#BFTK (Bars From The Kid​)​, Vol. 1

by Fineprint Misread aka Sick-Azz Versez

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Just various flows of mine that have been released from 2014 to now in 2016. Take a journey through my various stages of rage and lyrical creativity. Take notice of my improvement. And, oh-- Happy Halloween.


released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Fineprint Misread Memphis, Tennessee

Born January 11, 1988 in Memphis, TN; Eddie White (Known as Fineprint Misread) always wanted to be entertainer. Whether it was through acting, poetry or music, he knew he wanted to shine. He started out with aspirations of being a comic book artist and poet, but the poetry part soon turned into rapping. At the present time, he's perfecting his craft as an artist. Stay tuned. ... more

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Track Name: #IKillShit Pt. 2 (0 to 100)
"#IKillShit Pt. 2 (0 to 100)"

Fineprint stay on some trill shit
Keep it real hot, sparks jumpin' off my grill, shit
Fuck niggaz be on that rap wit'out a mil' shit
An' I don't feel that shit, they need to kill that shit
Look nigga, this rap shit ain't just a meal ticket
Can I live tho? Or can you live wit' it?
I'm here now, you gotta deal wit' it
Go against the grain 'til it turn to whole wheat, an' have a field wit' it
Oh my bad, I mean have a field day
They be on my +Cloud+ all the time 'cause they don't get no +Real Play+
I still say, I'm the hottest, nigga ix-nay
On who you fuckin' think the best, let them wolf tix lay
Where they may, just like the chips fallin'
Success got my number, man I swear she keep callin'
I keep fallin', y'all niggaz just keep stallin'
You keep talkin', glass house, see all in
I'm just a Southern nigga, yearnin' nigga, keep it burnin', nigga
Olympic Torch feelin', world keeps turnin', nigga
You gotta discern the truth to get ya earnings, nigga
Now back up an' check ya space like kernin', nigga
I'm on a roll, tryna stack faces like a totem pole
Holy moly, hail mary; baby, look what's on my scroll
Sold my soul, 15 minutes, shit was bogus tho
Now kick rocks, open-toed; force my hand, I overload
They say my fuckin' ego fuckin' overblown
But I've been at this shit for years, mostly on my own
In 2010, was rockin' wit' Chris an' Trell
Went sour, said I'ma get it by myself
Fast forward, now I run wit' TGL
My niggaz Ghost an' GORV, we gon' bring these niggaz hell
Lookin' towards the future where I can say I did it well
Can only go diamond, fuck gettin' shelved
Heh... I'm goin' in like Splinter Cell
Y'all overt, man I swear I keep it covert
10 years should look better for a introvert
Fast cars an' bad bitches, gettin' in a skirt
I wanna whip a Maserati, make that shit just skerrrr!
I wanna shit on old allies, make them niggaz hurt
I wanna go so fuckin' hard to where they have to work
Way harder, way smarter, or be on the run like Bey Carter
The Wayfarer, travel dirt
Niggaz bitin' dust ain't half my worth
I swear I never fuck around, but competition nymphos
Feelin' I'm the illest out of all my fuckin' kinfolk
Goin' the distance, Hercules wit' the bars
Listen to the words, certainly goin' far
Think you murkin' me? Not at all
Who else you know comin' back like a Saiyan everytime his fuckin' back's against the

No more dealin' wit' these fuck niggaz
I love the game but would never say fuck figures
Gotta make a profit, praise ain't enough, nigga
Do it on my own to show you I don't give a fuck, nigga

0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick; trill shit when I kill shit
0 to 100 nigga, real quick
Real quick, real fuckin' quick, nigga
Track Name: Prepare For Reactive Adaptation
Make a nigga swallow his pride-- straight, no chaser
No competition, only elevators to the paper
I mean, these niggaz 'round me nice, but they ain't 'bout it
I'm nice as in proper, not a stain on me like Docker's
Was in my lab under preservation, fresh out the stasis pod
Rip the EKG pads from my arm
Red alert, there goes alarm
But everything's irie, nothin' can tire me
You admire me, face facts or suffer disfigurement
Niggaz overbite the style, tear a periodontal ligament
Cold world, even colder heart
Right ventricle creates blizz-ards
Bizarre as Bizarro talkin' backwards, remain brick hard
So cocky that my dick hard
Lay on a bitch, brainstorm on her thunder thighs
Write rhymes wit' fire in my eyes, blood pourin' from the skies
Change disguise, shift shape like Max Steel
I'm that real from bricks to vials, base in the flesh getcha caps peeled
Back... like we makin' pelts
Backstrokin' in the mainstream, gold on the neck like Mike Phelps

Heh... yeah, I ain't done...

