Call Me King II: The Mixtape

by Fineprint Misread

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The follow up mixtape to "Call Me King" released last year. This one deviates from the previous release by inclusion of my original songs which I also produced. Anyway, #PressPlay, #VIBE and #ENJOY...

"Call Me King II: The Mixtape" track listing:

1 Determination Defined: The "Call Me King II" Intro [Over A Beat By Dame Grease}
2 #UCantKnockFineprint ('96 Flava) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By The Hitmen & Knobody}
3 On My Life / HELPLESS (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
4 Bring Back The Witty [Over Lloyd Banks' "Increase The Gritty" Instrumental}
5 No Option (#FEARLESS) [Over A Beat By The MeKanics & Kanye West}
6 It's Nothin' / #LOST: Finding A Way (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
7 #KnowUCantRap: A Quick Lesson [Over A Beat By Sha Money XL}
8 Trump Talk, Print Talk (Remix of Future's "Stick Talk")
9 Carry On (If This Ain't What You Like...) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By Nottz & Kanye West}
10 Gunplay Wordplay [Over A Beat By Emile}
11 E'rything I Love / Nutz Ain't Big (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
12 The Moves (#FOCUSED) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By Questlove & Kamal Gray}
13 #SaNMFD, Pt. II: More Fineprint Music [Over A Beat By The Heatmakerz} **Bonus Track**



released April 17, 2017

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: Determination Defined: The "Call Me King II" Intro [Over A Beat By Dame Grease}
"Determination Defined: The "Call Me King II" Intro"

Headphones on, music blarin' like always
My tears, sweat an' blood on the pad, no Always
An' that's period, no menstrual; Bluff City minstrel
Who gives his all infinitely on instrumentals
Break down the pixels, many ways to see
The bigger picture, so here it is, in perspective
Chef this, no - patisserie, but comin' wit' confections
Nothin' frivolous, far from ridiculous
Spit my life, wait for ears to flock to it
+I know you see it+ +beamin'+, like Lupe, not how Joc do it
When I'm on-point, ferociously hock ptoo it
Get on any joint, drop a cinder block through it
Wit' some stupid muthafucka's feet still in 'em
Poisonous dart, wrote on the sheet wit' a quill that spills venom
Then it's converted to audible neurotoxins
That's how I body e'rything, slaughter dudes, no option
Got you hearin' mad shit, like I'm
+The Illest Nigga In Nebraska+, droppin' these jewels
Kill a nigga out fillin' his FAFSA
If he listens to this shit, without, clear understandin'
Incurrin' my wrath fa' sayin' it's just a career
This my livelihood, passion built up over years
That's why, I'm more determined than ever to make it
Takin' in all I can take in it, won't waste it
This game rapin' fools wit' their anuses basted
That's pretty graphic, but I had to state it
An' nowadays, it's really hard when you got it
Set in your heart to shine, but can't get it poppin'
'Cause majority of rappers lack bars an' can't rhyme
Singin' on e'ry song like Jon B. or Mary Blige
By the way, that was a near rhyme
See, I tend to do those from time to time
But I never force words, careful wit' my choice of words
Keep it forceful, even wit' this raspy voice you've heard
Aimin' for Top 5, rejoiced ahead of my prime
Strive manly like Burghardt Du Bois said upon a time

An' that is Fine... Call Me King... Two!
Track Name: #UCantKnockFineprint ('96 Flava) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By The Hitmen & Knobody}
"#UCantKnockFineprint ('96 Flava) <Interlude>"

