Call Me King II: The EP

by Fineprint Misread

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Just like last year, giving you a preview of what's to come next year which is the sequel to "Call Me King: The Mixtape", "Call Me King II". So, until then, #ENJOY "Call Me King II: The EP" and #VIBE. #GetFamiliar


released December 30, 2016

Fearless Heights / #TGL Recordings



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: WORDS OF A KING (#BredToWin) [Over A Beat By AraabMuzik}
"WORDS OF A KING (#BredToWin)"

I've been dreamin' all my life, it's 'bout time I fuckin' wake up
I'm genitive wit' Hip-Hop, possessed it in my makeup
See I'm alive... but I ain't livin' yet
More than a decade goin' in, why he ain't in it yet?
Yeah, that's the million dollar question
Maybe I'm goin' at it wrong, what's your suggestion?
Goin' against my grain/migraine, stock up Excedrin
'Cause off top, you fuckin' wit' a wiz/Wiz like Sledgren
An' I be feelin' myself, don't need MDMA
Grillin' myself, no briquettes or propane
Some rappers come off the top, I'd rather use the Rogaine
My way or the highway, an' my way, has no lanes
I mean, you can't stop a nigga in a jetpack
The melanated Cliff Secord, stunt on you once I get back
An' sadly, won't be many who will get that
So later on, I'll look back an' wish I never writ that
The homie Chris Reed said I remind him of Budden
So it's only right, I hop on beat, rhymin' like Budden
An' I don't mean wit' his flow, I mean, bein' vulnerable
Music helps my mood, unload the truth
Been a lot of love lost wit' me an' certain figures
Wishin' they were figments of my imagination
No exaggeration when I say I get on track an' murder niggaz
Lift the skirt of niggaz throwin' shade on aspirations
Take 'em back to '06, that's when Proof died
Shook me to my core, I sat up an' cried
Wishin' I could go back, catch all four slugs
In the Triple C Club, prevent the spillage of blood
'Cause that year, lost one of my favorite emcees
An' Mario, lost a cousin, it didn't have to be
Lost another fave later, not a physical death
But I could tell Shady died inside when Proof left
So, let's go back to when I was 9
Or better yet, let's go back to when I was lyin'
15, thought I was gangsta, but truthfully
I wasn't 'bout street life, stop confusin' me
Shit nigga, I train Pokemon an' read comic books
But don't mistake me for a pussy, never been shook
I'm a smart guy, know when I'm in over my head
So if it ain't worth the risk, a cheek is turned instead
Still tell you kiss my ass, have you turnin' red
You mad? Nigga go earn some bread
Still sleepin' on me? Get burned in bed
Literally, an' sexually; discern what's said
These are the words of a king, born to lose pitifully
But bred to win through heartache an' hardship, B
On a Triple Crown Hike, ain't no mountain high enough
An' I can go the distance like I'm Hercules, climbin' up
Can't get no lower than now, so I keep risin' up
Then Dougie on these haters, later, once my paper pilin' up
Yeah... it's Fineprint... Call Me King... Two...
Track Name: No Option (#KingWitNoFear) [Over A Beat By The MeKanics & Kanye West}
"No Option (#KingWitNoFear)"

I am not afraid, fears are forgotten
Gotta get this paper, baby, rap's my only option, girl
Once I get paid, fix all our problems
Grind like I never did, there's no other option, yeah

Verse 1:
Line up my haters to shit on
It's Fineprint, I'm just tryna get on
Fuck all them bitches y'all hit on
I got me the baddest, my chick's cold
She's badder than average, my chick's gold
Gonna get a diamond once I get on
Gonna keep her shinin' wit' a sick glow
'Cause the guy you hear rhymin' got a sick flow
Yo, so clap for a nigga wit' his rappin' ass
Or you can toast for a nigga, even boast for a nigga
No matter what you do, just make sure it's done wit' love
An' send prayers to The Man above
It's been 12 years, lotta tears an' grief
12 years, ears to beats
Puttin' Pentel to Mead, that's pencil to sheet
Only used pens to strike-out an' delete
Got too much talent for a mediocre life; too much skill, never mediocre write
Niggaz think Fine all mediocre; 'til he come an' they meet the ogre, right?
15 minutes of fame, I need to soak up the light, tell my momma Benjamin will soak up her tears
Soak up the pain an' stress; keep ya' lips sealed on what you can't address


Verse 2:
King-sized, but I ain't for sleepin'
Sleep on me? Inconvenient greetin'
A wake-up call, to wake up y'all
It's my time to shine, you better wake up, dawg (Better wake up)
No more setbacks, can't take a loss
So any opposition out, gotta take 'em off
I take off/Takeoff, no Offset or Quavo
Flyin' high, off set, not AWOL
See my girl told me she tired (I feel you, baby!), livin' paycheck to paycheck
An' I overstand that, so understand that, I'll do anything for these rubberband stacks
Prayin' for a deal, where that hunnid grand at? Or that hunnid mil' at? Can you dummies feel that?
I been livin' in squalor, need a fistful of dollars, not a dismal tomorrow
Fuck punchlines, I speak the real; time's of the essence, need to build
Stack it all up, shit's bleak fa'real; roll up on 'em like lunch time, eat they meal
I'm down on my luck an' I need to chill, uhn, get that weight off my shoulders
On my last buck, if I receive this deal? Muhfucka, game over