I got the gall, now these niggaz bladders sour
Pissed off an' irate at the man of the hour
Fuck it, I'm more like the father of time
Evolvin', 7:30 to ya quarter to 9
Crazy, insane, membrane open like Cobain
Benoit when I murk my sons, they wanna end moi
Okay, that line was in poor taste
Fuck it, eat the baby food an' rock ya bitter face
The say Fineprint always comin' wit' them battle lines
Y'all never respond to my conscious bars
So I opened up the backpack, pulled out the gauntlet
Infinity none, cut niggaz down short since they jaunted
Their way in this game
I came to reign/rain like King Kai on a nimbus
I'm on Mt. Olympus, fuck them niggaz
Start up the symphony, let the trumpets blast some syphilis
A lil' bit of string play, like this an' like that
Violins, graphic violence, pilin' on as violent winds
Blow thru the district wit' swiftness
Revealin' runes that are cryptic, hidden in my flesh
We can't agree, you lack the kismet
All on my dick, like gang signs, you got it twisted
I craft jewels then flood like Gilgamesh
Fuck ya record sales, I'm still the best
Swag can't win a war, this ain't Rip the Runway
Fuck Balenciagas, I'm plenty hotter
Still raw wit' the cut like Benihanas...

Heh... an' that's that, that's that...
Track Name: Prima Materia (#ThoughtsofaGIANT, Pt. 2)
"Prima Materia (#ThoughtsofaGIANT, Pt. 2)"

Headphones on, music blarin'; I don't give a care
All the bullshit's irrelevant, siphon nigga's air
I'm a Titan wit' a python's grip, enlightened on some heightened shit
Comin' wit' the bars, rawer spit than Mike Tyson lisp
Caught up in the hype an' shit, should trademark an' license it
Landmark when I'm writin' it; my spine, heart an' pipe in it
Bars that I entice 'em wit', put me on lists when they are writin' it
Duly noted, fools hopin' that I'm overhypin' it
God body like Zeus throwin' Cronus in Tarturus
Go nuts when I start it up
Drop it like a deuce, sho nuff ain't nann hard as us
Put me in ya groups, have they nasal hairs drawin' up
They know they smell the shit, had streaks since Underoos
Bruh, I have come to rule, expansion pack wit' tons of tools
Okay you a goblin, what's that when it comes to ghouls?
Hauntin' we will go, ooga booga, spook you fuckin' fools
Hocus pocus, locus of control; double double, toil an' trouble
Bitch, hail me like Macbeth
Shakespeare mixed wit' Lovecraft, scribin' like Metatron
Azathoth cometh, terrorize like Megatron
Maximize like Silverbolt an' Cheetor
This +Beast Wars+, hope you are feelin' dope as before
High off my esteem, breathin' in the ether
Jesus be a black man, you niggaz worship Caesar
A nigga keep the Azoth in the hilt of his katana
I can heal the sick or kill 'em for their dishonor
My work ethic strict, I stick to a code of honor
Keep it raw, no time for prima donnas
Muromachi era shogun, keep my cool like Ashikaga
Zen like Soseki, peace still like water
Got the strength of lava, lungs fill wit' volcanic ash
Foes wanna challenge Typhlosion wit' the Fire Blast
Vine Whip niggaz like a pissed off Venusaur
A fuckin' gladiator, the reason they got arenas for
Bring a sacrifice, start slayin' the lamb
Nigga show me all the love for what I say that I am
Ya flows ain't even nice, stop claimin' they HAM
'Cause them bars don't stick like you sprayed 'em wit' Pam
Fuck y'all niggaz like a blue X wit' stars in it
I'm the whole show, man I deserve applause wit' it
Track Name: CAREFUL! (Of My Wrath), Pt. 1
"CAREFUL! (Of My Wrath), Pt. 1"