Look, I'm makin' longterm goals, scribblin' these flows
Make sure my afterimage's permanent for my foes
Embedded in their heart, dreaded in their thoughts
I will be that nightmare which never can be forgot
Far from the Hip-Hop of today, which is a mockery
Niggaz mumblin' these rhymes full of gaudery
Killin' off my appetite, clear the cockery
From the table 'til these labels return to what it oughta be
It's customary, I do this often
An' make you feel the soul return to Hip-Hop while in the coffin
Wit' fired up endorphins, fired up an' morphin'
Bound to have ghostwriters heavily mournin'
I brainstorm torrential, that's heavily pourin'
They malform your mental, steadily borin'
An' diggin', plantin' seeds, killin' dopamine
Never wrote out of love, only wrote for green
Dickheads wit' no ideas, dim bulbs covered by foreskin
I'm passin' on what I learned; run the force/Force in
'Fore I flip like Anakin, hardship I'm channelin'
Standin' strong forever, no Starship or Mannequin
Plenty fish, I'm the Kraken to these capelin
Godbody like Zeus wit' thunder cracklin'
Go the distance like Heracles, no Capuchin
Could ever stop my show, bruh -- I'm not panickin'
My nerves are steel, my nerves are ice
Frozen Fiji water in my veins; man this nerd is nice
See I can top anything that these herbs'll write
So you can't knock Fineprint, yeah you heard it right

Heh... can't knock Fineprint, you heard it right...
Track Name: On My Life / HELPLESS (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"On My Life / HELPLESS"

Verse 1:
Niggaz bein' humble, shit still ain't make 'em none
All they do is fumble, get the pass an' can't fuckin' run
Runnin' off they yap, but to a king, they some fuckin' pawns
Gotta let 'em know that, I gotta let 'em know that
Shiiiit, this ain't nada to a e-e-e-e-e-expert
Listenin' to a muthafuckin' master a-a-a-a-a-at work
Ain't shit sweet, but y'all lookin' like that de-es-sert
Fuck - how I do mine, need to focus on ya' ne-et-worth
Bitchez love to say, that I'm wastin' my time
29 an' still ain't signed, but my patience is fine
Slow an' steady win that race, bruh I patiently grind
Picture perfect, fuckin' worth it, came to take what is mine
Still waters run deep, it's a beast beneath the eloquence
More than worth my weight on beats, like eighteen elephants
Tippin' the scale, Heaven help us before I rip into Hell
Listen up -- sixteens, rippin' 'em well

Oh my God, looka here, here's another one
Pro'lly thinkin' right now "Where this brotha from?"
Here it come, here it come, yes -- another one
On my life, I swear: you gon' feel it, son
Jettin' like a thief in the night, yo
Momma didn't know she raised a psycho
Here me spazzin' on tracks, cold as ice flow
Yeah I put that right there on my life, bro


Throwin' rocks then go an' hide ya hands, huh?
Betcha think ya' tough standin' right beside ya' mans, huh?
'Til a nigga catch you one-on-one, get felled quick
'Cause I ain't buyin' that shit, I know ya' helpless

Verse 2:
Never competition, murder in the first degree
Sicker than a veteran pedo up in a nursery
Niggaz better know the protocol 'fore they come versus me
Rip the gristle out of WHOEVER thinkin' they Hercules
'Cause Hercules be really He Who Writes the Heat
That's me; no need for anger translated by Keegan Michael Key
'Cause I show plenty aggression, you needn't fight wit' me
Muthafuck that freestyle shit, beat me wit' writin', G
Come off the top all you want -- ya' frees ain't intricate
Be leavin' ignorant, end up freezin' when you seein' Print
I'll leave a imprint, the reminder? - I'll be back for ya' spot
'Til then, sit back an' relax, shut ya' trap -- you yack a lot
Fools, thought I was down, raised the ground up under 'em
Tore 'em asunder for slumberin', hunger turned to ten

Track Name: Bring Back The Witty [Over Lloyd Banks' "Increase The Gritty" Instrumental}
"Bring Back The Witty"

