ENJOY: An EP by Fineprint Misread (Co​-​Prod. by Tha Dro)

by Fineprint Misread

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Originally was supposed to drop in 2016, but got pushed back. This is another "collaborative" effort by Tha Dro and myself, Fineprint Misread. It's sort of the companion piece to my most recent EPs I released. Anyway, as the title says-- #ENJOY.

"ENJOY: An EP by Fineprint Misread (Co-Prod. by Tha Dro)" track listing:

1 Not Tryna Be (The Greatest) [Prod. by Tha Dro}
2 Who Will Be There? feat. Knowledge 10-5 [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
3 #LOST: Finding A Way [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
4 What She Wants: A Message For Gwen [Prod. by Tha Dro}
5 #HitMyLine (Callin' Veronica) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
6 The Most DANGEROUS Emcees feat. REZIVOR [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT} **Bonus Track**



released May 17, 2017

Fearless Heights / Dro Musik



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Not Tryna Be (The Greatest) [Prod. by Tha Dro}
"Not Tryna Be (The Greatest)"

Verse 1:
Y'all don't know a fuckin' thing about me, why should I simmer down?
Keep rollin' like a juggernaut, knock the bigger niggaz down
Cold world, my habitat - tend to keep winter 'round
Losers I have met don't wanna hear that winner sound
Been kickin' hymns around, droppin' plenty gems in sound
Bringin' major pain/Major Payne, straight stomp in the ground
An' I'm unbound, paradise lost, bearin' my cross
Spittin' thru appendages, wanna tear the mic off?
Toe to toe, hand to hand, cough up a lung, we squarin' off
I hope that scare you off
Nothin' nice where I'm from, shit's ugly an' gettin' gruesome
Niggaz carry iron, kickin' in doors, intrusion
When life deals you lemons, you turn those to a hydra
So when she comes back to cut a head, you still can fight her
If we didn't learn nothin', we learned to be fighters
An' when the goin' get tough, you fight it all wit' fire

Not tryna be the greatest, I used to hate Hip-Hop
My passion just grew thru the ages
Flippin' thru the pages of rhymes where my rage is
(Fuck a rusty crown, just put me on ya playlist)

Verse 2:
Told you, I see now I'm a champion
It's not a corner that I'm backed up in
If so, I come out swingin' like Money May or Roy Jones
Swifter than Ali, gol - ly, leave that boy 'lone
Better by my lonesome, better 'cause I've grown some
Realizin' gotta do better for my own son
A seed that ain't born yet, or even conceived
When he is, I must instill that tough niggaz bleed
These haters pray - for my downfall of course
I guess it's 'cause I run across they mind wit' the Speed Force
A trillion, spiteful, thoughts every attosecond
No love shown, so - God's smackin' back yo' blessings
Now you wanna smack yo' reverend, but it ain't his fault
You just been hatin' so long, that that's the re-sult
I know that feelin', I was recently there
'Til I became hotter than a lesbian affair


Verse 3:
I set a precedent, you know I gotta live up
I barely take a break an' definitely never give up
This shit means everything to me, it's my livelyhood
Somethin' 'bout the beat when you ride it good
Just like it's somethin' 'bout the pussy when she ride it good
An' it's somethin' 'bout my flow 'cause I'm rhymin' good
Mental avant garde decor, designed it good
Feng shui for ya brain, redesign ya hood
I'm comin' thru, might cause a pile-up in the intersection
Niggaz want beef, I provide the verbal vivisection
It's Lil Eddie wit' the full-metal alchemy
Life's a bitch, picked you to get slain like a Valkyrie
Years ago, lil niggaz claimed they had it out for me
An assassination that I very highly doubt you'll see
Lyrical piff, throw all yo' cash to me
Know you need a plug like you low in the battery

Track Name: Who Will Be There? feat. Knowledge 10-5 [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"Who Will Be There?"

Verse 1 [Fineprint]:
I feel like 50, can't tell who's really there for me
So if you hearin' this, gon' say a prayer for me
I'm confused, I don't know who out there'll love me
It's like I'm carryin' a stigma, people scared to touch me
I'm such a talent, so competition is scared of it
'Cause I'm a maverick, take any challenge, prepared for it
You can't attack it, can't match it, an' can't ignore it
'Cause wit' the Lord at my back, I'm valid to move forward
This light bulb overhead, is pallid, I move towards
The next line, but I can't manage, ya dude's cornered
This writer's block has me backtrackin', this crude sword
Is double-edged; what can I actually do for it?
This feels awkward, I'm hearin' laughin' an' dudes snorin'
It's like they talkin' in back of me, sayin' dude's borin'
I cough up my pride, re-swallow it quick, fumes torrid
Cross up my arms, reclaim bravado, this too important
An' now it comes, the shift of the paradigm
Gift from a clever mind, uplift e'ry time
Many nights sacrificed, Christ heard mine
Go my own way, zeitgeist of the third kind
I could really start a movement if they heard Fine
A melanated da Vinci 'til he's interred, I'm
On the cusp of greatness, in the 21st century
Who will be there to save the memory?