Headphones on, you know the music still blarin'
I used to give a fuck, but now still not carin'
Ever since the last time I - dropped a verse
I got more dead weight, so I'm in need of a hearse
Made a group on Facebook, an' muhfuckaz love to lurk
Never sayin' a word, I thought you loved my work?
4th quarter when they show up, an' have the nerve
To wanna join in the tailgate, but get that curve
Talks on tastes always end in a stalemate
When broads see I'm right about rap, go for a failsafe
Half of y'all spend ya time bumpin' asinine
Crabs in a bucket tryna climb wit' some weak-ass battle lines
Overly emotional hippies wit' nappy hair
Faggot rappers pop up everywhere
Niggaz get a buzz an' wanna offer advice
But I - needs it none, you not that nice
In one lil' ear, to the heart, didn't at all cry
But got pissed over a small fry
Wit' the tiny Coke on the side, you a Kid's Meal
Only reason you open is for the prize
From here on out, it's a wrap like hair rags
If y'all - showed love, you could be in my will/wheel like airbags
But nah, punk muhfuckaz ain't tryna help me out this cesspool
Just see me as a jester -- cool
Truthfully, I cry tears of a clown
An' since everybody plays the fool
I'm shittin' on all y'all, even my girl
If you ain't checkin' out the hot shit -- sit an' twirl
Yeah... an' that's the way I feel
I see a lot of y'all lie about gettin' the appeal
Of the Dirty South Juggernaut, Mid-South Maniac
Lyrical brainiac, look how insane he act
'Cause somethin' in his head went (SNAP! SNAP!)
His peace of mind went (SNAP! SNAP!)
Somethin' in his head went (SNAP! SNAP!)
Like food benefits... yo...
Speakin' of benefits, you get what you put in
Heavy time for me, can't get a thousand spins
They say - I shouldn't even complain
But I've been at it too long -- so stand in the rain
An' cry me river while preachin' to the choir
After 7 mixtapes, should be feelin' the fire
Niggaz like, "Why you talk so first-rate?"
'Cause to be great, my nigga, gotta believe you are great
So if you hearin' this an' feelin' greatly offended
Zero fucks given of how you rate me off in it
Just - take ya device then place me off in it
Put the buds to ya ear then lace them all wit' it
I put - heart in my work, passionate me
Where's the support? Somethin' I'd be happy to see
Maybe my attitude gets all this crap kicked to me
All I know is that I give 'em more sauce than fricassee
My dear, my dear, my dear -- don't end up venison
An' never ever play me for sweet like Entenmann's
When intimate, still smack the shit out bitches, man
Backwards like sehctib, check ya'self fore you send a sentence in
Track Name: #OnMyWayUp (66 Bars)
"#OnMyWayUp (66 Bars)"