Y'all been sufferin' long enough, look what they spewin' at you
It's good that kid Print is back to send a new one at you
I got more verses than the Book of Matthew
Fuck bars, I'm droppin' 50 ft. solid gold Buddha statues
Dude I'll smash you; none of ya raps stick wit' me
+Nick+ wit' me another, I will snap Stick Stickly
Yeah, I know I'm too damn nit-picky
But it's 'cause these new cats gettin' out-rapped by Sam Witwicky
Hol' up, fam let's get busy, SAVAAR's gettin' lit
But they still sleepin' like my flow's a barbiturate
On God, I'm wit' the shit, oh God, don't diss the kid
I'm so hard, you get the dick, that's no pause -- you listened, kid
It's been hinted at, I'm a legend in the making
29 projects, get obsessed wit' what I'm making
A seven in the ranking, but aimin' for five or better
Got me strivin' more than ever, to survive an' weather
The storm, full-steam ahead, watch the dough mount
As the king/King pens it like Richard Bachman or Thad Beaumount
The kid's... head an' shoulders above the rest
An' like Simone Biles wit' Shaq, you barely come up to my chest
I could be another Budden, another Bank$, another Andretti
You cannot can Eddie
Cannot ban or threaten me, stop playin' an' sweatin' me
Not playin' or frettin', B; stop playin' wit' weaponry
'Cause the safety is off, you might spray at ya' thoughts
An' Print is a .38 -- turn ya' brains into sauce
You actin' like I ain't gon' kill 'em all
All these lines in my mind, but I ain't gon' spill 'em all
Seal 'em off, they can't come an' beseech me
Dyin' for a feature, frauds runnin' to greet me
The lames couldn't beat me, tried to force me to forfeit
But my wordplay's galactic an' it knocked 'em outta orbit
Got - more shit to crush 'em wit', tell 'em pick they poison
These them bars from the kid, runnin' through my organs
Be somethin' called skill, these fools tend to lack it nowadays
Nepotism only reason for their backin' nowadays
I'm - back up out that haze, rejuvenated, refocused
Let my people go, or I'll bring a plague of locusts
Upon the lecherous oafs wit' no lyrics
Bramble-headed morons, killin' ya' spirit
You - hear it on the regular, it be that bad
But I'm a tough muthafucka, Marine stepdad
So, rest in peace to Proof an' all who kept it gritty
Fineprint is done, I had to bring back the witty
Track Name: No Option (#FEARLESS) [Over A Beat By The MeKanics & Kanye West}
"No Option (#FEARLESS)"

I am not afraid, fears are forgotten
Gotta get this paper, baby, rap's my only option, girl
Once I get paid, fix all our problems
Grind like I never did, there's no other option, yeah

Verse 1:
Line up my haters to shit on
It's Fineprint, I'm just tryna get on
Fuck all them bitches y'all hit on
I got me the baddest, my chick's cold
She's badder than average, my chick's gold
Gonna get a diamond once I get on
Gonna keep her shinin' wit' a sick glow
'Cause the guy you hear rhymin' got a sick flow
Yo, so clap for a nigga wit' his rappin' ass
Or you can toast for a nigga, even boast for a nigga
No matter what you do, just make sure it's done wit' love
An' send prayers to The Man above
It's been 12 years, lotta tears an' grief
12 years, ears to beats
Puttin' Pentel to Mead, that's pencil to sheet
Only used pens to strike-out an' delete
Got too much talent for a mediocre life; too much skill, never mediocre write
Niggaz think Fine all mediocre; 'til he come an' they meet the ogre, right?
15 minutes of fame, I need to soak up the light, tell my momma Benjamin will soak up her tears
Soak up the pain an' stress; keep ya' lips sealed on what you can't address


Verse 2:
King-sized, but I ain't for sleepin'
Sleep on me? Inconvenient greetin'
A wake-up call, to wake up y'all
It's my time to shine, you better wake up, dawg (Better wake up)
No more setbacks, can't take a loss
So any opposition out, gotta take 'em off
I take off/Takeoff, no Offset or Quavo
Flyin' high, off set, not AWOL
See my girl told me she tired (I feel you, baby!), livin' paycheck to paycheck
An' I overstand that, so understand that, I'll do anything for these rubberband stacks
Prayin' for a deal, where that hunnid grand at? Or that hunnid mil' at? Can you dummies feel that?
I been livin' in squalor, need a fistful of dollars, not a dismal tomorrow
Fuck punchlines, I speak the real; time's of the essence, need to build
Stack it all up, shit's bleak fa'real; roll up on 'em like lunch time, eat they meal
I'm down on my luck an' I need to chill, uhn, get that weight off my shoulders
On my last buck, if I receive this deal? Muhfucka, game over

