!)

Verse 2:
Thank you, for all the hate an' the laughter
Every jab, every pie to the face; you made a cold bastard
An' if you jeered in the rafters
Thank you for pushin' me to achieve my ever after
On some Drake shit, thanks for those true colors
Revealed what was true of us
From what I knew of us, made it easier to push the button
Bygones - ain't even worth discussin'
I'm a force to be reckoned wit', you beckoned it
Now I'm about to show you all how I really get down
Mixtape shit, still buildin' my sound
So far the followers of my faith buildin' my town
Feelin' me now? Do this for my future seeds
An' to get me an' Momz back where we used to be
I miss goin' on sprees at the mall
Truthfully, she deserves it all
One day, I'ma fly her out to Switzerland
That's why I'm 'bout to go hard for these riches, man
Life done had me royally fucked up
For far too long, too many gongs
Now my head ringin' wit' the chimes of a king
Speak into bein' every line that I sing
Deprived too long, now I'm pinin' for bling
The throne in my sights, man, it's shinin' for me

Track Name: Galleria Print [Over A Beat By El-P}
"Galleria Print"

Well I'm back wit' an array of brash words, displayed for mad nerds
Interchanged the adverbs
In a daze, that's absurd; I - graze the brains
Ricochet wordplay, reverberate an' resonate wit' the masses
I'm - the shepard, the lord, guidin' the sheep in a mass herd
Leadin' 'em all to their death from this pas-ture
Er... ahem, kickin' the scripted kingpin shit
Straight from the slums of travesty
Most can't even fuck wit' my lung capacity to shoot the breeze
Wipe all slates, reboot the seeds
Swift boot to the scrotum an' knees, emcees inducin' Z's
Proof that I bleed Hip-Hop, doin' this shit wit' ease
It's seamless how it runs, no wrinkles in time
Fuckz will bet their last dime to find a crinkle in mine
Only crinkles come from the raps that didn't make it past par
An' that's for the course, now meditate on that bar

Verse 2:
You niggaz still think the height of lyricism is "Packin' a MAC in the back of the Acura"
Old fads, you rap wit' a 'pack but never brush up your vernacular
Egads -- I guess when the track isn't spectacular
Ropes get cast an' you end up in the gallows, bruh
It's sad when half the menagerie is less than amateur
Nothin' stellar but the gospel comin' from Yolanda Adams, uh...
+Stand Out+ 'cause I come as +Fresh+ as Tye Tribbett
Flows that I exhibit, detractors will try an' mimic
Find a gimmick, 'cause the fiery lyrics that I have spitted
Make me more than formidable against foes when I am pitted
Tired of critics, take your opinion, die off wit' it
Tie that thought up to a kite, my nigga, fly off wit' it
An' while I'm at it, no time for sensitive beatmakers
Pushin' 50 an' a pacemaker -- I need paper
Patronize me like I need favors
What I need is Trump shinin' my Supras, reparations an' 40 acres
Woah... pause, #BlackLivesMatter
Now picket that while me an' Harrison Wells disperse black matter
Particle mishaps, I created a +Vibe+
You'll be sorely remiss for not takin' the ride
Track Name: Ice Shards (#GlaciersofIce) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By RZA}
"Ice Shards (#GlaciersofIce)"

Bluff City representer, finna turn this Spring back to Winter
Them April showers gon' become ice shards
Fallin' like daggers, atcha neck like the Stone Cold Stunner
It's gonna be a more frigid Summer
For now, you gon' see ya breath this Spring
No May flowers to bloom, just jewels to bling
I'm tryna crush this scene, 2016 my year
An' if not, next year will be clear
I done jumped all hurdles, flew thru rings of fire
Motocross wit' each cycle, I'm dirtier but flier
You should call me sire
Natural causes only way I'll quit, never retire
Hip-Hop is how I live, a true starvin' artist
Barely make a dime off what I kick
But see I do this for love, an' that part ain't fulfilled
Made a pact wit' the Devil like he gon' keep it real
Too cold for the lowest circle of Hell
I steps in that bitch an' I makes it hail
Shouldn't play around wit' the dark side of spiritual
But my soul seems to go thru infernal intervals
Track Name: Trenches of Gold (#JEWELS) [Over A Beat By 88 Keys, DJ Don Cannon & Kanye West}
"Trenches of Gold (#JEWELS)"

Verse 1:
I am - feelin' like Pacino in '83
It's the bad guy, an' yeah, you know what to say to me
Middle fingers up, I came to bring y'all hell
Prayin' I don't die young like Armitage Trail
Whole life I been tryna ménage, wit' bad broads that look like K. Michelle
Hit 'em wit' the Akinyele
Baby bless the Huey, I just wanna skee
+Fuck Me For Free+, 'cause money make the world 360 degree
Get lifted off me, straight cerebral Sour D
Take it to the head like Spring Break week
This shit is deep, but yo peep -- them sucka niggaz sleep
Leave 'em head to feet like siblings in low income homes
I told y'all - to leave the king alone
You gon' - make me hop off of this throne
Silly cabrón, an' I was takin' a shit
All over ya livelihood, you tried me, ugh...
I'm just another breed, mother had a fuckin' thunderseed
Rambunctious, sippin' Black Russian, rebel KGB
It's Vladimir Print
Bear witness as my stratosphere begins
Need that - pussy so good, it's like a cashmere clit
Sick, take her up in Saks Fif an' shit
Yeah, 'cause if I was ballin' like that
You know them boppers would be callin' like that
Rep the 901, will hoist it all on my back
Once I get the fuck on, I'll be crawlin' in stacks

Got jewels buried deep in the trenches of gold...