Hol' up, nigga hol' up; I'm way up, finger roll into lay-up
Insomniac wit' the grizzle, the hardworkers will stay up
My pen be goin' in -- Curry, Green an' Iguodala
Harder than the hardest, my acapellas be rockin', hoppin' over these artists
Nigga don't start this, fuck ya substance an' modesty
I mean to - show the fuck out wit' my artistry
I step on toes like I'm comin' from the middle of the row
At my 8th bar, drinkin' binge, here's the middle of the flow
No need to pardon me, you niggaz really bore me witcha Conscious nonsense
Steady takin' L's
'Cept them bitches self-served, so hol' that like a school play
I'm on my way up like solar rays on a new day
Don't wanna see me come up, safe sex, contraception
Premature birth, push the head back, he ain't ready yet
Flow, gotta steady that; it's all over the place
Bars bussin' all over ya face
Bitches all over my case -- Benson minus Stabler
In it, can't get out, disappearin' like Malaysia
Air, don't go there -- leave you in the wind
On my way up, like Chilean miners in 2010
Niggaz keep burrowin' but buryin' themselves
Once they hit the River Styx, have 'em ferryin' themselves
Got some fairy in ya'selves, ya sweeter than Lipton Tea
Don't go givin' lip to me, I bypass it to ya teeth
Knuckled up like - Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, I'm ready to clobber ya stomach
Ready to sock 'til ya vomit
Eddie is not at his summit, but once he is, y'all will envy
I'll be so far up, might - burn up on re-entry
On my way up - like girls that's new to givin' head
On the way up to get some air, dudes still give 'em cred
Know she hurtin' on them knees, bruisin' on her legs
She been swallowin' for hours, move her to the bed
Then ooze between her legs, +Daddy Long Stroke+
Just like Dap, Edge an' Grady; rap heads will hate me
That's why - I feel like slappin' a nigga today like Ludacris
Fuckz on some stupid shit, natty-heads in need of tutelage
The MVP, shootin' over 50-40-90
Like that kid from Akron, the shifty start war behind me
Niggaz - ignore the grimey, hardpressed to find jewels
See 'em fly over the heads of fools
Still drop gems on 'em like "Jewel Quest" grids
Fineprint one of the illest, but you knew that kid
Better than those I collab wit' when I do that shit
They hear me on the track an' be like "Who's that kid?"
"IMPROVEMENT SEASON" on the way, it's - in the cocoon
All this wack shit the catalyst, maroons get consumed
Converted into energy, restorin' electrolytes
I'm drinkin' Haterade, just a pint'll get me right
You ain't really that sick wit' the shit you doubters write
Homie gimme that BiC, I'ma toss it outta sight
When you plan on gettin' rich? I hope my time come tonight
So I can stunt on yo' bitch-ass, an' cum on ya wife
Oh Lord, I got a girl, I know; I ain't forgot, nigga
I just can't help it these bitches is hot to trot, nigga
Thighs like Cardi B, ass like K. Michelle
Attitude like Azealia, stank but I love the smell
She can rock a tight dress wit' Timbs an' still kill it; that's a diva
An' when she walk, niggaz have seizures
I love a bad bitch that's slayin' like Rihanna
An' freaky like Adina, ride me in the sauna
All I dream 'bout is stuntin', finessin' in this game
Giuseppe kicks on my feet, loads of ice in the chain
Whippin' a Maserati or Bugatti Veyron
Niggaz wanna save the world, type of shit is they on?
What else to say, son? Gimme cred like the pros
So I can ball 'til I'm weak in the knees like Derrick Rose

Track Name: #NoChill (Fineprint's At 45%)
"#NoChill (Fineprint's At 45%)"

Nigga I ain't got no chill like Arizona in a heatwave
I see several jabronies need to behave
Beware the phonies these days, putas love runnin' they mandible
'Til niggaz stop they pulse/Pulse like the shooter in Orlando
Speak the Breath of Life, but the bars tangible
Palpable; rough textured flow - so tractable
Never trust industry snakes, actin' affable
Grinnin' like the Cheshire Cat wit' grills frangible
Under pressure, though rap is a lesser sport
Fallin' off, so I'm takin' a refresher course
Just takin' time - to get familiarized again
In due time, you'll see that lyrical killer rise again
Losin' my love, in a form I don't recognize
Unnatural to me, an' I'm watchin' wit' naked eyes
I ain't gotta be a XXL - Freshman, I'm in that senior class
Been here for years an' seen 'em pass
As well as come, so my head's on straight, takin' notes
Watchin' these novices take boats
Wit' zero nautical skills, holes in the hull
But I'm in flight like Tuskegee, at night like Must-See T.V.
In fierce electrical storms, fearless in my heart
The bravery seems to - calm me as I depart
See, I ain't got no chill: Fahrenheit 451
I'm - burnin' all ya books wit' gas an' 151
Rum, then make me a Feuerzangenbowle
Celebratin' like Christmas, this boy is a ayatollah
Of rhyme schemes an' wordplay, truly got the gift
So keep Kwanzaa candle - No. 6 lit
On the candelabra, but don't go behind, this ain't Liberace
I'm just liberatin' my mind, you copy?
So roger that, as the - real Hip-Hop attacks
Hip-Hop is back, Print got all ya hearts throbbin' fast
I got the drive, I just need the spunk an' bars to match
Then I'll launch 'em off the map wit' all the other artifacts
Track Name: #TheFuckin901 (Message 4 Da' Shook Ones)
"#TheFuckin901 (Message 4 Da' Shook Ones)"