Track Name: It's Nothin' / #LOST: Finding A Way (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"It's Nothin' / #LOST: Finding A Way"

Verse 2:
Look, it is nothin', I just keep on doin' me
All that pressure you applyin' only shapin' up my G
So, keep up that hatin', 'cause one day you gon' see
A legend walk among y'all, that king you can't be
E'rybody countin' a nigga out before he even start
The support for me is so half-ass, won't do they part
To spread the word about ya' boy, pro'lly bad mouth ya' boy
Crabs in a bucket, y'all can sho'll do without ya' boy
If you ain't helpin', you hinderin', you ain't praisin', you hatin'
You ain't here by my side, then you tryin' my patience
I say I trust what you sayin', far as I can propel you
Can't even fling you wit' one hand, ain't shit else to tell you
All I got in this world, are my word an' my balls
An' I always keep my word, that's a urgency, dawg
See, I ain't the greatest, I am perfectly flawed
But makin' sick-ass tunes, don't get a third of applause
When I spout out the gullet, 'cause I'm pissed off at y'all
Y'all be actin' like I committed murder
Ain't - doin' this for nothin', there's a purpose over all
But I guess my goals are nothin' in the eyes of all of y'all

**gunshot and scream**

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
But factually, I'm a fatherless child, too much that bothers me now
Well fuck that shit, this speech is sodomy now
Wit' anger internalized, still hard calmin' me down
The beast within awaketh, heard the call of the wild
Had to come in raw, too many faulty an' mild
Before one walks, yo, he must crawl like a child
Wit' crabs in a cesspool, how you crawl out the bile?
Trials an' tribulations, both altered my smile
12 years of preparation, how I altered my style
You can take any road, but can't alter the miles
You'll get there when you get there -- keep walkin' it, pal
But me? Heh... still lost in the crowd
Deadass, like Nicki's donk wit' rigor mortis, flossin' a shroud
Uhn, life's a bitch, took my heart just to toss it around
Hopefully get it back, 'fore I'm tossed in the ground

Ooooh hey, a ooooh
I'm trying to decide
Which way to go
I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere
Ooooh hey, a ooooh
I'm trying to decide
Which way to go
I think I made a wrong turn back there, back there, back there...

**track fades out**
Track Name: #KnowUCantRap: A Quick Lesson [Over A Beat By Sha Money XL}
"#KnowUCantRap: A Quick Lesson"

These young fools, always open they face about me
You chil'en shouldn't be talkin' like that
How half of you - managed to - get put on, I can't see
E'rybody know you can't rap
Now I - don't - know what you heard about me
But kiddo don't make me spazz
If you - get on - some bullshit tryna diss me
You muhfuckaz know you can't rap

M-Town, boy -- you're now listenin' to The Finest
That unsigned, diamond in the rough, call me ya' highness
Hell yeah I'm feelin' myself, the point of confidence
If I don't feel I'm hot, how they gon' wanna fuck wit' it?
I've seen these morons lately, steppin' outta bounds
Babies claimin' they hate me, got that Special Ed sound
Ain't talkin' Edward Archer, more like Bobby Fletcher's cuzzo
Most def cleverly sharper, should pro'lly let ya' buzz go
+The Truth+ like Landalious, misread like my alias
You should stay in ya' lane, lackin' lyrical sapience
A Ultra-Sapien, my catalog/Catalog varies like Ellis Baker
Goin' HAM is Eddie's hellish nature
Level up an' take ya', see Fine develops major
Designed to never fade 'cause, Fine develops greater
Tryna develop paper without losin' sense of self
Idiots sold their souls, used for a inch of wealth
Was taught to fend for self, I can ride the roughest currents
Small things to a GIANT, rebuff, deterrent
So far from fiction, recognize facts
Fineprint came through to show you kids how to rap

Track Name: Trump Talk, Print Talk (Remix of Future's "Stick Talk")
Hook A(x1):
Separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk

Verse 1:
Feel my story anywhere near over, sadly mistaken
I get down, then get back up again; you know what's in the makin'
A got damn LEGEND, that same damn feelin'
I get it e'ry time I go in, Print be killin'
Plannin' for the future while focusin' on the present
Still learnin' from the past, kiss my ass if you present
That's a lil' Kanye-izm; Happy New Year to my enemies
Don't know what to do wit' themselves -- Smalls, ya' killin' me
I'm on here talkin' Trump talk, hung/Hong like Duck sauce
Swagger, do a Trump walk -- man, you heard the fuckin' boss
Never lovin' hoes, let a trick get wrong
I, grab her by the pussy, hang her up by her thong

Hook B(x1):
You, separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk
Measure me by all that I accomplish 'cause I do deserve it
Focused on the present, seek the past for higher learnin'
Separate the winners from the losers, world keeps turnin'
Boy, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk

Verse 2:
But now it's time to talk that Print talk, that Print talk
Ya' know, all I do is shit talk, that shit talk
That "talkin' so much shit, can't stop it wit' a mint" talk
"Be talkin' so much shit, I'm bound to get hit" talk
Talkin' so much shit 'cause I feel I'm a KING
Heavy is the head wit' the crown, kiss the ring
Goin' nowhere fast, yet to hit the scene
But that Print talk?-- It be fresh as Listerine

Hook B(x1)

I make my work more pleasurable, sever the stress out
I feel I'm too incredible, I'm ever left out?
I go in shittin' on whoever, give no F 'bout
The losers whinin' 'bout my win -- kick 'em the F out

Hook C(x1):
Separate the winners from the losers by a twist of fate
Sometimes best investments are those you don't make
Look, I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Ya boy out here thinkin' big, do my Trump walk
Measure me by all that I accomplish 'cause I do deserve it
Makin' Hip-Hop great again, such a selfless service
I'm just talkin' Trump talk, that Trump talk
Wit' Print talk mixed in, now back the fuck off
Track Name: Carry On (If This Ain't What You Like...) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By Nottz & Kanye West}
"Carry On (If This Ain't What You Like...) <Interlude>"

If you're a fan of Fineprint, then this what you've been waitin' for
Gon' head an' worship, meet me later on Satan's floor
Took forever to drop, certainly worth the wait an' more
Gettin' jewels from a GOAT, certainly worth my weight, for sure
Mic in my palm, sights on the 'zon
That's horizon for all you tykes lookin' dumb
Index an' thumb L-shaped, wit' my tongue
Blowin' raspberries at you fools, cough a lung
An' pass a kidney stone 'cause he dope wit' the shit he on
Reppin' that Nueve Cero Uno, not one to throw pity on
Natural game like Deck, plus he's witty an' on
His shit, time to make the city known
An' spread the word 'bout Print, like a virus
The Finest One, won't can dis/Candice like the chick who plays Iris
On "The Flash", or I'll bring the gust in/Gustin
'Cause all these other niggaz that rap bring it disgustin'
Why all these other niggaz that rap be main discussion?
'Cause all these other niggaz that rap the main disruption
This ain't my introduction, did that 5 years ago
Was +carefree+ wit' third degree burns in high stereo
Keep gettin' better, improve wit' time
Fermentin' bars in my wine cellar, of whoopass
Still room for improvement, in the mood to rhyme
All night, on this beat, spit the coolest lines
Nah, I ain't the best, but, I'm above the avvy
A semi-phenom, meaner, than Mark Cally
Oops, I mean Calaway, my mind went - that a way
This beat is sayin' don't hurt me no more, like Haddaway
Aces an' eights, do it the Luke Gallow way
A Dead man's hand when the cards are played, I have to say
Shots to the back of the head like James Hickok
Should've got the fuck out of Dodge, got ya shit rocked
Nah, this ain't no Emo Rap -- this Hip-Hop
Pink cookies an' severed ears crushed up in a ziplock
Writin' what you won't, tight, in my zone
If this ain't what you like, carry on...
Track Name: Gunplay Wordplay [Over A Beat By Emile}
"Gunplay Wordplay"