At my lowest, walk a beaten path
One set of footprints, which I see, then ask
God where's He been, on this egregious path
Unaware, He's carried me, now I need to bask
In His sunshine, stayin' alert, goin' hard for
Ears an' hearts -- love is what I'm starved for
An' I'll starve more as my blessings are prepared
Askin' y'all again: who will be there?

Verse 2 [Knowledge 10-5]:
A lot of days I was worried
That I'd mess around and get buried, the bullets came in flurries, but
I kept my head low, and let off one shot
A leprechaun covered in clovers told me how lucky I got
I got home so I can cover up my wounds
I hit the bathroom, door locked 'cause moms gon be home soon
And I don't need a lecture, already feel the pressure
Growin' up the way I did, this is what it get ya
I'm feelin' all alone, I ask myself "Who'd be there?"
If I wasn't bald, then you know what, I'd pull out all my hair
But I, recognize I got a life to live, a lot of love to give
I solve my problems like a quiz
That I got back, no red X, just stickers on top
I drop a single bar and wonder when the clappin' gon' stop
I love rappin' a lot, it - hits me in that spot
Every verse I write is hot and burns a hole right through a metal pot

Track Name: #LOST: Finding A Way [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"#LOST: Finding A Way"

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
But factually, I'm a fatherless child, too much that bothers me now
Well fuck that shit, this speech is sodomy now
Wit' anger internalized, still hard calmin' me down
The beast within awaketh, heard the call of the wild
Had to come in raw, too many faulty an' mild
Before one walks, yo, he must crawl like a child
Wit' crabs in a cesspool, how you crawl out the bile?
Trials an' tribulations, both altered my smile
12 years of preparation, how I altered my style
You can take any road, but can't alter the miles
You'll get there when you get there -- keep walkin' it, pal
But me? Heh... still lost in the crowd
Deadass, like Nicki's donk wit' rigor mortis, flossin' a shroud
Uhn, life's a bitch, took my heart just to toss it around
Hopefully get it back, 'fore I'm tossed in the ground

Ooooh hey, a ooooh
I'm trying to decide
Which way to go
I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere
Ooooh hey, a ooooh
I'm trying to decide
Which way to go
I think I made a wrong turn back there, back there, back there...

Verse 2:
If one decides to go mainstream an' chase the limelight
Fools'll call him a sell-out, right? (True)
If he doesn't follow his heart, he'll see in hindsight
He's wasted valuable time, appeasin' those who spite (True)
Their faces, by carvin' off, their own proboscis
Dudes got a way to get out, but rather act obnoxious
So why allow those wit' no grip, to continuously
Pull you down into stagnation? Seriously...
I thought the mission was to get it, live it to the fullest
Not dwellin' in perdition, ignant, clenchin' on a bullet
Debatin' whether not to let go, end it now
Almost faintin', starvin' in the ghetto, empty mouth
The older I get, still can't figure out
Why niggaz wouldn't want at least one hit on the radio
An' it ain't even gotta be a Drake-type tune
I mean, Kendrick been on it, gon' make that move


Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Tried to move, but I lost my way
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Stopped to watch my emotions sway
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Knew the toll, but I would not pay
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Cause you never know where the cards may lay
Track Name: What She Wants: A Message For Gwen [Prod. by Tha Dro}
"What She Wants: A Message For Gwen"

Verse 1:
She said to me, lookin' in my eyes "Give me a nigga who's on his B.I."
Then she said, "I must admit, no lie -- when I text his ass, I want a quick reply."
But - if a nigga on his grind tho - tell me yo, how he gon' respond?
When the day is done of amassin' funds, you should - welcome him wit' open arms
She said "Look, try to see it my way. Ain't 'bout the games, didn't come to play."
But what you want, ain't always good as what you need; my thought of the day
I know you been hurt, don't trust too much; past niggaz didn't love, just fucked you rough
When you needed stuff, they gave you bucks; but not havin' love, really fucked you up
It's -- back, back, forth forth, off an' on, no condom on
'Cause you feel safe, wit' him inside; let down ya guard, but not ya pride
An' that right there is foolish... 'cause instinct told you opposite
She said to me - "Asked for his heart, but I opted out an' got the dick."
See you're good in bed, bad in love; tryna ease the pain wit' gin an' drugs
Good boys not ya drug of choice, high times - when it comes to thugs
When it comes to love, ya morals go; an' most would find that deplorable
As for me, I'll build you up, brick by brick, foundation tough