Niggaz so fake, watch 'em break like plastic in the hand
They can't stomach me, I corrode 'em, turn they gastric into sand
Yeah, he on top now, but I'll be laughin' at ya' man
Pretty soon, on ya' ave, from a Phantom, that's the plan
See I talk to 'em tough, watch me punk 'em out wit' bars
These niggaz couldn't make it wit' the munchkins out in Oz
From a real grimey city, niggaz dumpin' out of cars
The fuckin' 901, where they be pumpin' out the stars
Think we ain't tough, or that the M's a safehaven
Factually, you better off in "Nightmares" by Wes Craven
Suggest you get low - like jet fighters strafe sprayin'
They'll pop you, an' not care less; I'm just sayin'
It's poverty an' drama, trauma an' depression
All these factors mixed together equate heavy aggression
Movin' on impulse, fixated to drastic measures
Unregistered iron tethered to the hip, never severed
The murders keep climbin', an' we only 8 months in
2016, let's annotate that then
Since 2009, shit keeps gettin' thicker
Basically since Herenton left office-- get the picture?
Good an' bad days flicker like lights durin' thunderstorms
Makin' most knuckle under an' conform
The hood'll reform you if you were raised wit' good intentions
Have you switchin' sides on ya' mission
+Bad boys+ in the 9 wanna +shine/Shyne+ like The Commission
Been this way since Project Pat was gorilla pimpin'
Tellin' you get the fuck up off 'em like Gangsta Blac
Keep somethin' tucked, don't get erased off the map
See, I ain't a gangsta, but I ain't no joke either
Don't have me makin' +choices/Choices+ like La'Chat an' T-Rock
Shoutout to Proficient, see we been rockin' since Cross of Calvary
The Mighty M.o.R-- don't cross the calvary
Folks have often doubted me, but now I'm on the path to make it
So - +when the smoke clears+, you gon' see +who run it+
A +Legend in the Making+, +tailor/Taylor made+ like +Da Undaground King+
Sendin' fissures thru the underground scene...

Heh, kiss the ring an' fuckin' crown me..
Track Name: Watch 4 Fineprint (#AnotherACapellaFlow)
"Watch 4 Fineprint (#AnotherACapellaFlow)"

From here on out, it's bars on deck; open season
On all these - armchair critics an' sofa cretins
Aimin' to stop me from livin' life to the fullest like overeatin'
But all they do is - preach to the choir an' quote the deacon
Oldhead flavor, stay fat on track, too dope to squeeze in
Breathtakin', givin' 'em asthma; can't toke for wheezin'
'77 Fairlane ZH theme muzik, gold 150 spoke Sprees spin
As you smoke in the back wit' the black closed Venetians
Keepin' it +kosher+, don't need a YouTube vid wit' Spoken Reasons
A uncontrolled substance thru rhyme, evokin' meanin'
Invoked thru speakin', more muscle gained, now change to another lane
Where I drive them insane wit' the shit I write, no Sutter Cane
Deluxe the pain, damagin' train of thought; MedPlex is a no-go
'Cause I crushed his brain, fragmented the skull-- he's a DedSec logo
Now, run that back in ya' head real quick, digest what I just said
If I ain't one of the illest you heard, then I'm just disgust-ed
I really should have this game sewed up, trussed wit' diamond encrusted thread
But I'll leave that up to the listener, so let the discussion spread
Dig deep in my catalogue, an' if I shall so recommend
Delve into "Please Stand By", "#IWillBeFamous" an' "Legend in the Making", my friend
I have too much proof of purchase, my hardwork paid the cost
To be that boss, so +Call Me King+ or take a major loss
Most think my ego's too big for the position I'm in
But if I don't think highly with the skills I have, I'll never win
It's not gas, it's self-esteem, but it does give me a boost
Like Nitrous Oxide in the tank, that's why I'll laugh my way to the bank
But no delusions of grandeur, just my eyes peeled for any force majeure
That'll damper my plans, 'cause if fate wants to intervene, there's no detour
It's all part of God's plan, I didn't write the handbook
I just follow the instructions laid out, by hook or by crook
Gotta get it by any means, but I'm a opportunist
So I laid in wait for the right time to really do this
An' now's that time, I'm 'bout to shake souls wit' my demo
If these labels don't feel me, guess they didn't get the memo
See, I'm more than just a nigga wit' bars, but I feel compelled
To show each an' e'ryone how I been goin' hard since I heard "Apparently" by my nigga Trell
I can be whatever artist you're lookin' for, just gotta give me that chance
From the Hardcore to the Conscious, to the Romance an' Dance
I refuse to be boxed in, locked in a spot wit' no variation of movement
So keep in mind, to never count me out an' watch for the kid's music