The hand that I write these bars wit', also has the trigger finger
A hair trigger, itchin' like a case of Seborrheic Dermatitis
Ready to unload on those who slander
Reprimand 'em wit' a fully loaded clip
That's 16, an' this the 5th bullet
The 6th bullet, comin' right behind it
Chompin' at ya' ear like Evander's, 'fore I can finish the rhyme scheme
That I started, it's goin' R-R-R-R-R-RAT!
That gun sound's retarded
Hollowtip rounds that be rockin' them Special Ed helmets
While you niggaz out here goin' dumb wit' the dummy rounds
So inert, when you burst, I hear tummy sounds
An' I don't mean that Thompson sub-machine
Assumptions of what I mean, get you crushed up in between
The bars that come out in succession, I succeed in firin'
Another after another wit' no signs of expirin'
Give these fools a L, like a 50-round drum
Deliver dudes to Hell, they like "Really? How come?"
You know you weren't a angel, all that dirt that you did
Had enough to bury you under, less work for the kid
I'm pretty docile, in my e'ryday life
Humble wit' a closed mouth, unless I'm on that mic
One of the illest to do it, always prove it
Stick my dick into these tracks, bussin' nuts of blazin' music
An' it's never too hype, my homies blazin' to it
Keep it lit like Khalifa an' Andretti
You not ready for Eddie to go off, like police abusin' power
Black lives that didn't matter to that propellant an' gunpowder
Hands up, don't shoot
You niggaz gettin' loud, but ya' guns on mute
An' when I talk about guns, I'm talkin' 'bout rhymes
An' y'alls ain't got a streak of shit on none of mine
Yeah, follow me as I spit this fanatical fiasco
Of firearm similes an' metaphors in my ammo
Respect to Nickel 9, I hope I did this justice
Heard the drums an' melody, then rhymes started rushin'
To the forefront of my brain, so I'm fully focused
No hocus, I'm that dope; none of my peers can come close
It's - somethin' magnificent, that happens wit' my written shit
May borrow some lines, but never on no bitten shit
I am not a shark, that is forbidden shit
But niggaz might be comin' after me like I'm the Black Ian Ziering
You are hearing "Bars From The Kid, Volume Two"
This is "Gunplay Wordplay", Print is through
Track Name: E'rything I Love / Nutz Ain't Big (Snippets) [Prod. by KxNG-PRxNT}
"E'rything I Love / Nutz Ain't Big"


(Come on!)

Verse 1:
Got skill burnin' in my body
Drive went from Chevy to Maserati
Flows an' hooks steady comin', mind open like a hotel lobby
If you write it, they will come, just make sure you body
E'rything, don't leave a single drum alive
When I'm finished, only the bars I spit will survive
I want e'rything due to me
For e'ry spiteful thing they do to me, or did to me
I gotta do it, like I never done it, overdo it
Execute, e'ry single naysayer through the music
Just wanna move up to diamonds from the cubics
Move up to a mansion, recline in a jacuzzi
I - just wanna live life, not mediocrity
Smack the lungs out whoever believin' this just a hobby, B
Told y'all it's nothin'-- fake friends won't stop him
Write a 16 if you got a problem

Cross my heart an' hope to die, on e'rything I love
Nothin' will ever come between me an' what I does
You can get that notarized by the Man above
Who I became ain't a thang like who I was
See I'm tellin' you now, on e'rything I love
You could never come between me an' what I does
Go an' get that notarized by the Man above
I am nothin' at all like who I was, dawg...

Verse 2:
Now, let me repeat: I'm a champion
Any corner that I'm backed up in
Just immediately, presents a door of opportunity
By now you'd think the Devil had learned not to screw wit' me
But Satan is stubborn, an' - so am I


(Part two!)