Verse 2:
**Motherfuckas can't rhyme no more, 'bout crime no more**
I suggest another avenue to explore
Cut the bullshit an' the theatrics
'Cause all those who did it either dead or geriatric
Every time I bless a beat, it's very classic
Full of myself? Pro'lly, but I also bury bastards
It's obvious, I'm narrowly the brashest
It's folly to disparage me wit' fashion, I'm carryin' the ashes
Of the phoenix in a Dutch Master, no puff passin'
I'm reborn thru every toke, you fucks laughin'
Steady repeatin' -- ouroboros
You overdose... on my potent flows
You thumb ya nose, get a broken proboscis
Thicker skin than Colossus, can't stop me wit' no options
Niggaz get to jokin' obnoxious, I'm nauseous
On offense but cautious, the nonsense is lossless
An' compressed into a .RAR, 85MB
You should zip it like pirated MPEG-Layer 3
No matter how good you kick it, I will not pay a fee
Niggaz gave me a migraine, pass the Bayer, B
Do this in my sleep, you gettin' to flinchin' an' fold
I got jewels buried deep in the trenches of gold
Track Name: Better Off wit' the Dick [Over A Beat By J. Cole}
"Better Off wit' the Dick"

Girl, if you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
See, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick
If you wantin' love - better stay away
Say you wantin' dough - bitch, don't play
But if you wanna fuck - I'll be on my way
Girl, you pro'lly better off wit' the dick

Verse 1:
Got dammit, I'm at it again
Dealin' wit' these hoes that want half of my ends
Bitch you know that I'm strapped for them ends
You ain't carin'; my last 2 bucks you will spend
If you - knew better, you'd do better
But ya only out for the score, so what you do is never
Fakin' like you in love, what you really in is lust
An' I ain't even trippin' 'cause I just wanna fuck
I - asked yo' ass to keep it real
Like I do the rest of them broads, but you neglectin' that part
Talkin' real shit boo, let it rest on your heart
Money ain't everything, don't let it tear us apart
Back an' forth wit' the drama, always stressin' the past
'Cause for the future, got many questions to ask
But stay true, an' when I get it, I'll be blessin' that ass
'Cause baby, you atten' (a ten) like you present for class


Verse 2:
I keep my heart guarded, locked an' in a vault
I tend to be the target of infidelity assaults
Guess it's my fault that I'm gullible, fallin' for every trick of the trade
Trustin' in a big butt an' smile
An' every chick that wave, paradin' her way into my inbox
Claimin' she can make it better
An' be different than the last chick
But all she does is dumb shit an' come up average
It's a well-known fact, ain't got my shit together
But check it, bitch -- look, at least I'm tryin'
I ain't like these other niggaz, facetious an' perpetratin'
But for some reason, y'all feel sucka-niggaz is worth datin'
You call me a bum, like I ain't aware
Scope - my pockets close, nada damn thing there
But I do have a dick, that ooze out sumpin' thick
Keep a Trojan on that shit so you won't ooze out a kid

Track Name: #NoShreds [Over A Beat By Kanye West}

The voices in my brain say kill the game an' leave no shreds
Get at rappers like a cartel, leave no heads
Sick of niggaz sleepin', so I snatch the sheets, pillows an' beds
Sew this muhfucka up, leave no threads
Of course I'm the best, way ahead of the class
Like I'm - eatin' the teacher's pussy under the desk
An' she's - lookin' good like my Spanish teacher in 9th grade
Sexy as fuck, type of body I will catch a fade
Over... if her man's found out
Tell him it was worth it for he knock my ass out
Wake up grinnin', blood leakin' outta my mouth
Not givin' a fuck, point of this anecdote no doubt
Student of the old school, lyricism is in my veins
Give every verse - my humor, anger an' pain
Most times I'm full of rage, but I'm learnin' to manage
My fury - a lot better thru rappin'
So I appear - cool, calm an' collected on this track
Like my favorite rapper which is Curren$y in fact
An' uh... he's the inspiration for me hittin' this beat
So I'm goin' in, bringin' the heat
Tryna hit the right notes wit'out seein' the sheet
Stayin' abreast/a breast in this flood wit'out seein' the teat
Heh... yeah, they'll never catch the wordplay
So I flip the bird, dude it's absurd what them nerds say
Respect to Max B, I'm tryna make waves
Do it the way those before me did it, the road's paved
Whips from success, 16 bars a slave
Close curtains on these morons then dab on they grave
I am - one of those rappers that you have to play
Once you hear the mixtape, it's shit you have to save
You gotta rave, pump your fists, the roof has got to raise
Out that awkward phase, left them fools in a daze
You know me...

Call me king...