It's Fineprint...
Track Name: CAREFUL! (Of My Wrath), Pt. 2
"CAREFUL! (Of My Wrath), Pt. 2"

Look, I'm back up in this muthafucka, aggy in this muthafucka
Think I need somethin' white out a baggy in this muthafucka
My - head been spinnin', blood boilin', nerves need to be calmed
Shiiit, I can't even chill at all
Peep my palms, all sweaty like B. Rabbit
My anxiety is - at it's fuckin' limit already
You fuckin' faggots just keep pullin' the beast up out of Eddie
Mistakenly started to think it's somethin' sweet about Eddie
I started off nice, but all work an' no feedback
Made me irate an' stressed; an' I don't need that
I could be humble as fuck, still wouldn't mean shit
So, don't come my way wit' no razmatazz
Ain't - givin' a fuck 'bout substance nowadays
'Cause nowadays, all I need is to get paid
Still seein' fuckz lurk, never sayin' a word
'Til I snap on y'all, oh --- now it's absurd
How I'm actin', like my anger isn't justified
Work my ass off for fuckz who don't enjoy the ride
They tend to say I'm bein' irrational
But I fail to see, correlation 'tween me an' that term
My thought process? That's completely on-track
I'm just sick of fuckz not givin' respect to the tracks
That I put my blood, sweat, tears, mind, body an' soul in
Fuck the whole 9, I go the whole 10
I'm writin' this off pure wrath, but I'm focused
A king an' a warrior, simply one of the dopest
But fuckz too obsessed wit' Trap bullshit an' mumblin' crap
Sendin' me tracks of - mumblin' raps
Complainin' 'bout name-droppin'; what's up wit' that?
Like, it ain't clear these muhfuckaz is wack
You should toast me, here's a 2 liter of bleach
Pour some in this wine glass as I proceed wit' my speech
Made "Lyrical Emancipation", but got issue wit' my freedom of speech
Well fuck that!-- I don't need freedom to speak
Dontrell has changed, he ain't the same
An' yeah, I said his name-- muthafuck a sub
Fuck his opinion, karma an' them unknown rappers
It's - no fuckz given 'bout some unknown bastards
I - do what I want, if you don't like, don't listen
This shit ain't for everybody, just - certain supporters
See, murder is in order, an' - murder is the order
I deliver like UPS, or postal postmen wit' - fully loaded TECs
A - bully at ya' neck, I'm - fully loaded, wreck
Anyone who aims to sully my respect
Movin' on: Genea is a stupid-ass bitch
Only wanted her ass to listen to these songs
Don't give a fuck about yo' life either
I'll shit on you, laughin' at - what you goin' through
Lyin' like you a fan, saw through it just in time
Here's some Donald Trump bars, a disgutin' rhyme
Grabbin' you right in the pussy; you've just been violated
I - know it's sick, you ain't gotta try an' hate it
You need more prompts than Killary on debate night
An' me, I need one-thousand, nine-hundred, eighty-eight mics
Way more than what "The Source" would give
My fuse been lit, an' I - know the source of it
I keep the lines coarse, but deliver 'em smooth
Plus it's, hot enough - to scorch you kids
Y'all need to move, or get ran the fuck over
I'm rollin' like - Cain Marko wit' the force of a super nova
Tell these dudes it's over, I'm more than back
An' fuck up out my inbox wit' all them borin' tracks
That's why - I'm sleepin' on y'all, snorin' to the max
I heard better lines in "The Lorax"
So let the chips fall where they might, done givin' a fuck
An' fuck who listens, never givin' this up
It's funny, 2014 they was biggin' me up
Nowadays, I guess these frauds gettin' sick of me, bruh
So, here's some shit you can remember me fa'
A reminder: You'll never be sick as me, bruh