Verse 1:
You either get stepped on or step against me
Without a rep this long, you can't convince me
Still gettin' slept on, should reset history
Take 'em back to 2014, refresh memories
That yackin' you do? It's fuel in my balloon
Hot air-powered; caught in cross-hairs, now ya stares go downward
Afraid to look, snake eyes to the loser
Vaffanculo to ya ruler, he's nothin' but a tool
I'm the shit, drippin' sauce, man that's nothin' but the stool
What is writ, it is boss, man that's nothin' but the cool
Fuckin' up these fools, buncha fuck niggaz dyin'
Dump 'em off in plots, why these suckas keep tryin'
To stop a Juggernaut, get crushed in my pathway
Battlin' wit' the handicap, still can't meet me halfway
Can't beat me nann day, pump them brakes
'Cause you won't get a chance to erase that mistake

I gotta say it: Y'all nutz ain't big at all
Fuck how you feel about that statement, I ain't sayin' pause
Gone talk that talk -- ain't shit you sayin' raw
Pump ya' brakes real quick, 'fore you take a loss

**gunshot and laugh**
Track Name: The Moves (#FOCUSED) <Interlude> [Over A Beat By Questlove & Kamal Gray}
"The Moves (#FOCUSED) <Interlude>"

Hook A(X1):
Some of y'all perplexed by how I do it
Agile wit' the style, versatile movement
All across the board wit' all my music
I don't just talk this, kid I prove it

Verse 1:
It's like one-two one-two, I'm on it from the AM to the PM
That's daybreak up to vespertide
Writin' vicious rhymes, niggaz sprayin' pesticide
Playin' buddy wit' masks on, out to kill my buzz
But I still keep goin', no amount of struggle
Will stop how I persevere, got that Hercules muscle
Assassination shot wit' no muzzle
An' I'm aimin' at the top
Body drop, by-standers puzzled
That's what you get for rubberneckin'
Now I'm re-tuckin' my weapon, start fuckin' forgettin'
E'rything you just saw, man
I'm on some ignorant shit, gotta be that way
Only wanna blow up, gotta see that day
So if I fuckin' go Pop, don't trip, you knew the day was comin'
Ain't nobody sellin' out over here
Stayin' true on some Nelly Furtado shit
Still pissed Ms. Creswell fucked me out my scholarship
Unknown rappers got alotta lip
Man, grab that Clorox an' swallow it

Hook A(X1)

Hook B(x1):
Now - listen up, pay attention, watch how I move
Got my focus back, you can't wreck my groove
Where yo' focus at? Done lost yo' mojo
My nigga that's a no-no
Now listen up, pay attention, watch how I move
Got my focus back, you can't wreck my groove
Where yo' focus at? C'mon...

Hook A(x1)
Track Name: #SaNMFD, Pt. II: More Fineprint Music [Over A Beat By The Heatmakerz} **Bonus Track**
"#SaNMFD, Pt. II: More Fineprint Music"

It's - Fineprint on his shit, all y'all can suck a dick
Es-pecially the haters, tell 'em back up off me quick
I've been bidin' all my time, savin' bars for this rhyme
Finally ready to let 'em go -- fuck wit' me, slime
Fake friends thought they left me for dead, but I's back
An' comin', to get my revenge on this track
Don't matter how long we've known each other, cut no slack
Only throats wit' the knives y'all lodged in my back
Now, some might - say I'm - overreactin'
Callin' me pussy, claimin' it's the ovaries actin'
But ain't nada in me feminine, no traces of estrogen
Adrenaline rush through my bars, written wit' a Epipen
If you still sleepin' on me? This yo' sleep paralysis
An' I hope you can't recover after this
For half-ass support, props I knew you wouldn't give
Gettin' mad when I diss people you think I shouldn't, kid
You've known for years Trell: I always say names
Fuck those, who don't like it, y'all just lames
Like, these muthafuckaz who walked away
Simply 'cause, I back Trump, ain't that a shame?
It's cool though, plenty other fish in the sea
Really don't want Libtards listenin' to me
Speakin' of, a fuck you to bitchez in my friends list
Mad 'cause I don't like these borin' Conscious nitwits
Broads lackin' personality, no need tellin' 'em
Only things poppin' are their bodies an' melanin
An' only 15 percent seem intelligent
The rest so fuckin' stupid that statin' such is irrelevant