You don't really wanna stay, but you don't wanna let go (Let go)
'Cause that nigga right there made you feel special (Special)
But the voice in ya head, everyday it just echo (Echo)
This ain't good for ya' girl an' ya' really need to let go (Let go)

Verse 2:
She said to me, "You can't do what he does. You were never there, didn't know how it was."
I retaliated back, "It seems to me, you confusin' lust for a thing called love."
Everyday on Facebook you whinin', niggaz don't give a fuck 'bout ya' cryin'
All them guys on ya posts just wanna post up in ya pants; it's the cooch that they eyein'
See they prey on the desperate, young an' restless, get over on you 'cause you sprung an' helpless
All they really want, someone dumb to sex wit', too far gone, you don't get the message
It's over yo' head, you so headstrong, think you really need a man, but you dead wrong
Still seekin' shelter in some guy's arms, 'cause you didn't realize what you had all along
All that pride - got you gettin' up in arms, when a nigga speak truth, not meanin' any harm
Gettin' all alarmed, cussin' up a storm; you like Jen Walters when you transform
Snappin' on a nigga, tryna jack wit' a nigga, 'cause the anger you got make you wanna smack a nigga
Gotta redirect rage, turn to a new a page, find you a better love in this new age
Hopefully ya boohoos turn to hoorays, dawn of a better day, peep the new rays
It's a beautiful mornin', you can tell by the Sun when it do raise
See I'm givin' you the jewels in a new way, an' it's up to you whether you choose to - follow suit
Mendin' ya heart is what I'm called to do, believe in my words, boo they all the truth

Track Name: #HitMyLine (Callin' Veronica) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"#HitMyLine (Callin' Veronica)"

Verse 1 (Lucas talking):
Shit, come on Veronica. I really need you right now. Pick up...

You runnin' through my mind right now, shit... I really want ya touch
I called you 'bout - fifteen-eleven times, why you ain't pick up?
Are you still mad, 'bout the day I popped you? You know it's all love, wasn't tryin' to harm you
Sorry that I left that - bruise on ya' arm, boo, but I saw no other way to calm you
Down, an' you know, I ain't normally abusive, but you act like we ain't exclusive
An' shit like that, be makin' me lose it, 'cause up until Wednesday, we were just coolin'
Now you won't text back, bein' rude, whenever I see you up at the school
Yo' don't wanna end - up on the news, found in a ditch, playin' me for a fool
Wait, I apologize... see, that really ain't becomin'
Of a man who - only wants your love, that's why I use the glove to hold the cum in
Won't leave you knocked-up an' vanish, just ya' legs cocked up while rammin'
Ya' sweet pussy, glistenin' like it's honey on it, whenever you want, I go dummy on it
Slim thick wit' a round ass... in love wit' ya cocoa-colored skin
First time that I hit, you taught me some things, broke a brother in
Said the dick felt really good, had ya' nails all in my back, an' you was callin' me papi
Before all that, it was sloppy toppy; you fuckin' wit' the real, not a carbon copy
Hit me back, it's Lucas...

Verse 2 (Terrence talking):
Shit, where the fuck is this bitch? C'mon Veronica. Pick up the phone. You better not be wit' that other nigga, shit... hit my line...

Please don't feel disgusted, just wanna leave that pussy busted
It's 9 at night, an' me so horny, wanna get it off before the mornin'
Get ya - foot out ya' mouth, sit ya ass on the couch; if you don't want the dick, don't pass on the mouth
Oh ya' friends saw you leave? What they askin' about? They know how we do, what they naggin' about?
A nigga be feenin' like Jodeci; got you on speed dial, hope it only rings
Once, 'fore you answer an' divulge to me, ya' wildest fantasies which you hope to bring
To life; that's right, an' I hope it be tonight; I - hear her talkin', hope you keep her tight
Stick to ya like glue, hope you bring the light, 'cause that pussy there, provokin' me to fight
Come closer, we lovers an' friends; you fuck wit' me once, then we fuckin' again
No 50, but you know I got the magic stick; couldn't ever find me - a badder chick
Than you, an' you be killin' wit' all of them magical movements; know you the best, ain't gotta prove it
It's like waterfalls, be havin' it +juicy+, singin' like Pleasure an' bust like a Uzi
Oooh... damn, I really wanna get in that again
I mean, REALLY wanna get in that again, up here havin' dreams 'bout hittin' that again
On the real, thought we had somethin' special, why you ain't callin' me back?
It's been a whole two months since yo' ass disappeared, now I'm hearin' that they saw you wit' black
What's the deal? This Terrence...

See this was a story, about two guys in love wit' the same girl. But she gets around, and neither of them are really getting the picture. Two men with their hearts broken, but by the love of pussy. Until next time... ENJOY...