Fearless Heights Presents​.​.​. Call Me King: The EP

by Fineprint Misread

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Vibe to this until "LitM 4" drops.


released December 30, 2015

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



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Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Call Me King [Mark I] [Over A Beat By Johnny Juliano & Cardo}
"Call Me King [Mark I]"

Call me king, but don't call me later
Call me great, but don't call for paper
Acknowledge me 'cause my bars are greater
You'll never call my bluff, so call ya maker
Legend in the making, shit I been made
Got me talkin' shit like I been paid
I don't need ya help, shit, I been straight
I'ma get it all one of these - days
Folk nowadays contradict like dichotomy
Pay them no mind, they just in the menagerie
Mind's on my pockets an' waterfront property
No time for niggaz - throwin' blank shots at me
Beggin' for handouts like money just digitate
How many sips of that dirty sprite did ya take?
No, I ain't wealthy, when I do get it straight
Won't see a penny of mine or a dinner plate
I don't - do nothin' for - no one who didn't help an' shit
But I ain't no selfish nigga, this just ain't for my health an' shit
I'ma make sure my momma straight, make sure my homies straight
Make sure my girl's straight, gotta get my world straight
Before I bring me a seed in, let another me bleed in
'Fore my hair start recedin', I'ma give you all every reason
Why I want it so bad, why I suffer so much
Why I struggle so much, in the jungle where it's rough
Takin' so long to get to the top
I'm a #TGL nigga, so I ain't gon' stop
All y'all better stay up out of my ear wit' that fake shit
All y'all better get the fuck on out of here wit' that hate shit
I know y'all in the background, just prayin' I don't make it
That's why I stay on my P's an' Q's, 'cause a nigga meant for greatness
M-Town nigga an' I ain't gon' stop
Rep it 'til the death of me, mind on gwap
Unemployed now, that ain't slowin' my roll
I just enrolled in school - to further my goal
Goin' to Full Sail, ready to set sail
On those who jumped ship like it was okay to bail
Walked out on me, was goin' thru hell
Thank God I didn't flip, end up in a cell
Yeah, momma prayed for me, still prays for me
I don't pray enough, Satan got hands on me
It's all clear God got plans for me
Hope it has packed stadiums wit' fans, homie
Really hope this industry got grands for me
Wanna see my loved ones in the stands, homie
It's 100 wit' me all the time
Nothin' but that heart an' soul in my rhymes
See, I don't give a finnuck like Katie Got Bands
I don't really like Chris, hate he got fans
Our beef is in the past, but I had to speak my mind
'Cause it's really funny how now an' then intertwine
Funny how we used to chill, spittin' rhymes
Frontin' like I don't miss it, but that shit is all behind
You just keep on doin' you, I'ma keep on doin' me
Whoever rep the city best, nod an' agree
I'm done...
Track Name: 'Til I'm 6 Feet [Over A Beat By Noah "40" Shebib & Chantal Kreviazuk}
"'Til I'm 6 Feet"

Feel a lot different since I last dropped
Like I know somebody hecklin' in the backdrop
Hype by myself, a middle finger is my mascot
Dressed for success, let me straighten up the ascot
Plenty niggaz still fiddlin' wit' the padlock
Lockpicks breakin' everytime they try to jimmy it
All I want is mines, these fuckz better gimme it
Aimin' at the top, full clip, gonna empty it
See, I'm waitin' on my chance to kill it
Gone charge it to the game when you decide to bill it
It'll - come in time if you decide to build it
A field of dreams, get Scorsese when you start to film it
Hello - it's me like Mr. Rundgren
Time for some action -- Dolph Lundgren
Sick of all these haters an' their assumptions
I don't know who gave them the gumption
See I'm runnin' full-steam, engine thunderin'
Hip-Hop like a job, an' brethren I'm punchin'
In, time to do my duty, serve these niggaz up
Suicide Squad when I come to murk these niggaz up
Bitches that curved me gone be mad, mmmhmm
When they see my girl lookin' bad, mmmhmm
I'ma tell her throw it in the bag, mmmhmm
She gon' kill 'em all wit' her swag, mmmhmm
Yeah baby - strut on them hoes
Tryna tell ya, Jake Steed wouldn't nut on them hoes
Y'all hatin'? You can all drown in a piss creek
'Cause see, I'ma keep it goin' til I'm 6 feet
Track Name: Trenches of Gold: The Jewels of Fineprint [Over A Beat By 88 Keys, DJ Don Cannon & Kanye West}
"Trenches of Gold: The Jewels of Fineprint"

Verse 1:
I am - feelin' like Pacino in '83
It's the bad guy, an' yeah, you know what to say to me
Middle fingers up, I came to bring y'all hell
Prayin' I don't die young like Armitage Trail
Whole life I been tryna ménage, wit' bad broads that look like K. Michelle
Hit 'em wit' the Akinyele
Baby bless the Huey, I just wanna skee
+Fuck Me For Free+, 'cause money make the world 360 degree
Get lifted off me, straight cerebral Sour D
Take it to the head like Spring Break week
This shit is deep, but yo peep -- them sucka niggaz sleep
Leave 'em head to feet like siblings in low income homes
I told y'all - to leave the king alone
You gon' - make me hop off of this throne
Silly cabrón, an' I was takin' a shit
All over ya livelihood, you tried me, ugh...
I'm just another breed, mother had a fuckin' thunderseed
Rambunctious, sippin' Black Russian, rebel KGB
It's Vladimir Print
Bear witness as my stratosphere begins
Need that - pussy so good, it's like a cashmere clit
Sick, take her up in Saks Fif an' shit
Yeah, 'cause if I was ballin' like that
You know them boppers would be callin' like that
Rep the 901, will hoist it all on my back
Once I get the fuck on, I'll be crawlin' in stacks

Got jewels buried deep in the trenches of gold...

Verse 2:
**Motherfuckas can't rhyme no more, 'bout crime no more**
I suggest another avenue to explore
Cut the bullshit an' the theatrics
'Cause all those who did it either dead or geriatric
Every time I bless a beat, it's very classic
Full of myself? Pro'lly, but I also bury bastards
It's obvious, I'm narrowly the brashest
It's folly to disparage me wit' fashion, I'm carryin' the ashes
Of the phoenix in a Dutch Master, no puff passin'
I'm reborn thru every toke, you fucks laughin'
Steady repeatin' -- ouroboros
You overdose... on my potent flows
You thumb ya nose, get a broken proboscis
Thicker skin than Colossus, can't stop me wit' no options
Niggaz get to jokin' obnoxious, I'm nauseous
On offense but cautious, the nonsense is lossless
An' compressed into a .RAR, 85MB
You should zip it like pirated MPEG-Layer 3
No matter how good you kick it, I will not pay a fee
Niggaz gave me a migraine, pass the Bayer, B
Do this in my sleep, you get to flinchin' an' fold
I got jewels buried deep in the trenches of gold